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Australian Citizenship

What is the meaning of Australian Citizenship?

The Australian nationality law decides whether a person is an Australian citizen or not. The status of Australian nationality or Australian citizenship came into force on 26 January 1949 by the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948. This law is administered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which can issue certificates of citizenship on naturalization and can provide other proof or evidence of Australian citizenship on request. Australian passports are issued to Australian citizens by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Like visa of any other country put certain restrictions and construct several laws related to entry and exit, similarly, Australia has. The criminal background, health problems, evidence of sufficient funds, evidence of ticket for the exit, etc. of the applicant is checked before reaching the final decision.
A test is also arranged for the migrants to ensure that the migrants have the capacity to fully participate in the Australian community as citizens and maximize the opportunities available to them in Australia.

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You are eligible for the test if you pass the following conditions:

  • If your age is more than 18 years, or
  • If your age is 0 years or below, or
  • If you suffer from a permanent loss or substantial impairment of hearing, speech or sight, then you are not eligible for the test, or
  • If you are dealing with a permanent physical or mental incapacity, then also you are not consider capable for the test.

For any other information or data regarding the requirements, do get in touch with someone who has relevant years of experience in the same line.

To be capable for the test you must:

  • Be an Australia’s PR
  • You have to satisfy the department regarding your identity during the process of registering for the test.
  • If you provide a photograph to the department or allow them to take one.

Other requirements:

  • The applicant has to pass a test.
  • Age should be between 18 to 60 years.
  • One should be likely to reside or continue to reside, in Australia.
  • Applicant must be of good character.
  • For residence requirements, 12 months as a permanent resident.
  • The absences from Australia should not be more than 12 months.

What are the responsibilities of an Australian Citizen?

Citizens are required to:

  • Obey all the Australian laws.
  • To serve on a jury if called to do so.
  • To enroll on federal and state/territory electoral registers.
  • To vote in elections.


You can easily pay the fee and apply for evidence of Australian citizenship online or through a paper application. If your application is approved, a notice of evidence will be sent to the address which you provided on your application form.

How long does it take to get Australian citizenship?

Once your application is submitted, your PR visa will take approximately 1-2 years to process, so it’s best if you applied for the same as soon as possible. If you are granted the Permanent Residency visa, then you need to live in Australia for a span of 1 year as a PR before applying for citizenship.


As per the new updates, 90% of the applications takes 10 to 12 months, rest depends upon your conditions and for evidence, it takes 6 to 15 days.
So in order to get the glimpse of proficient services of experienced individuals, you need to connect to an appropriate agency Adelaide.

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