Adelaide: A Tourist Attraction in Australia

Adelaide: A Tourist Attraction in Australia
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on January 16, 2019

When there is a talk of Australia and its mega cities, the name of Adelaide surely comes on your finger. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It is the fifth largest and a major city in Australia. With a population over 1.2 million, it is also the fifth most populated city in Australia. While not being as big and spectacular as Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide has its own style and elegance which you can enjoy at your own pace.

Brief history and introduction of Adelaide

Adelaide was founded by free settlers of British origin. It was chosen as a site for a great planned city by the Surveyor General Colonel William Light in 1836 and created its classic grid design. The city was named after Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV.

The early colonists who established the city use pale sandstones to create a dignified cityscape. It has an incredibly large number of churches which gave it the name of “The city of puritanical spoilsports” and “The city of churches” though, in recent years, it is shedding that image and becoming a destination for tourism.

Adelaide as a Tourist Destination

Adelaide may not have the big attractions of Australia like the Opera House or the Great Barrier Reef; it has many attractive places that are a great attraction for tourists as well as the local.

Some of the major tourist attractions of Adelaide are:

  • North Terrace: It is a great place to start off your city tour with tree-lined boulevard adorned by great cultural and historic treasures. The main attractions of North Terrace are the Parliament House and Mitchell House which are one of the finest examples of Gothic style revival.
  • Botanic Garden: Established in 1855, Adelaide Botanic Garden houses hundreds of different plants and herbs which give a show of medicinal plants, Australian native plants and several other plants. It is truly a wonderland of botanical treasures.
  • Art Gallery of SA: Situated in the heart of the city, Art Gallery of South Australia exhibits Australia’s finest art collections.
  • South Australian Museum: It houses one of the finest historical collections of objects of Australia. It is renowned for its aboriginal heritage collections.
  • Glenelg: Situated on the bank of surf free Gulf St. Vincent, the Glenelg is a quiet escape from the hustle of the city. You can go there by the only surviving tram of Adelaide city.
  • Victoria Square: An event venue of beautifully laid out gardens, Old Square and a blend of native and European construction, Victoria Square is situated in the heart of city. It leads to the Treasury Building and St. Francis Xavier Cathedral which are a treat for architecture lovers.
  • Central Market: A short distance away from Victoria Square, the Adelaide Central Market is one of the oldest indoor shopping markets of the world. It is a favorite shopping destination for both the locals and the tourists.

Besides these places, there are several other spots in Adelaide which one should visit if they are going there.

How to get to Adelaide with Visa?

If you want to work in Australia under Skilled Occupation, you can apply for Skilled Independent visa 189. If you want to go to Australia just for visiting, you can opt for Visitor Visa.

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