Australian Citizenship Ministers Ordered Stricter Values Test For Migrants

Australian Citizenship Ministers Ordered Stricter Values Test For Migrants
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on August 10, 2018

Australia is planning to bring hard English language tests for migrants and new citizens. Many settlers do not speak enough English to be integrated into Australian society. The government wants to carry out new and difficult citizenship Australian requirements. This new rule will be implemented sometime this year and Australian citizenship will be more difficult, if accepted by the Parliament.

Australian values are now at the core of the Australian citizenship test process. The citizenship of Australian is an advantage and will only be given to applicants who embrace the Australian values, respect the laws, work hard and integrate into the Australian society.

Now the Australian citizenship is more difficult with major improves. Interested citizens will have to test hard on their English language skills and the ability to prove “Australian values”.

As a permanent resident the applicants have to complete four years – now three years long. Before the implementation, the new process will need parliamentary approval. The change will make sure that the migrants are better combined into the community.

Describing the establishment of “Australian value”, immigrants should prove support for religious freedom and gender equality. “Respect for women and children is an important Australian value.

What actually the ‘Australian Stricter Value Test’ is?

Other Australian citizenship eligibility changes in the citizenship process include:

  • A more rigid English language test, including reading, writing, listening and speaking;
  • Providing evidence of community integration, such as employment history, school enrollment or community membership organizations.
  • Has already been a permanent resident for at least four years;Allow applicants to apply only three times, and automatically fail any person who cheats on the test.

In the sample test on IELTS consist of, the practice of writing “least 250 words” in 40 minutes, Even if the government should pay for elderly care, while another 20 minutes question about 150 words asks for the complaint letter about the roommate.

In sections of reading and listening, applicants get one point out of 40. You need to get a score out of 30 out of 40 to get a band score of 6 in reading. In Listening, this is 23 out of 40. Participants are evaluated on the range of organization, vocabulary, and grammar of materials, ideas and accuracy. A reading exercise asks the applicants to check the piece of writing and answer questions about the content.

The plan to start an English language test has been controversial, especially to make sure the level of ability to read, write, listen and speak to people.

At present, there is no English exam in Australia, but those who were able to pass the Citizenship Examination were considered sufficiently fluent in English to pass equal level 5 of the International English Language Testing Plan (IELTS).

The government now wants citizens to sit for a separate English exam before applying for Australian citizenship and wants the test to be set on another challenging level 6. This is the same level that permanent skilled migrants have to make for direct entry into Australia.

People over the age of 60 years and children under the age of 16 years will be exempted from exemption, speech or loss of vision, or as people with permanent or permanent physical or mental disabilities.

By reading the questions, participants are asked to analyze the pieces of advertising or writing and to answer questions about the content. Some questions are in MCQs. New English test “will present a large group of people permanently in Australia, A large group of people who will always be there, will never be asked to take loyalty to this country and will always be told by the Australian Government that they are not completely related.

Along with the English test, the government wants to change the duration of permanent residence from one year to four, announce a new value test apply for Australian citizenship, and offers strong character test.

If the applicant has been refused permission to become a citizen on the ground other than failing to meet the requirement of residence, the applicant can also be barred for two years.

  •         The Australian citizenship requirements will apply to all new applications for citizenship
  •         It will replace a controversial visa plan to make it difficult for overseas citizens to work in Australia.

The Aussie people hopes that ambitious citizens show their commitment to country, their dedication to living according to Australian laws and values, and be ready to give and become members of the Australian community.

In short, Citizenship testing will check the aspiration of the new Australian knowledge of Australian values, assess the understanding of Australian institutions, and make sure that they will fit easily in Australian society and will not be surprised at the failure to be Australian adequate.

Australian citizenship was a remarkable advantage and was necessary to make sure its integrity.

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