7 Common Refusal or Rejection Reasons for Australia Tourist Visa

7 Common Refusal or Rejection Reasons for Australia Tourist Visa
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on May 31, 2022

It will be extremely disheartening to hear that your Visitor Visa 600 has been cancelled due to unexpected reasons while you had already planned a beautiful holiday trip to Australia. Well, you can still make a re-application for the same visa depending on your eligibility, or you can choose to apply for another visa. But before you proceed with the re-application, you must spot the exact reasons behind the Visitor Visa subclass 600 refusal. Once you have sufficient knowledge about the reasons behind these mistakes, you can avoid these in further application. 

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Common Australia Tourist Visa Rejection Reasons

The Department of Home Affairs is pretty strict about meeting all the eligibility requirements for any Australian visa. And Visa Subclass 600 is the most popular visa that many people apply for every year. Before you go for a reapply or even apply for the review to the AAT, it will be more practical to check out the reasons why your 600 Visa got refused. 
We have been reviewing people’s application refusals over a long period and thus have been able to list several common refusal reasons.

1. Apply For The Wrong Visitor Visa Application

There are three different types under Visitor Visa 600, one is for tourism, and one is for visiting families, while the third is for business purposes. Make sure to apply for the right type.
Another crucial point you should note about the application. Once you have applied for the tourist visa 600 to visit Australia, the immigration department will first analyze the application by seeing your home country or from where you are making the application. If they find that you are from a high-risk country, your application will be very likely to get rejected.
You must go through all the types of a visitor visa to see which type you will exactly need. You can take help from a visa consultant. There are different types of Visitor Visa in Australia available. And, each subclass is categorized by a number, e.g. the ETA Subclass 601. However, you can apply if you are from a low-risk country as the applicants from the high-risk countries are not eligible for ETA 601.

2. Violations of Visa Policy and Application Process

You may think that applying for the visa is very easy and you can manage all the things quite well by yourself. Well, it is not the fact. Any visa application process is a lengthy process that involves many complexities, and so you have to very careful about maintaining consistency.
If the Department of Home Affairs finds any inconsistency in your Tourist Visa 600 application, the consequences can be serious.
Not only your Visitor Visa to Australia will get rejected, but also it will not allow you to appeal or review the decision to the AAT. So, it is advised to take help from a registered immigration agent.

3. Negligence In Responding Or Submitting Misleading Documents

We had already started in the previous point that the visa application procedure is very complicated. You have to be highly careful about giving accurate information and submitting the correct set of documents. 
If the Department finds any misleading or false documents with the application, they will instantly reject it. Not only that, you may face a ban of 3 years. It will cost huge in the sense that the chance of applying in the future will also fade out as there will be a record of providing misleading and false documents. Providing incorrect information is also unlawful.
So, whatever information you give in the application, you must submit the correct set of document.

4. Failing to Meet Health And Character Requirements

The Australian government is strict about public health standards, too. So, to be eligible, you have to convince the DHA that your health conditions will never be a threat to the public and community health and safety.
You should note that general ailments like heart disease or long-term diabetes will not lead to your visa cancellation. But, your health condition will be seriously considered when it may lead to community service and considerable healthcare cost. The most common health conditions that affect several visa applications are as follows.
– HIV infection
– Intellectual impairment
– Renal failure or renal infection
– Functional impairment
– Cancer
The DHA is also concerned about some of the highly infectious diseases that are as follows.
– Tuberculosis
– Hepatitis
– Measles
– Polio
– Yellow Fever
– EVD or Ebola Virus Disease

Suppose you have contracted any of these contagious diseases or suffering from other serious ailments or have been exposed to any infectious disease. In that case, the DHA will not permit you to enter Australia until you are done with the recommended medical treatment and got a successful re-testing report. If you fail to provide a health clearance, your visitor visa 600 in Australia will readily be rejected. Besides health requirements, you also have to meet several character requirements. Character is one of the most crucial aspects that the Immigration Office will analyze thoroughly to consider whether the applicant is suitable to enter Australia or not.
The Department will check if there are any criminal records committed in Australia and in another country where you have lived over the last 10 years. The presence of any criminal records will result in cancellation. In addition, you should also appear in the character test and convince the government that you will obey all the civil laws during your stay. 
Character requirements are essential because they will be helpful to the government to see whether the individual will pose any safety risk to the Australian community. If you hide any records of conviction or fail in the character test, your Visa Subclass 600 refusal will be inevitable. 

5. Evidence is Lacking

Insufficient evidence is a common reason for the rejection of an Australian visitor visa. Meeting all eligibility criteria is crucial for visa approval.

  • You need to demonstrate financial capability to support your stay in Australia. Alternatively, having a sponsor who can provide necessary funds is an option.
  • It’s essential to prove that you are a genuine tourist with plans to conclude your visit in Australia.
  • When applying, provide ample evidence to support your claims. Failure to present convincing evidence may result in visa denial.

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6. Shortage Of Funds or Determine Your Financial Needs.

