All About De Facto Relationship and Its Requirements for Australian Partner Visa

All About De Facto Relationship and Its Requirements for Australian Partner Visa
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on March 8, 2019

De Facto Relationship is the relationship just like a marriage where you have to prove it for the visa for a valid relation with your partner. Generally, the meaning of ‘De Facto’ is to have something with the evidence in respect of fact. And we can also say that any activity in practice but not approved by the law. In this case, though you are unmarried and in order to get the visa you should have to prove evidence for our genuine relationship. Partner visa Adelaide will help in acquiring the best possible way to get the Spouse Visa Australia.

There are certain criteria with which you can put yourself into the category of the de facto relationship and they are:

-The couple must be unmarried
-Must have a proper commitment to the upcoming life excluding other interest
-Must cover a specific duration and the relationship is in genuine continuity
-Stay together permanently, can be separated for some time in some valid case.
-Have separate livelihood from family due to the profession

What is the minimum duration requirement for a valid De Facto Relationship Visa?

If you are needed to prove for your De Facto relationship for the Spouse Visa Australia, then you also have to fulfill the entire requirement for proving the relationship as a valid one for one year. It is not essential that you both have to stay all the way together or either full time with each other. There are various reasons which can be responsible for the living separate from each other for some duration but remember it cannot be more than the time to stay together.

The status of your relationship must be permanent one which you are needed to prove here. There are some cases such as family intervention and social issues which makes you and your partner live separate. It becomes necessary to provide the extra proof of together stay to the department of visa. These proof are in favor to show that you are living together despite your separate stay. All this will be also beneficial for getting the spouse visa Australia for your spouse and similar evidence can be used for it.

What are pre-requisites for the valid process of Australian Partner Visa?

Pre-requisites for a valid one-year relationship for Australian Partner Visa:

– There must be a permanent visa
-Must have provisional skill under both UR and EB classes
-Student temporary visa underclass TU
-General Skilled migration visa

Why they need the couple to live at least for one year before the approval of Spouse Visa Australia?

style=”font-weight: 400″>With the help of evidence of together living of couple, it can be analyzed how true their relationship is. This is the common element with which couple also gets to know whether they are able to stay together for the whole duration of life. There might be some separation due to some reasons whether emotional or professionally but at least the couple will itself get knowledge regarding their future. Staying together is not the main criteria but there are several aspects that are considered for the valid relationship which covers all the aspects of their livelihood. You can hire migration agent Adelaide in support to your Australian Partner Visa and the agent will assist you in finding the possible evidence of your de facto relationship.

What are the expected evidences that must be provided for De Facto relationship that enables the couple for partner visa process?

Applicants must have at least one year of relationship before they apply for the Australia Visa Process. The documents must be provided with their signature in a specific statement. And here are the details or the evidence:

-Provide the information about their meeting in aspects of how, when and where.
-The process of relationship development
-How they manage their regular requirement at the location in terms of

  • Financial factor such joint sharing of bank and bill payments
  • Regular duties at home such as cleaning and cooking
  • Social factors such as joint invitations and traveling
  • Emotional factor
  • State all the evidence related to some separation in the aspects of when, why and for what duration
  • Statement of decision for the upcoming livelihood such as managing the household work and children care
  • Some of the important exceptions must be considered for De Facto relationship

These exceptions restrict the couple to apply for the Australian Partner Visa and they need to stay away from such conditions:

-Keep away from compassionate and emotional circumstances such as the result of a child from a relationship
-If a partner has applied for a permanent humanitarian visa
-In case, if the relationship is registered under the acts and laws of state authorities
-If the partner already holds the permanent humanitarian visa during the duration of De Facto

All the information provided here is provided here to make your knowledge about the De facto Relationship and its significant requirement for the application of Australia Partner Visa. You must take advice from the Best Migration Services Adelaide so that they can assist all along the way to get the Australia Partner Visa.

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