A Comprehensive Guide for Bridging Visa B

A Comprehensive Guide for Bridging Visa B
Posted by admin
on January 3, 2024

Did you know that there are over 120 types of Australian visas? So, naturally, learning about each of them can be complicated. This blog will offer you some useful insights into Bridging Visa B, its eligibility, conditions and the application procedure. So, if you are someone awaiting a substantive visa or looking to temporarily depart and return back to Australia for the time being, this guide is a must-read for you. 

Overview of Bridging Visa B

The Bridging Visa B (BVB) serves as a temporary travel authorization for individuals in Australia, permitting them to travel in and out of the country until a designated date. It can have single or multiple travel facilities, and checking its validity through VEVO is essential. A new bridging visa b subclass 020 must be obtained before leaving Australia if it has expired or lacks sufficient validity. It’s crucial to emphasize that alterations to BVB conditions are not possible. If adjustments are required, the appropriate course of action involves applying for a Bridging Visa A (BVA) Subclass 020.

Not returning on time may cancel your visa. Careful travel planning is crucial. In some cases, a separate BVB application may be required for those undergoing judicial review.

Bridging B Visa Conditions

The following circumstances result in the activation of a Bridging Visa B (BVB):

  • It is approved, either because the BVB is more advantageous than your existing bridging visa or because your substantive visa has ended since you applied for it.
  • Your valid visa expires today.

You are required to abide by the terms and conditions listed on your visa as a holder. You will be informed of the terms if approved for a 020 visa. You will still need to follow the terms of your substantive visa if you still have one after your BVB is approved.   

The terms of your BVB will apply when your substantive visa expires. So, once your Bridging Visa B Australia becomes active, it’s crucial to understand and abide by its terms.  

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Bridging Visa B in Australia?

  • You must have had a Substantive visa in the past.
  • You are required to possess either a BVA or a BVB (Bridge Visa A).
  • Have filed a request for judicial review or a substantive visa
  • You must give a good explanation and include any supporting documentation. This is required when you need to leave and return to Australia while your substantive visa is being processed.
  • There are no age limitations on this visa application.
  • As per the Australian immigration legislation, you must meet the character requirement. This includes not having any criminal records or other character flaws that could jeopardize your ability to obtain a visa.

Procedures to Adhere to in a Judicial Review

  • Stay in Australia lawfully until your substantive visa application is decided upon or until the conclusion of any related legal processes.
  • While processing your substantive visa application, you can travel in and out of Australia within the specified travel period. 
  • Ensure a smooth process by complying with immigration laws and providing accurate and complete information in your visa application.

Your obligations

Both you, the visa holder, and any other parties listed on your BVB application need to:

  • Observe all laws in Australia.
  • Respect the terms outlined in your present visa.
  • Respect the terms of your BVB as soon as they are implemented.
  • Adhering meticulously to Australian immigration regulations and visa criteria is essential. Failure to do so could lead to visa cancellation or potential legal consequences.

Work and Travel: Upon visa issuance, you will get information on the terms that apply to your BVB.

Job and Journey: As soon as your visa is granted, you will receive information on the terms that apply to your BVB.

Time of Travel: You will be informed of the designated travel duration after your BVB is approved. This time frame is crucial to understand because it establishes the end of your BVB.

BVB renewal: If the allotted time on your BVB has passed and you need to go outside of Australia once more, you must apply for a new BVB and have it approved before leaving the country.

BVB Cancelled: The BVB will terminate if you are outside of Australia after the allotted travel period, and you will not be permitted to enter Australia again with a ceased BVB. 

Timeframe for the Visit:

One of the following events will decide the Bridging Visa B duration.

  • Your application for a valid visa has been denied.
  • It’s decided on your merits or judicial review.
  • You are withdrawing your application for judicial review, merits review, or substantive visa.
  • You are informed by a merits review panel that it lacks the authority to review your application.
  • You are granted the substantive visa connected with the BVB by immigration.
  • Immigration revokes your BVB or the valid visa you were issued at the time of the BVB.

If you want your immigration process to go smoothly and successfully, get professional help from the migration agents in Adelaide.

This visa does not allow you to stay in Australia for longer than necessary. You must apply for a new visa and consider your choices if you want to stay longer.

As long as they are family members, you can include them in your BVB application if you and your family have jointly applied for a substantive visa in Australia. This implies that you will only need to fill out one application and pay one visa application fee for you and your family. All family members must, however, independently fulfill the conditions for a BVB.

To maintain compliance with immigration requirements, it’s critical to be aware of these aspects and be informed about the status of your visa application or review process. You must only list family members in your BVB application if they have compelling reasons to go outside of Australia. Some of your family members can stay in Australia with their present bridging visas if they don’t need to travel. Seek expert counsel as necessary to guarantee adherence to immigration laws and efficient handling of your visa applications.

Bridging B Visa Cost & Processing Time 

The Bridging Visa B fee is AUD165. It is important to note that for your application to be considered valid and your visa to be granted, you and any other individuals included in your BVB application must be physically present within Australia.

The bridging visa b processing time can vary depending on individual circumstances. Aim for at least two weeks before your intended travel date.

However, please note that your application may take longer to process if:

  • The Bridging B Visa form is not filled in correctly.
  • If all the required documents are not included or further information is needed from you.
  • Verification of your information takes additional time.
  • To ensure the smooth and timely processing of your application, accurately complete the application form and provide all the necessary documents as per the requirements.
  • Stay responsive to requests for additional information from the immigration authorities to avoid delays in processing your BVB application.

Important Considerations:

Bridging Visa B Refused: Bridging Visa B applications can be refused under the below circumstances.

Bridging Visa B urgent: “Urgent” processing stream doesn’t exist. However, there are some things you can apply early to expedite the process potentially:

Seek professional advice: Consider a registered Adelaide migration agent specializing in immigration law. They can advise you on the best approach to maximizing your chances of a swift application review.

Bridging Visa B’s duration will depend on your circumstances and the processing time of your substantive visa application.

What Are the Requirements for Bridging Visa B?

Before application:

  1. Check the validity of your passport.
  2. Verify if you have a BVA or BVB already.
  3. Apply for a BVB no later than two weeks before departure.
  4. Apply no earlier than three months in advance.

Gather the Necessary Paperwork: Gather all the paperwork you’ll need for your BVB application.

After Application: Once you’ve submitted your BVB application, find out what steps are required and advised.

How To Apply:

The application process for the BVB must be the same as the one used to obtain your substantive visa. Here is how one can apply for a bridging visa b:

  • You must apply for your BVB through ImmiAccount if you applied for your substantive visa with ImmiAccount. 
  • You must submit your BVB application online, but if you applied for your substantive visa using a paper form or if you requested a review of a decision on your substantive visa application.

Visa Results

You will receive written notification of our judgment on your BVB application. You have to be in Australia when making a decision to be eligible for a BVB. You will get the visa grant number, start date, and any applicable conditions if your BVB application is approved. While visiting Australia, ensure you have a copy of this information. 

For any assistance, you can consult a migration agent in Adelaide. They can assess your unique circumstances and recommend the most suitable visa pathway for your situation.


Can I marry on a bridging visa?

If you are currently on a Bridging Visa and engaged to an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, you can apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300).

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