A Quick Guide to Obtain Australian Skilled Nominated Visa

A Quick Guide to Obtain Australian Skilled Nominated Visa
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on September 19, 2022

Australia is a great end point to relocate as it has a great atmosphere, a decent living standard, and a comparatively high native income related to the global average. It is not easy to transfer to Australia, but the 190 visa Australia can offer a way to live and work everywhere in the country. You must understand the requirements and process before applying. 

The 190 skilled visa is the perfect example of the well-known proverb – “if you love your work, your work will love you.” This visa applies to a person who has a specific skill or belongs to an appropriate workforce of that related skill that Australia has a requirement – and it is awarded by invitation only. It has a point-based system, in which the applicant has to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify. The person will get permanent residency once an Australian state government provides a skilled nominated subclass. Moreover, they would also need to fill other Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 conditions. 

What are the steps to apply for an Australian Subclass 190 Visa?

As mentioned earlier, a skilled migration visa 190 is not like others – it requires an invitation from the related federal or state governments to apply. Incidentally, a standardized process exists that the applicant has to follow – and wait for the complete process to take place. A short account of the entire process is mentioned below, in the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are qualified for the Visa subclass 190. Check you meet the minimum suitability points for the related federal or Australian state requirement of a specific skill. 
  2. Complete filling an ‘Expression of Interest” (EOI) in the SkillSelect portal.
  3. Wait for the specific state to post an invitation for the particular skill. 
  4. After the state or federal body has provided the invitation, gather your documents.
  5. Apply for the nomination of the specific state. The time for application varies from state to state.
  6. Make evidence available for all facts claimed in your SkillSelect EOI and your most recent address. 

Often the applicants ask whether it’s necessary to apply for another skills assessment if they get employment after receiving their review. If the applicant has a valid skills assessment of their skilled job – they do not need another one to demonstrate their post-assessment career. The following evidence will be enough for the applicant to prove employment after professional assessment:

  1. Service agreement
  2. Employment offer letter
  3. Pay-slips and
  4. Employment reference letter describing the service period, the hours worked per week, and duties completed.

The applicants must remember that the 190 visa processing time will change according to the correctness and applicability of the documents they submit for their visa application. 

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Eligibility to Apply for Australian Subclass 190 Visa?

The skilled migration visa 190 has no constraint on place – the candidate can apply from anywhere in the world. However, the applicant must satisfy some factors before applying to be entitled. A short list is given below:

  1. The candidate can only apply for this visa if requested; it would be better to check before using it. 
  2. They must fill up an Expression of Interest (EOI) – which signifies their wish to apply. 
  3. The applicant must obtain an invitation from the state or territory government after submitting the EOI. However, if the national or regional authority removes the nomination after the submission, the application will become worthless.
  4. The applicant must prove the proper skills assessment at the time of application.
  5. The applicant’s age should be below 45 years when the invitation for visa application comes. They can apply for the visa if they turn 45 after the department invites them, but not if it happens after submitting their EOI but before the invitation. 
  6. The candidate must attain a score of 65 points or more in the SkillSelect portal – or they will not obtain an invite to apply for this visa. They will have to prove that score during evaluation with supporting evidence. 
  7. The candidate must show a suitable level of English expertise – either by proving that they are a resident and hold a valid passport of Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America; or prove that they have qualified the department-identified global English language proficiency tests with the good scores.
  8. The candidate must mention their profession on the skilled professions list of the visa.
  9. The candidate must qualify for the health and character conditions.
  10. The candidate or their household member(s) – even those not applying for the visa – must yield or organize to return any money payable to the Australian government. 
  11. 18-year-old applicants must sign the Australian Values statement. 
  12. The candidate must not have any earlier visa application rejection or refusal history.

The mandatory condition of nomination requirement from a state or territory government differentiates between the subclass 189 and the Visa subclass 190 eligibility.

Documents Required for an Australian Subclass 190 Visa

The department of immigration, Australia, will not further entertain a 190 visa Australia application if the appropriate documentation does not back it. The candidate has to provide a digital or printed form of Subclass 190 Visa documents substantiating the claim made in the application. Here is a short list of the official papers the candidate has to provide:

  1. An identity proof
  2. Proof of invitation against the EOI submitted at SkillSelect. 
  3. Proof of age – for example, passport or birth certification.
  4. Two latest coloured passport-size photographs.
  5. Proof of educational qualification or degrees.
  6. Australian study obligation documents.
  7. Skilled assessment documents – which can be one of the following:
  • Comprehensive or general medical registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.
  • Registration as a provisional specialist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • Approval to practice law in the appropriate state or territory. Skill evaluation documents not more than three years before the invitation date. The assessment time must be ongoing if the evaluation was for a smaller period.
  1. Documents certifying the applicant completed a CRICOS –registered course if their skills are based on training received on an Australian Student visa. 
  • Documents certifying the skill of the partner.
  • A duplicate of the marriage certificate – if the applicant is married. Suppose they are in a de-facto relationship, proof of staying in that relationship for more than 12 months. 
  • Proof of divorce or death certificate of the partner – the candidate is separated or widowed. 
  • Health and Character documents
  • Employment reference letters


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What is the cost of an Australian Subclass 190 visa?

The 190 visa cost is a minimum of AUD 4240 and can change according to the visa conditions.

Processing Time for an Australian Subclass 190

The 190 skilled nominated visa provides permanent residency – so the department of immigration checks the whereabouts of the candidate and the application thoroughly. The approximate 190 visa processing time is as follows:

  1. 25% of applications are completed within four months
  2. 50% of applications have a result within seven months
  3. 75% of applications are judged within eight months
  4. 90% of applications are completed in 10 months

The processing time may vary according to the application of the candidate. 

How does the Migration agent help you to acquire this skill-nominated visa?

The ways an experienced immigration agent in Adelaide can assist you in correctly submitting a Visa subclass 190 application are: 

  1. They can evaluate your profile and suggest its applicability.
  2. They can help you arrange documents appropriately and in writing an impressive resume.
  3. They will help you clear visa interviews and acquire a medical certificate, police certificate, cover letter, or the appropriate application forms. 

It is better to consult an experienced Migration Agent Adelaide for the best chance of visa approval. 

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