10 Useful Things To Know About 186 Visa Requirements

10 Useful Things To Know About 186 Visa Requirements
Posted by admin
on December 28, 2020

Are you dreaming to work and live in Australia as one of its permanent residents? If the reply from your end is yes, then you need to apply for the visa Subclass 186 right now? With this particular visa, you can stay and work in Australia. Not only this, with this visa you can apply for permanent citizenship in Australia as well. Besides, you can also get yourself enrolled with Medicare which is a public health care scheme in Australia. If you want to apply for an Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 in a successful manner, then there are certain criteria that you need to be aware of.

10 Noteworthy Points Relating To The Requirement Of The 186 Visa

1. Must Possess The Required Skill

Until recently, Australia is facing a dearth of proper employees to recruit in its various employment departments. The reason is there has been a shortage of skilled people who can preside over these designations skilfully. With the introduction of the 186 skilled visa, Australia chose to hire people from different parts of the world. Hence, before applying for this particular visa you must be certain about the authenticity of your skill. This implies that you must possess the necessary skills that are required to manage the post adeptly that you have applied for. Also, you must submit the proper credentials to your concerned immigration department that proves your skill duly.

2. Need to Crack the Skills Assessment Test

Remember, that if you want to apply for visa 186 successfully, you need to qualify in the skills assessment test duly. The skills assessment test has been designed to ascertain the genuineness of the skill which you claim to have. A skill assessment authority will conduct the entire test session for you. It is mandatory to crack that skills assessment test successfully. You need to comply with this criterion so as to undertake the job in Australia which the 186 visa offers you.

3. Compliance With Health Requirement

No matter what you do, you need to be physically fit all the time. So, it is also important to meet a few health requirements while applying for the employer sponsored visa Adelaide successfully. Meeting the health requirements comprises an essential part of the visa application process. This procedure is usually known as the ‘meeting the health requirements’ session.

4. Must Be Fluent in English

This is one of the most prominent criteria related to the application of any Australian 186 visa. There are two consecutive ways through which you can prove your eloquence in the English language. The first is, you can show a passport to your concerned visa department that is approved either by the government of the U.K or the USA. Besides, if you can qualify in the IELTS (International English Language Test System) test, then you can apply for this visa successfully.

5. Need To Have Reasonable Work Experience

Every skill needs a fairly good experience if you want to showcase that effectively. In this case, evidence of work experience cannot be an exception either. This implies that you need to show adequate work experience of at least 3 years to the concerned visa department. Hence, the skills assessment test is conducted to ascertain the proficiency that you have shown in your erstwhile company. If you cannot qualify in the skills assessment test you cannot qualify in the work experience test either.

6. Compliance With The Age Requirement

If you are applying for the 186 skilled visa, then you must belong to a certain age group. This implies that you need to be 45 years old and not less than that. But if you meet the below-mentioned criterion successfully through an adept Adelaide Migration Agent then you don’t need to meet the specified age requirement. Two of the criteria are given below for you to consider:
• If you are holding a special category visa (subclass 444)
• If your employer has nominated you back to back for two years from the date you have applied.

7. Meeting the Character Requirements is a Must

One of the most essential Visa 186 Requirements is meeting the concerned character requirements. This will prove that you are a person of a good character devoid of any sly or immoral demeanor. This particular character test has been enacted under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958. I any case if you fail to meet the concerned character requirements, you cannot apply for the visa 186 in any way.

8. Must Not Have a Refused or Canceled Visa

This is another prominent factor that you need to meet without failure. If you have a previous record of a visa cancellation pertaining to any other Australian visa then you cannot apply at all. You also cannot apply if any of your other Australia visas have been refused by your concerned immigration department. On the contrary, you can apply for any of the other visas unflinchingly even if you have a previous visa refusal or cancellation record.

9. You Need to Sign the Australian Values Statement

This is an indispensable criterion that every applicant must meet while applying for this particular visa. A competent Immigration Advisor Adelaide will ask you to sign the Australia Values Statement duly. By doing so, you will basically agree with the terms and conditions of the Australian laws and norms duly. You can only do this if you are 18 years old and not less than that.

10. Clearance of Debts

If you owe any sort of monetary debt to the Australian Government, then you need to repay that duly. In case you haven’t repaid the amount of loan, you won’t be able to apply.

Procuring the 186 visas is not as easy as it may seem. But with the matchless assistance of a top Migration Agent Adelaide, you can certainly do that. Your concerned Immigration agent Adelaide will help you at every step so that you can apply for your visa in a successful manner.

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