What You Need to Know About Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600

What You Need to Know About Australia Visitor Visa Subclass 600
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on February 9, 2023

Are you travelling to Australia for vacation or meeting with friends and family? Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it has a lot to offer any traveller. The visit visa to Australia is ideal for business and leisure trips there.

This tourist visa 600 is intended for tourists and business travellers. Conditions for determining the visitors’ length of stay in the nation are part of the Australian visa category 600. You can visit the country as frequently as you like while it is still valid, depending on your visa conditions. You are restricted from staying more than the days specified on visa 600.

 It also enables you to visit your family in Australia and to enrol in and complete short educational programmes lasting less than three months. The prerequisites are simple, and the Australian visa subclass 600 can be three, six, or twelve months. You can also use it if you want a brief extension of another substantive visa, such as a student visa, which is about to expire.  The best migration agent Adelaide can make you understand all these extension provisions of a visitor visa. 

Types/Streams of Visitor Visa 600

Families and businesspeople are encouraged to travel quickly and visit Australia. This 600 visa has the following primary types:

Tourist Visitor Stream (Onshore/Offshore)

The stream is for a tourist or visitor who travels to Australia to see friends and family. It is possible to apply for visa 600 from inside and outside Australia.

Business Visitors Stream

It is for individuals making quick business visits for meetings, negotiations, or other professional endeavours. A petition must be made from outside of Australia.

Family-Sponsored Visitors Stream

Sponsored family members are foreign travellers sponsored for a visit visa by an Australian national or permanent resident. Parents of Australian citizens and Permanent Residents may obtain longer-term visitor visas.

Frequent Travellers Stream

People from the People’s Republic of China frequently visit Australia for leisure or business purposes.

Approved Destination Status Stream

Citizens of specified regions of China travelling to Australia on tour led by a licenced travel agent are eligible for this visa stream.

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Eligibility Requirements

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for an Australian tourist visa Visitor Subclass 600:

  • Possess enough money to support you.
  • Show that you want to go back to your country.
  • Showcase the reason for the visit.
  • Demonstrate your good health.
  • Demonstrate your moral character.
  • Obtain evidence proving you have never been in prison for a criminal record.
  • Not owe any money to Australia’s government.
  • Not accepting or looking for any employment.
  • This visa does not permit academic pursuits.
  • Follow the laws of the country.
  • When visiting family or friends, you must present the invitation letter.
  • You must present your travel documentation if you are travelling within the nation.
  • You must furnish the required medical documentation if you are visiting for a medical reason.

Documents Necessary to Comply with Visitor Visa 600 Requirements

An Australia tourist visa requires the following paperwork/documentation:

  • Original Passport valid for six months after the intended departure date Visa Application Form
  • 80% face size, white backdrop, 35 x 45 mm, two photos
  • Covering letter with application information, passport information, trip information, and information on who will cover expenses
  • Copy of a Pan Card or Adhaar Card
  • Financial records such as bank statements, Income tax returns, or investments held.
  • Employment documents and pay stubs
  • Returns for tax file.
  • Arrangements for the entire period of the expected stay
  • Flight reservation for a round-trip or return flight
  • If married, a marriage certificate
  • Clinical test outcomes
  • X-ray analysis
  • Personal letter of cover
  • Travel Protection

Application Procedure

It is easy to apply for your visitor visa 600. Simply follow the four steps listed below, and you will be ready to go.

Application Form

Complete the provided and streamlined application form. Before continuing to the second stage, ensure all of the information on the application form is accurate. If not, a possibility exists that your application will be turned down, and the processing time may increase.


You must pay the subclass 600 visa fee. The Australian Authorities reserve the right to charge extra fees, such as those for physicals, background checks by the police, and biometrics. Credit or debit cards are available as payment methods.

Attach All The Required Documents 

You must submit electronic copies of all necessary documents, including your passport, travel insurance, financial documentation, etc. Upload these documents to process your health insurance.

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Get Your Visa Subclass 600

As soon as your application is received, you will get a confirmation. The Australian government must first approve the application before a valid Australian visa subclass 600 may be issued. You will receive notification of the electronic travel authority’s decision through email. The department of home affairs will provide you with your visa number, date of issuance, and terms.

The tourist visa to Australia cost varies depending on the category. It costs AUD 145 for a sponsored family visa, a destination visa, a business visa, a tourist visa (for applications made inside the country) costs AUD 370, and a tourist visa (for applications made outside the country) costs AUD 145.

Visitor Visa 600 Processing Time (Australia)

Visitor visa 600 processing time varies depending on the individual applicant profiles and the pertinent stream of visa applications. Here is the typical processing time:

For Tourist Stream

  • The time is five months for 75% of applications (approx.)
  • 90% of applications have a six-month wait time (approx.)

For Family Stream (Sponsored)

  • Four months for 75% of applications (approx.)
  • 90% of applications have a six-month wait time (approx.)

Business Visitor Stream

  • For 75% of applications, one week is required (approx.)
  • Ninety per cent of applications require three weeks (approx.)

For more information on the requirements and processing time for tourist visas, contact a qualified immigration advisor Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In Australia, Is It Possible to Extend a Visitor Visa 600?

Most of the time, you cannot extend your present visa; instead, you must apply for a new one. Make sure you have applied at least two weeks before the expiration of your current visitor visa subclass 600.

“No Further Stay” stipulation on your visa. However, it prevents you from obtaining any other temporary or permanent visas. If your circumstances have significantly changed or you are in a situation over which you have no control, the “No Further Stay” provision does not apply to you.

Can I Add My Family to My Application if I Want to Bring Them Along?

Your family member must apply for a visa 600 on their own and pay the appropriate Visa Application Charge; they cannot be included as dependents on your application. Generally, they should apply for a Visitor Visa Tourist Stream if they wish to travel with you but are not “involved in business activities” (subclass 600). They must apply for a Visitor Visa (Business Visitor Stream), subclass 600 if they intend to conduct business.

How Many Times May I Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa 600?

According to the visa 600 Australia requirements, there is no cap on the number of times you can apply for an Australia tourist visa. However, You can not remain in Australia for longer than 12 months in 18 months unless there are circumstances. Depending on if your permit contains any “no further stay” clauses, you may have to leave the country and get a new tourist visa once each one expires. However, you can lodge applications within Australia if you meet specific requirements.

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