5 Easy Steps to Get Australian Permanent Residency

5 Easy Steps to Get Australian Permanent Residency
Posted by admin
on May 28, 2024

This article is for the people who want to immigrate to Australia. It provides a comprehensive description of how to get an Australian Permanent Residency. These are the steps for the Australian 

Through General skilled migration we can decide if someone is eligible for Permanent Residency by following these 5 steps. Under subclass 189, 190 or 491 visas, ascertain the eligibility criteria. A general procedure has to be followed. This is a very simplified method. We recommend consulting top migration services in Adelaide for more details.

Here are the steps:

1. Select Your Occupation

The initial stage is to choose the profession that matches your prior training and education. Immigration provides a list of profiles (MLTSSL, STOL or ROL) which qualify for general skilled migration visas. You must choose which profession perfectly fits you. That might be simple and easy for some jobs but difficult for others.

2. Complete Skill Assessment

To apply for general skilled migration visas you need to get a complete Skill Assessment. The skill assessment is required for the approval of these visas. This complete skilled Assessment verifies that your education and profession satisfy the requirements of Australian Standards. For every Occupation, there is a particular assessor. For Example, Engineer Skill is assessed by Engineers Australia. For trade, Skill is assessed by Trade Recognition Australia. You can look at the same skill assessor for your professional from the relevant occupation list. You can share your viewpoint on the Skill Assessment requirement on the Skill Assessor website.

3. Review State Occupation Lists and Visa Requirements

This step is crucial for the one who wants to apply for a state nomination Visa or regional nominated Visa. If there is a shortage of people qualified to work in that particular job then the state or territory government may assign a visa holder to hold that position. Each state has various profession lists, which it wants to invite for that particular Occupation. 

4. Submit Expression of Interest and Pass Points Test

Expression of Interest is also known as a points test. After completing the full Skill Assessment and overview of the state list ensure you meet the requirements.  You can file an Expression of Interest test. Every applicant has to pass the point test just to get the application letter to apply for a visa.  To get an Expression of Interest you need to submit 65 points, the higher the marks the chances to get an invitation increase. The 65 points can be calculated by the following :

  • 18-24 years    –   25
  • 25-32 years    –   30
  • 33-39 years    –   25
  • 40-44 years    –   15

To calculate your score you can take a mock test. You will also be rewarded Points based on age, fluency in English, professional experiences, relationship status, etc. Expression of interest allows you to sign which visa you want to apply for and which state should invite you. 

5. Lodge Your Visa Application

After receiving the state nomination, from your immigration account you can submit the visa application. You should provide evidence of education, work experience, personal history etc.

The above information will be beneficial for you. This is a simpler version of the difficult process. The provided information is basic for more detailed information, contact qualified migration agencies.


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