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Business Migration

What is Business Migration?

Business Migration is the best way to enhance the business related activities and to create new and better opportunities and challenges for the deserving candidates. The basic reason to form such a program is to facilitate the growth of business in a country. Both the state as well as the territory government offer helping hands towards immigrants to initiate the business activities.

What this visa lets you do?

  • Helpful in establishing a new or maintain an already existing business activities or investments in Australia.
  • Helpful to carry out traveling activities in and out of Australia for your entire life.
  • Helpful for your family members in order to bring them in Australia.
  • Helpful in attaining PR i.e. permanent residence in Australia by applying for a by applying for a Business Innovation and Investment Visa which comes under subsection 888.
  • Helpful in developing designated investment with an Australian state or territory government.

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This category of business migration involves following subclasses:

  • People who are engaged in businesses or want to establish or develop a new one or already existed business in Australia can apply for the migration, but the individual must be nominated by a state or territory government.
  • People who have a capacity to invest around AUD 5 million in investments in Australia and are interested in maintaining business too, can be easily nominated by the state or territory government easily.
  • People who engaged in a funding agreement with the third party for at least AUD200000 to undertake an entrepreneurial activity related to the commercialization of a product or service in Australia or in relation to the development of a business in Australia are also nominated by a state or territory government.

People who want to maintain business activity in Australia and want to invest a good amount too are also nominated by a state or territory government.


If you want to apply for this visa, you need to specify following things:

You need to submit an Expression of Interest i.e. EOI and then you will be invited to apply. After that, you will be nominated first before applying.

The EOI also specifies that:

The stream you want to apply under.
The state or the territory you like to seek nomination form.
You need to update your passport details too.

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