Know All About The 485 Visa Australia Post Study Work Stream In A Nutshell

Know All About The 485 Visa Australia Post Study Work Stream In A Nutshell
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on January 18, 2022

Australia is a nation full of opportunities. A number of students want to continue their stay in Australia after finishing their graduation from there. By applying for the temporary graduate visa 485, these students can continue staying in the country lawfully. With this Subclass 485 Visa Australia, students can find a suitable job, obtain beneficial skills and upgrade their English language proficiency. Today’s write-up aims at giving you a clear idea about the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 in the fewest words possible.

There Are Three 485 Graduate Visa Streams

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 consists of two separate streams. These include the post-study work stream and graduate work stream. Given below is a brief introduction to each of these visa streams.

  • Graduate Work stream:
    This visa stream is designed for international students who have recently graduated with some special qualifications and skills. In this context, you must attain a trade certificate or diploma in a substantial sector. This sector must form an imperative part of the Australian Skilled Occupations List. With this visa stream, you can stay in Australia for 18 months.
  • Post-Study Work stream:
    Offshore learners who have recently graduated from an Australian college/university can apply for this visa stream. The qualification you have attained must be a Bachelor’s, master’s, or Doctoral degree registered under the CRICOS. With this visa stream, you can stay in Australia for between 2 to 4 years. The duration varies according to the current qualification of the applicant.
  • Second Post-Study Work Stream
    Holders of a first Temporary Graduate visa in the post-study employment stream who graduated with a degree from an Australian institution in a regional area are eligible for the Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485). It allows you to live, work, and study in Australia for a limited time. You are welcome to bring your family along.

So, before you apply for the graduate visa 485 you must evaluate your individual circumstances first. Accordingly, you must choose a visa stream that you consider the most appropriate.

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Fundamental 485 Visa Eligibility

Both for the PSWS stream and GWS there are some basic 485 visa eligibility criteria that the applicant must meet indispensably. Let’s take a look at each of these criteria which have been outlined below.

  • Age: You should be less than 50 years of age to apply for the visa subclass 485.
  • Minimum Stay Duration on Graduate Work stream: To apply for this temporary graduate visa 485 you must have completed your course by staying in Australia for 16 months. This criterion will apply both to the GWS and PSWS.
  • Minimum Course Length: The minimum duration of your academic program should at least be two years and not less. This again must equal a period of 92 weeks. This requirement will apply both to the PSWS and GSW.
  • Academic Requirements: When it comes to the PSWS you should have studied under a CRICOS education provider. In the case of the GWS, you must nominate a valid occupation that best suits your current skills and qualifications. The occupation must be included in the (MLTSSL) or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. Aside from that, you must prove your skills and qualifications to the Australian immigration department as well. To do this, you should qualify for the pertinent skills assessment test conducted by a valid skills assessment authority.

The Criterion of Functional English

As an applicant, you must also prove that you are optimally skilled in English. So, make sure you qualify in any of the following English language tests with the desired score

  • Cambridge C1 advanced test: You must secure a score of 154 in each of the four areas of English. Besides, you must obtain a score of 169 altogether to crack this English language test effectively.
  • Occupational English Test: A gradation of B is required in each of the sections of English to qualify in this English exam.
  • PTE Academic: You must attain a score of 36 in each of the four areas of English. The total score you must obtain to crack this English test is 50.
  • TOEFL iBT: This test requires you to obtain a score of 14 for speaking and writing and 4 for reading and listening. You should obtain a total score of 64 to pass this test successfully.
  • IELTS: IELTS is considered the most prominent English language test irrespective of the candidate’s intellect. The total score for this test should be 6 and 5 in each of the four parts of English.

You will get an exemption from the English language if you belong to certain nations. These include Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the UK.

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The 485 Visa Processing Time

The 485 visa processing time depends entirely on the visa stream for which you have applied. Each of the visa streams offers a different processing time. So, let’s take a quick look at that.

1. Graduate Work stream
75% of the applications get processed within four months. Similarly, 90% of the applications get processed within a period of five months.

2. Post-Study Work stream
The PSWS stream of the 485 graduate visa offers the same processing time. This implies that 75% of the applications get processed within four months. In the same way, 90% of the applications get processed within five months.

3. Second Post-Study Work Stream
Processing times are not available for this visa stream.

A Look At The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Fees

Both the visa streams require you to pay the same amount of fees. According to this, you need to pay AUD1, 650 to the Australian immigration department.

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Include Family Members

The 485 graduate visa also lets you bring your family members along with you. This privilege applies both to the PSWS and GWS of this 485 visa Australia.

Appoint a top-notch Immigration Agent Adelaide!

To apply for graduate visa 485, you must seek the matchless assistance of a Migration Agent Adelaide imperatively. Your immigration agent Adelaide will evaluate your individual circumstances painstakingly first. Followed by this, he/she will suggest you the most compatible visa stream. Ultimately, your migration consultant Adelaide will ascertain a faultless 485 visa Australia application for you.

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