Australian Student Visa 500 Checklist 2024

Australian Student Visa 500 Checklist 2024
Posted by admin
on June 26, 2024

Australia Student Visa 500 Checklist 2024 is important to understand for the students who think of studying in Australia but few of them make it true. Exploring different countries by way of studying. Students can explore the city and study their course at the same time. When you plan to apply for student visa 500 you need to check all the requirements from the Department of Home Affairs

The Student Visa 500 checklist is here:

Evidence List of Documents:

  • Your identity Card.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Certified copy of the birth certificate.
  • Driving license or nationality card.
  • confirmation of Enrollmеnt is required if applying from outside Australia.
  • Certificate of Health insurance. It should cover OSHC. 

Genuine Temporary Entrant Conditions:

This is the important in Australian student visa document checklist that the students who are willing to join studies in Australia must have GTE. It signifies that students who come to Australia are on a temporary basis and will return back to their country. The statement should be in a written way either you take the help of an agent. 

Evidence should be included: 

  • Employment evidence – details about your recent job which include Payment checks and contract details. Your profile should include details about your education and work.
  • Qualification evidence  – a copy of the education certificate. 
  • Academic records
  • Letter of your institution.
  • Australian qualifications  – certified copy of your academic records.
  • Degree certificate 
  • Letter of your institution.

The detailed history will be taken into consideration about your immigration, the purpose of your parents, guardian, and spouse.

Evidence of Partnership – Spouse or De-facto:

The 500 visa checklist also includes evidence of a partnership. For this, a certified copy of your marriage certificate is required. Details regarding households, family photographs, and other items related to family. 

Evidence of Employment 

Details regarding your current employment should be mentioned. This will include the check details and the contract with the company. Your LinkedIn profile details which shows all your records. Records regarding your education and employment.

All the things from the last five years should be present as evidence.

Evidence of English Language 

The English language is important for everyone Who is planning to move to Australia. For this, we require an IELTS certificate.

  • Band score of IELTS is 5.5 overall. 
  • If packaged for a ten-week course then the band score is 5 overall.
  • If packaged with a twenty weeks course then the band score is 4.5 overall.

Evidence of Funding

The evidence of your funding also requires proof when you are studying in Australia. The funding amount should cover your expenses like educational fees and family expenses. Either you should prove that your parents are going to support your study expenses in Australia. They should have a minimum annual income of AUD 60,000. If the family member is helping in funding expenses then their income should be AUD 70,000. 

Sources of Funding 

Though you show that you have proper funding sources but then also you have to show properly in detail. 

Loan proof: a letter stating that the loan has been approved by the Financial institution for a specific amount and period.

Cash deposit: just before the date of application visa cash has been deposited in the name of the applicant. Such as receipt of cash deposit, bank statement, and passbook.


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