A Guide for Australia Bridging Visa B- Bridging Visa B Travel Overseas

A Guide for Australia Bridging Visa B- Bridging Visa B Travel Overseas
Posted by admin
on September 4, 2023

You must hold a valid visa to support your stay while in Australia. Sometimes, a situation arises where your substantive visa has expired or is about to expire. Then, you need a permit to validate your visit till the conclusion of your new visa application. A bridging visa is the permission you require for this purpose. It has various types. Here, we will discuss Bridging visa B subclass 020. To allow visa holders in Australia to remain legally while their new visa application is being considered, bridging visa B is temporarily issued to them. They can freely enter and exit the nation using this bridging visa shortly.

Bridging Visa B- Meaning

You must apply for a BVB because a BVA does not permit you to leave Australia and return to it legally if you need to travel abroad temporarily while processing your substantive visa application. And you are currently in Australia on a Bridging Visa Class A (BVA).

If accepted, your BVB will permit you to depart the country and, after a specified period, return to Australia legally. You can legally stay in Australia while your substantive visa application is being processed if you return within the allotted time frame. The bridging visa B maximum duration is 12 months.

Applying under subclass 020 benefits a candidate to remain legally in Australia during the possible processing time for their new substantive visa. The following are the advantages to visa holders under Subclass 020:

  • Permit to reside in Australia for short-term
  • If the applicant satisfies the job standards, it authorises them to work.
  • Visit any other Australian state.
  • Return from outside of Australia (during the travel validity period).

You must have “substantial reasons” for wishing to travel abroad while your substantive visa application is being processed to qualify for a BVB.

Reasons to Travel to Australia while Processing Substantive Visa

The immigration regulations do not specify “substantial reasons,” but they may include, among other things, travelling to:

  1. Turn out for a family event like a wedding or engagement party;
  2. Visit an ill relative;
  3. Go on your honeymoon;
  4. Do with commercial activity; or
  5. Go on vacation if your visa application takes a while to be processed.

To ensure application processing quickly, you must give the Department of Immigration and Border Protection verifiable proof of your compelling need to travel (such as a wedding invitation or a doctor’s note from a sick relative), and you should know the Bridging visa B travel period.

Before the date you wish to travel, you should apply for your BVB three months and no earlier than two weeks.

However, your requested travelling time should be commensurate with your motivations for travelling. The Bridging visa B validity is 12 months.

Bridging Visa B Eligibility

A bridging visa B is available to you if you:

  • Possess or have recently had a valid visa.
  • Hold or have had a bridging visa A or B.
  • Put in a new substantive visa application.
  • Have asked a judge to conduct a review.
  • When you submit your application, you are in Australia.

Remember that to qualify for the BVB, you must apply for judicial review or a review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) within the specified deadline.

Bridging Visa B Conditions

While lodging a Bridging Visa B application, you must understand the following conditions/rights:

1. Working Rights

If the terms of your bridging visa B permit it, you may work. Generally, you can work 40 hours every two weeks, but your bridging visa also has specific work restrictions.

2. Study Rights

You may pursue education while visiting Australia if you have a valid bridging visa type B. To find out if there are any limitations on what you can study, see the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) visa terms.

3. Travelling Rights 

You may travel with an Australia bridging visa B if you have a compelling reason to depart Australia. The immigration office will inform you of the specific day that your Bridging visa B travel overseas window expires.

If you need to travel after the time permitted for that trip has elapsed, you must apply for a new bridging visa B. You can’t re-enter Australia if you are outside of it when your travel allowance expires.

4. Right to Accompany Your Family Member.

You can include your family members in your bridging visa B form for application if they are already there. 

The Document Requirement for A Bridging Visa B for Australia

You must present the following documentation when you apply for a bridging visa B in Australia:

Identity Documents. 

You must present any form of identification, including your most recent passport. The immigration office may also ask to see your driving licence, national identity card, birth certificate, or any other document that proves your name change (if applicable).

Certificates of Good Character

You must provide any paperwork that shows you haven’t engaged in serious criminal conduct, haven’t been convicted before, and aren’t now under investigation.

Parental Consent Document 

You must provide a parental consent form (Form 1229) or a statutory statement from someone with a legal claim to the child if you are applying for this visa with a minor. Ensure to include a copy of the signer’s passport or licence when you submit the form.

Evidence of Significant Travel-Related Reasons 

You must have sufficient reasons to travel outside of Australia to be granted this visa.  When you visit a sick relative, you must bring medical records or proof of prime life events, including marriages and graduations.

Form 1006 

You should submit form 1006 application for a bridging visa B.

Assistance Manuals 

If you ever require assistance with your documentation, You must submit the following forms:

  • Form 956a
  • Form 956

Identity Depicts Biometric Information

After submitting your visa application, the Immigration Office may require that you provide your fingerprints in one of their offices.

The Application Process for A Bridging Visa B 

If you’ve made an online application for a substantive visa but haven’t heard anything yet, you can apply for a bridging visa B through ImmiAccount. You must submit a paper application for a bridging visa B if you request a judicial review.  You can convert your bridging visa c to bridging visa b.

You must mail the paper application to the same address as your substantive visa application, with any supporting records. The cost of a B bridging visa is AUD155. It is the base application fee. The Department can ask for an additional charge if required.

The Department will give you its decision about the Bridging 020 Visa B (in writing). When your BVB makes its final decision, you should remain in Australia. It will also inform you if the bridging visa B refused. If the former is true, the DoHA will give you the approval number, terms, and start date. You will receive explanations for your visa denial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to apply for a Bridging Visa B?

You must apply separately for your bridging visa B if you wish to travel while your visa application is being processed or if you want to ask for a judicial review of your prior visa.

A bridging visa B is typically issued when you apply for a substantive visa and takes effect when that visa expires. All Australia visa types—excluding the bridging visa category—are often included in a substantive one.

Q. Can I Use a Bridging Visa B to Access Medicare?

 With a bridging visa B, you can have limited access to Medicare services if you’re trying to get a permanent residence visa.

Q. What Is the Bridging Visa B duration?

A bridging visa B is only given for a short period, pending the outcome of your new substantive visa application.

Q. Can I stay for an extended time?

With a BVB, you can’t overstay. Bridging visa b expired while overseas in the event of any of the following:

  • Your legitimate visa application has been approved
  • The Department rejected Your request for a new visa
  • The court’s review procedure is complete.
  • You submit a request to withdraw from your visa application, request an AAT review, or appeal for judicial review.
  • The AAT decides they cannot overturn the Immigration Office’s earlier judgement.
  • The Department cancels both your bridging visa B and substantive visa.

Q. What is the Bridging Visa B Australia processing time?

Although the Bridging visa B processing times for this visa aren’t known, you must apply for your bridging visa B as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of staying in Australia under the law. However, be sure to note that it can take longer to complete your application if

  • The application form filled with incorrect information
  • Not all of the necessary paperwork is present, or further details requested from you.
  • Your information must first be verified, which takes more time.
  • Make sure you fill out the application form and submit all required paperwork promptly to ensure a smooth and fast processing of your application. Be responsive to requests for extra information from the immigration authorities To prevent delays in processing your BVB application.


So, the Bridging Visa B is a short-term visa that you will obtain significantly more quickly than other visas. If your spouse or de facto partner’s long-term visa application is denied, this visa will allow them to remain in Australia legally. You can travel to and from Australia while this visa is still in effect.

Apply for your BVB with the help of an Best Migration Agent in Adelaide to get the best outcomes. You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to apply for bridging visa B online from your immigration agent in Perth. Your Perth visa consultant will ensure the best possible way of Bridging Visa B to apply online.

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