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Student Visa

Get Student Visa to PR in Australia with Us

As a student in Australia, you might have already been planning to set up your work base in Australia and avail for permanent residency. While the process is not that easy and quick, but the Department of Immigration and Border Protection do provide some convenient options to foreign students in Australia for how to get PR in Australia with Student Visa.
Although it is expected from students to adhere to each and every rule and regulation for migration in Australia while on a student visa and return immediately after completion of the tenure. There are some eligibility requirements and background check to avail from student visa to PR in Australia.
Also, a person studying Australia as a student, no matter from which nation is offered by a form to fill in the details of how he obliged with GTE criteria (Genuine Temporary Entrant or Genuine Student).Our best migration agent Adelaide can assist you in filling this form and filing for permanent residency visa further. For any related query, you are free to contact us on our support cell number.

Major Visa Options for Transition from Student Visa to PR after Completion of Your Applied Course:

  • General Skilled Migration Visa- 189/190 points tested Visa

If you have good command over English, have finished your course in Australia and are of eligible age, then obtaining a minimum 60 points for this visa isn’t difficult. You can get this visa at little or no work experience also.

  • Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485

This is one of the easiest ways to become eligible for permanent residency and have transitioned from student visa to PR. This type of visa offers you the opportunity to work in Australia and give you time to gather proper paperwork to obtain permanent residency!

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  • Temporary Work Visa- Usually 457 Visa

It is one of the most popular visa types which provide you with conditions to apply for a permanent visa in Australia. After your education, if you continuously work with the same employer for two years and that employer provides you with a permanent job, then you are eligible for permanent residency.

  • Family Stream – Chiefly Partner Visa 820/801

This visa is quite clear and straightforward. If you get married to an Australian citizen or a Permanent Visa holder and have met the character requirements while studying on a student visa, then you are eligible to apply for this visa.

While Australia is a great place to settle down, the process of how to get PR in Australia with a student visa is however long. Call us and avail our services to receive proper assistance in obtaining permanent residency in Australia. 

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