What are Changes Done in Australian Immigration in 2019?

What are Changes Done in Australian Immigration in 2019?
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on July 9, 2019

Immigration services are always packed with certain advantages because of their services towards the most complex legalities. As immigration is a part of meeting and balancing legal issues from two different nationalities, it is not an easy job for an individual to cope up with the procedures involved. Sometimes there is no such thing called do it yourself in the visa processing even though you are planning to get an educational visa. As a newbie, it is hard to comply with the rules and regulations of the foreign country. It will take more time for you to figure out what is the actual requirement of the immigration authorities. Once you have figured out, your course may end up and in order to hasten the process expert help is compulsory.

If you are willing to get into Australia then it is very important to learn about the changes happening in the immigration services. But the Migration Agent Adelaide will help you to sort all problems occurring during the assessment and processing of your application for the visa. An easy way to get a visa for Australia is by the help of finding a good sponsor to you. If your relatives are in Australia, then there is no need to worry and the only condition is that the sponsor needs to be a permanent resident of Australia already.

Longer Processing Time

An important change in Australian immigration is that now you need to wait for a longer time to bring your spouse into Australia through sponsorship. Because of the family violence bill passed by the Australian government, now it is not an easy task to make the authorities approve the sponsorships. When your spouse is residing offshore there is a need to comply with various assessments done in order to find out the genuine character and history of the person. In addition, there must be a cordial relationship between you and your spouse in order to satisfy the authorities. If you need to do it faster, then the only choice is to find out Immigration Consultant Adelaide, as it is very helpful.

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What about the parent visa?

There is a piece of good news by the changes happened in the immigration services of Australia. This year it is possible to bring your parents into Australia if you are already working or residing there. Of course, it is good news but the visa is only for a maximum period of ten years. In addition, it is not that your parents are allowed to stay in Australia for a single stretch of ten years. In the initial stage, the visa will be provided only for three or five years. But after the sanction, it is possible to renew the visa with the help of submitting proper documents and stating the right reasons for their stay. But you should also know the fact that only 15000 visas will be provided in a single year and when the maximum limit is reached the authorities will not process your application for that particular year. So regarding parent visa, it is good to decide on the initial days of the year and it is good if you could start the process prior in the previous year. You could get the help of Immigration Agent Adelaide in order to complete the process without any hassles.

Financial ability of the student

Australian immigration services are keen on the student’s financial ability to survive in the new country. So this year there is an increase in the evidence of funds to be shown by the students to obtain a student visa. Still, now it is below 20000 dollars and from 2019 this is around 20290 dollars. You could get further details from the Immigration Service Australia. If you are bringing in your spouse and child then there is an increase in the funds. Because there are time limits for the working hours of students within Australia. When they are not financially stable during the course of study, it will eventually lead to work more hours. Thus there is a minimal possibility for such students to complete the course with proper grades.

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Tax receipt verification

There is some good news for the employer-sponsored worker in Australia. Because the department of home affairs is cross verifying the tax receipts of the employer with that of the salary paid to the employee. In this scenario, it is easy to find out whether the company or employer is underpaying the worker. And if found guilty the employer is under legal action by the concerned authorities. But this may also decrease the number of sponsored workers entering Australia this year because many employers may decrease their human heads in a move to comply with the new rules. Anyway paying the employee the right pay is now compulsory and the employer is under scrutiny by the agencies.

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