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Employer Sponsored Migration


The permanent employer sponsored visa or migration program is the one which lets the employers sponsor well-skilled and talented foreign workers who are currently working in Australia on the temporary basis or settled outside Australia for PR in order to fill a vacancy in their business. In short, if you are looking to sponsor an overseas worker on a short term or long term basis to fill a position in your business, then this category of visa proves very helpful to you.


There are three categories of employer-sponsored visa:

  • The Temporary Business which comes under Subclass 457.
  • The Employer Nomination Scheme: (ENS)

As per the Employer Nomination Scheme, the Australian employers are allowed to fill positions in Australia with well-skilled non-Australian citizen or residents. The ENS enables the Australian employers to recruit highly skilled staff from overseas on the permanent or temporary basis in Australia in case they are unable to fill the vacancies with the Australian labor market.

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or RSMS:

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) which comes under subclass 187. The RSMS permits the employees of the regional or areas with low population growth in Australia to fill positions with the local and skilled labors. Any employer can take part in this scheme if their business and the position being filled comes under the area as per RSMS.

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There are numerous reasons which affects the approval  of this visa category to sponsor an overseas worker such as:

  • The size and structure nature of the business enterprise or the company.
  • The priority of the business in filling the position.
  • The nature of the position.
  • The skill level, qualifications, and experience of the overseas worker.
  • The region where the worker will be employed.

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The requirements for this category of visa or migration visa includes:
The individual has been nominated by an approved Australian employer.
The person should be younger than 50 years of age.
The person should fulfill the skills, qualifications and English language requirements.
The individual must apply under the stream for which he/she has been nominated.

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