Australia To Settle More Regional Migration Intake

Australia To Settle More Regional Migration Intake
Posted by admin
on November 5, 2019

The government of Australia has until recently proclaimed on Saturday that it has decided to bring down an increase in the number of visas in order to give those people a lucrative platform who are somewhat willing to showcase their different skills in different areas of interest. The government is looking forward to curb the intense pressure of population in the different cities in Australia which is believed to grow at a rampant pace as compared to other places. 

Also, the Australian government will enhance its intake rate from 23000 to 25000 as said by an official from Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s office. This does not imply that the government is going to take more immigrants than before. Strange as it may sound, but at least one-third of the Australian population is believed to be born overseas as inferred by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). 

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Earlier, Morrison’s government used to take up at least 190,000 people as part of its annual immigration intake and has now brought that down to 160,000 immigrants with effect from July 1. Besides, these 25,000 visas which are allowing the grant to the various applicants out there to reside and work in different cities and regions in Australia are also an indispensable part of the annual migration cap. 

The most developed country of its time

Many people might get startled with this fact, but it’s a fact that Australia possesses the highest population growth rate as compared to any other countries in the world and is also one of the most advanced nations at the moment as inferred by the OECD. 

Also, two-thirds of Australia’s population is residing in the capitals of different states and territories in Australia according to a census data conducted by the government in 2016. 

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Apart from that, the number of dwellers living in the capitals of these cities and territories has increased by two times between 2017 and 2018 as compared to those living outside these regions and cities. Its capital city growth comprises around 79% of Australia’s total population growth. 

What the government envisages? 

According to a recent interview session of Morrison held by the media officials he said that “We are implementing our various migration programs simply to get a substantial back up to the different cities we have and providing a lucrative source of earning for the increasing population which will hopefully curb the population pressure up to a reasonable extent. By supporting the major capital cities like this we are boosting up our economy like anything.” 

Also, the various migrants living outside cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne will be allowed the grant of priority processing as a special privilege to avail. On the flip side, international graduates who are residing in these locations will be allowed to apply more than a few times for the different post-study work visas. So, that will be a great way to boost employment opportunities in Australia too.

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