Another most typical reason behind the refusal or cancellation of the Australian tourist visa 600 is the lack of funds and evidence. You must have enough funds to support yourself and your family during the entire duration of the holiday. Alternatively, you may have a sponsor who must financially support you when you stay in this country.

7. Inability to Meet Health Requirements

All visa applicants must meet the specified health standards as the Australian government places high importance on public health and well-being.

  • Applicants should be free from any illness or medical condition that might lead to substantial volunteer work or incur high medical expenses.
  • No existing illnesses should pose a threat to the daily lives of Australians.
  • Certain applicants may need to undergo specific medical examinations, and the results will be assessed by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC).
  • The MOC will inform the Immigration Department if the medical condition is deemed severe enough to
  • Threat to the public’s health,
  • Incur significant costs for community services or Medical care
  •  Increase the demand for community services or medical care in areas with a shortage of such services.

How Can You Prevent Rejection And Refusal Of Australian Tourist Visas?

It’s crucial to be aware of the common reasons for visa rejection to avoid refusal or denial. Strict adherence to all rules and regulations, submission of necessary documentation, and minimizing any discrepancies are essential when applying for a visa. Key actions include:

  • Review the guidelines on the embassy’s website.
  • Carefully read the instructions before filling out the online form.
  • Ensure that no section or column is left blank. Follow the directions in each relevant section to provide accurate information.
  • Include necessary legal documentation.
  • Ensure sufficient funds in your account.
  • Clearly articulate the purpose of your visit, stay, and departure.
  • Avoid grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Apply as soon as the opportunity arises.
  • Complete the required visa application processes.
  • Consider essential factors, including your bank account balance, income tax obligations, travel insurance, health, legal situation, and medical status.

Steps To Take On Australia Tourist Visa Rejection

Applicants facing a visa rejection have recourse through the option of filing an appeal. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) can review the appeal within a specified timeframe. AAT holds the authority to overturn a decision, sending it back to the Department of Home Affairs for reassessment. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for another visa. In the event of a visa denial, it’s essential to consider the following inquiries:

  • What were the reasons behind the Department’s decision to deny or cancel your visa?
  • What justifications or grounds underpinned this determination?
  • If your initial application is declined while you are in Australia and you are eligible, you will have a specific time frame to reapply for a new visa.

What Should You Do If Your Visitor Visa Australia Gets Rejected?

How Can You Prevent Rejection And Refusal Of Australian Tourist Visas?

In addition to reapplying, you can also apply for a review to the AAT or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. But it will depend on the decision of the Department of Home Affairs. If they allow you to do that, then only you will be able to do so. Well, the review process may take a longer time, maybe even 18 months, depending on the category of your case.
But whatever you do, make sure to check all the good reasons why your Visitor Visa Subclass 600 got rejected.

We Are Right Here To Assist You

As you read so far, perhaps you have understood how much complexities are associated with the visa application. And, just one mistake can cost huge. Migration Agent Adelaide has been providing quality services for years, and we can find you an immigration agent of Adelaide for this purpose. Discussion with a visa consultant from Adelaide will also be beneficial.


Why does Australian visa get rejected?

Submitting an incomplete visa application form increases the likelihood of rejection. Failure to meet Australia’s character requirements also leads to visa denial. If your visa is rejected due to character grounds, obtaining another visa may be challenging. It’s essential to ensure all requirements are met to enhance the success of your visa application.

Australia tourist visa rejected when can i apply again?

Does visa refusal affect future visa application?

Does a visa refusal in this situation have an impact on future visa applications? Yes, unless PIC 4020 is lifted, you will have to wait three years before reapplying for a visa. You might not be given another visa for ten years if the Department is not convinced of your identification.

No waiver is available for this requirement. When may I reapply for an Australia visa given these circumstances? Before applying for another visa, you will have to wait 10 years.

What is Australia tourist visa rejection rate?

Australia receives about 5 million applications for visitor/tourist visas each year. A tourist visa has a rejection rate of 255 out of every 1000 applications. We assist you with the process of reapplying for a refused Australian tourist visa. Call us or use our contact form to get in touch with us if you need help!

How to appeal for Australian tourist visa refusal?

(AAT) Administrative Appeals Tribunal
An impartial body that examines Department of Home Affairs rulings is the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). You may file an appeal with the AAT in the event that your visa is denied or canceled. Your matter will be examined by the AAT, which will decide based on the evidence given.

You must file an application within the time frame given in your letter of visa refusal if you want to appeal to the AAT. Depending on the type of visa you applied for and the reason for rejection, there are different application fees.

Does Australia Give Visa After Refusal?

If your Australia visa application faces rejection, don’t worry; you can reapply. The procedure for reapplication remains identical to the process of applying for a new Australia visa.

Is an Australian Tourist Visa Easy to Get?

Certainly, obtaining an Australian tourist visa is straightforward, provided you meet the requirements. What is the validity of the tourist visa subclass 600? The Australia tourist visa is valid for up to one year.

How can we avoid visa rejection in Australia?

Scrutiny of visa application requirements is crucial to prevent rejection. In case of an Australian visa denial, applicants may consider appealing the decision or reapplying with supplementary information or documents.

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