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Student PR Pathways

Know About Student PR Pathways

A lot many international students on Student Visa Australia opt to settle down in Australia. The pathway to obtain permanent residency is lengthy and requires the student to extend his stay and gain work experience in Australia.
Just as there are a number of Australia student visa requirements to fulfill for obtaining student visa Australia, the process, and requirements for obtaining permanent residence visa via student visa in quite lengthy and confusing. Our skilled migration lawyer Adelaide guide students in choosing the right pathway for acquiring permanent residency of Australia and settle down. For any related query or assistance contact us, and we will be happy to guide you through.
However, the most common pathway followed by most international students is acquiring general skilled migration visa to work and extend stay in Australia and become eligible for permanent visa in long run. It must be duly noted that studying in Australia does not guarantee GSM. It depends upon your score in Points Test, which you earn based on your skills experience.

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Here are the pathways through which you can follow to ultimately obtain permanent residence visa in Australia:-

  1. Enroll in Skill Select Migration Program- Your skills will be determined through points test. Your score will decide which visa you are eligible to apply for.
  1. After passing the Points Test with flying colors, you will be eligible to apply for the Employer Nomination Scheme or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or Skilled Independent Visa or General Migration Visa leading to permanent visa.
  1. Those who fail to pass Points Test can still apply for further studies in Australia at nominal Student Visa application fee. They may also be eligible to apply for various temporary visas to enhance their skillset and work experience to be eligible for permanent visa afterward.

Here are few pathways to increase your chances of obtaining a permanent visa after completing studying in Australia:

  • Apply for any temporary visa Stay in Australia after completing your study. Contact us and we can assist in finding right kind of visa for you.
  • At nominal student visa application fee, you get a number of options to better your qualifications and increase your points for obtaining a work visa.
  • Enhance your command over English during the stay.
  • Choose regional areas for studying and get extra five points.
  • Consider your age while applying. The department of Migration and Border Protection takes considerable student visa processing time to finalize student visa. Make sure you are well under age to be eligible for a visa.
  • Lastly, gain meaningful employment in Australia after studying.
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