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Partner Visa

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Partner Visa in Australia is offered to those candidates whose spouse is either an Australian citizen, a holder of permanent residence Visa in Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Partner Visa Australia is offered under two categories:

  • Partner Visa Subclass 820 (Temporary Visa)
  • Partner Visa Subclass 801 (Permanent Visa)

The process of partner visa is simple, first, you acquire temporary partner visa i.e. Partner Visa 820 while your application for permanent Partner Visa 801 is processed.
Our MARA registered migration agent Adelaide has a strong hold on process and requirements for a partner visa and can assist you to acquire it in a hassle free manner. Contact us on our support cell for any queries regarding the same.

Eligibility for Partner Visa Australia

The basic eligibility requirements to apply for partner visa are:

  • Be a spouse or a de facto partner of an Australian citizen or permanent residency visa holder of Australia or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Meet various relationship and eligibility requirements
  • Be in Australia while applying for this Visa. If outside, other partner visa options are available.

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Following are other important eligibility requirements:-

  1. Age-If you are married, you must be 18 years or older.
  1. Sponsor-You need a sponsor, who is your partner except in the case if he is below 18 years of age.
  1. Health& Character-There are certain health and character requirements, which you must fulfill.
  1. Debts to Australian Government-If there are any debts, you owe to Australian government then you must repay before applying.
  1. Canceled or Refused Visa

You are rendered ineligible for a partner visa if any other visa you have applied for is denied or canceled.

  1. Permanent Visa-You must hold temporary partner visa subclass 820 to be eligible for permanent partner visa subclass 801.

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Partner Visa Processing Time

Processing time for temporary partner visa (subclass 820)

  • 75 percent of this visa are processed within 17 months of application
  • 90 percent are processed within 20 months

Processing time for permanent partner visa (subclass 801)

  • 75 percent of this visa are processed within 15 months of application
  • 90 percent are processed within 20 months

Partner Visa Australia Cost   

A nominal partner visa fee of AUD 6865 is charged, although if you have a prospective marriage visa- subclass 300, then AUD 1145 is charged. You pay partner visa fee only once while lodging application and it will cover fees for both temporary and permanent visa.
You may also have to bear another partner visa Australia cost for any children applying for visa and costs for health check-ups, biometrics, police certificates and so on.

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