Advantages of Choosing a MARA Registered Migration Agent

Advantages of Choosing a MARA Registered Migration Agent
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on October 19, 2020

The visa registration procedure can be laborious, maddening and awfully nerve-racking. Meeting documents essentials, following a huge array of norms and regulations, staying prepared for sudden alterations and rejections can be frustrating for even the most disciplined layman. If you’re feeling the burden, you should think of consulting a MARA registered Migration Agent Adelaide. MARA stands for the Migration Agents Registration Authority. MARA is confederated with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and behaves as a watchdog for the firm.

You should prefer using an agent that is MARA registered. You can browse online to confirm that your representative is totally upfront. A Migration Agent Adelaide can arrange your plea for you, negotiate with immigration from your side, direct you through the visa procedure, suggest the best alternatives for you, and help you to appeal a visa refusal.

A MARA registered agent is certified in the field of migration and follows an industry code of conduct. Although a migration agent cannot assure that your application will be successful, using one can definitely increase the chances of a favorable result. According to Government statistics, around 75% of people applying for an employer sponsored visa Adelaide to hire a registered migration agent to register their request. The immigration consultants Adelaide stay updated on the current law-making changes linking to Australian visas and shoulder perpetual executive progress.

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Benefits Of Using MARA Registered Agent For Australian Visa Application

In choosing the best migration agent, it is important to check that they are associated with the branch of the migration agent registration authority. It is against the regulation to offer immigration suggestions in Australia unless authorized by MARA. You can validate if your agent is enumerated with MARA:

  • See its seven digits agent’s registration number.
  • Browse the MARA website and click on the search for an agent.
  • Enter the agent’s credentials including their one-off Migration Agent’s Registration Number.

Australian Registered Agents Are Answerable To:

  • Australian Consumer Protection Law.
  • Code of Conduct as specified in the migration act 1998.
  • Migration Regulations 1994.
  • Australian Crimes Act of 1914.
  • Criminal Code Act 1995.
  • The Trade Practices Act 1974.

Every customer is safe under the above laws upon getting facilitated by a  MARA registered migration agent. If you use an unofficial mediator, you are vulnerable to the risk without having any insurances.

By law, a registered migration agent must:

  • Stick to the criterion in the Code of Conduct.
  • Be honest about your chances of receiving a visa.
  • Hand over you a contract of facilities and charges before commencing the process. This settlement should give you a summary of costs included with the agent’s official charge.
  • Keep you informed about the progress of your visa application and provide let you know about the outcome of your application in writing.
  • Provide you with an invoice for the work they have done.

If you are advised by someone who is not a certified migration mediator, the division of the MARA cannot help you with your issue.

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There Are Many Benefits Of Hiring An Immigration Agent:

They are privy to Australia’s immigration law and methods.

  • They can provide immigration solutions and advise a comfortable quick fix.
  • They will register a well-structured plea with all essential papers which can make it easier and swifter to get a verdict on your visa
  • They are obliged by a Code of Conduct and must serve pinpoint counsel.
  • They must store your green in a separate account until the work is done.
  • They must keep you updated about your visa result punctually.

You can file a complaint to MARA if you are not satisfied with a migration agent service.

Watch Out For Frauds Claiming To Be Migration Agents Who Are Not Enumerated With MARA:

  • They may have finite insight about Australia’s immigration law and procedures.
  • They give inaccurate advice, make fake guarantees, or take advantage of your circumstance.
  • They may not refund your money properly; some unregistered agents have stitched up huge figures of cash from customers.
  • They may forget the whereabouts of your important certificates.
  • They may not update you about your visa result.
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