Australia 482 Visa- Things to Know Before Applying

Australia 482 Visa- Things to Know Before Applying
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on February 3, 2023

There are several occupations for which Australian companies don’t find qualified Australians. Employers can address this issue by bringing qualified and skilled individuals to Australia with the help of the 482-visa programme. The short-term skilled occupation list includes these positions.

A Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS 482 visa) Visa is a temporary visa that enables workers to work in Australia full-time for a designated employer for up to four years. In March 2018, the TSS (482 Visa) Visa took the role of the 457 Visa as the most popular route for businesses to sponsor personnel in Australia.

Applicants for a temporary skill shortage subclass 482 visa  must not be in the process of obtaining a migration clearance. You must have a substantive visa, a bridging visa A, a bridging visa B, a bridging visa C, or a bridging visa A to obtain a Visa Subclass 482. For further details, you can contact immigration advisor Adelaide.

TSS Allows Us To

With a Visa subclass 482, you may stay in the nation for four years while studying and working for your sponsor. You will not receive government assistance as long as you are a student here. You can enter and exit the country whenever you like while your visa 482 is still in effect. If you wish to live in the nation for more than four years, you must apply for permanent residence.

The 482 TSS Visa’s objective is to close employment shortages in the Australian labour market for positions that Australian employers can not fill by Australian residents who are adequately qualified and skilled. 

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Qualification/Eligibility for Employee and Employer

Employer Qualification

Typically, an employer is qualified to propose an employee if he:

  • He is a Standard Business Sponsor approved by an appropriate authority
  • Possesses a genuine opening;
  • Carries out labour market research to demonstrate that there are no acceptable Australian candidates for the role;
  • Will pay the nominated employee the yearly market wage.

Its necessary to conduct labour market testing:

  • not more than four months before the day the nomination is received; and
  • for four weeks.

Employee Qualifications

An employee is generally qualified for the TSS visa if:

  • A recognised company has successfully nominated you for a position listed on the Skills List
  • You have at least two years’ worth of experience in the specified field of work;
  • You satisfy the criteria for English language competency
  • You own a health insurance policy; and
  • You meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant with Good Health, Character, and Visa History.

482 Visa Requirement

There are several 482 visa requirements which are as follows:

  • Throughout your stay in Australia, you must continue your health insurance.
  • You must refrain from being disruptive, violent, or threatening to harm the Australian community or any group of people living in the community. You must also limit your work to the designated occupation for which the employer has hired you.
  • Unless you have an exemption, only work for your sponsor.

Streams of Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Subclass 482

Short-Term Stream

If you work in a position on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List and have an authorised business sponsor, you may be eligible to apply under this visa stream (STSOL).

However, as primary applicants, candidates are only permitted to have one temporary visa.

With this visa, you can hold a job in Australia for two to four years (in the case of International Trade Obligation, if applicable). This visa costs AUD 1150. You may only renew the 482 visas under this stream once when you are in Australia.

Medium-Term Stream

If a company is willing to sponsor someone for a job on the Regional Occupation List or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) (ROL), you can work in Australia for up to four years with this visa.

The price for this visa is $2400 Australian. This visa is available an infinite number of times.

Labour Agreement Stream

If your sponsor is a party to the labour agreements, you may apply for the labour agreement stream. According to the individual labour agreements, businesses are permitted to import workers to Australia under the terms of the labour agreements, which are agreements between Australian employers and the Australian government.

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TSS Visa Process: Overview of The Primary Three Stages

Employers may sponsor foreign employees to work temporarily in Australia for occupations listed on the 482 visa occupation list. Employers cannot sponsor foreign workers unless they are authorised business sponsors. The TSS visa application process is as mentioned below:

Stage 1: Application for Business Sponsorship

An employer business must fulfil many standards to qualify as an approved business sponsor for subclass 482 visas. The requirements for TSS 482 visa Australia business sponsorship include the following:

  • The company must be authorised to do business in Australia.
  • There must be no negative information about the applicant for authorisation to become a sponsor that is known to the government, and the company must be able to make the required payments to the Skilling Australia Fund (SAF).

Stage 2: Application for Nomination

An overseas employee must have a nomination by the company to occupy a post. The nomination requirements speak to what is necessary for the Immigration Department to approve the position.

According to the visa 482 Nomination criterion, the employer must:

  • Be the primary employer, with a few exceptions, such for general practitioners of medicine
  • Offer a place on the 482 lists with the necessary qualifications.
  • Pay a wage that is both higher than the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) and the Australian Market Salary
  • Test the labour market (LMT) unless an exemption applies

Stage 3: Applying for a Visa

The visa applicant must possess the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to carry the Nominated Position. The candidate for the visa must fulfil the 482 English language criteria, depending on the level of their work. The application process for subclass 482 is incomplete without the attachment of the necessary documents. The checklist of documents required to attach with the subclass 482 visa is as under:

  • Your sponsor’s nomination 482 application for a visa
  • Identity proof
  • Report on Skill Assessment
  • English language test results
  • Documents of skilled work
  • Two passport-size coloured photos
  • Documents attesting to your educational background
  • Documents proving that you met the requirements for studying in Australia and that you did so in a regional area of the nation
  • Documents demonstrating your qualifications, skills, and your partner’s English language competency
  • Certificate of experience
  • Documents of your marital status
  • Police character reference issued
  • Health evaluations Report
  • Paperwork of health insurance
  • A labour contract (if you are going to work for the Labour agreement stream)
  • Any additional paperwork that the Australian government may require.

482 Visa Processing Time

The 482 visa processing time varies for various streams, which are as follows:

For Short- term stream – 75% of applications in 77 days and 90% in 7 months

For the medium-term stream – 75% of applications in 4 months and 90% in 7 months

For the labour agreement stream – 75% of applications in 4 months and 90% in 6 months


To fulfil the skill shortages in Australia, the employers who are approved business sponsors nominate skilled workers from outside Australia. The employees sponsored by these Australian employers can apply for visa 482 Australia.

The 482 visa holders can stay and work in Australia for four years from the visa grant date. They can take assistance from the best migration agent in Adelaide to apply for visa subclass 482.

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