7 Most Common Reasons For The Rejection Of An Australian Student Visa!

7 Most Common Reasons For The Rejection Of An Australian Student Visa!
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on November 23, 2022

Everybody has a dream of studying abroad. After obtaining the admission letter from your dream university in Australia, the next step will be to apply for a student visa to Australia.

Obtaining a valid student visa subclass 500 for the period of the course of study will take the time between a few weeks to a few months. 

There might be a reason for rejection by authority. Re-submission for further processing may take some time. 

Know the reasons for the rejection of an International student visa in Australia. So that you might not suffer from this problem and your processing for visa application goes smoothly.

7 Common Reasons Why Student Visa Rejects

Let’s have a look at the reasons for the rejection of the student visa Australia subclass.

  • Failure to comply with the condition for the temporary entrant 

The GTE test is the genuine temporary entrant used by the government to select students applying for student-dependent visas in Australia. They check whether the student cares about their study. It is one of the main requirements to apply for a student visa to Australia. You need to attach the documents with the written statements. If the documentation is not proper, your application will not perform well.

  • Fails to achieve the academic qualification

It is a requirement for the student visa Australia subclass. To apply for a student visa in Australia, you have to qualify as a student. To study further, you have a sufficient level of academic qualification. Academic requirements vary according to the course and the university. If you wish to study in Australia, you should take a foundation course. This course will help you to meet the requirement of the visa. 

  • Fails to meet the requirement of English

You should know the English language. You are going to stay in an English-speaking country. That means your English should be proper to approve the visa. This condition is for those who are from non-English speaking countries. You have to submit your English speaking test with the visa application. English skills differ from one university to another.

  • Failure of sufficient funds

Funds are also one of the requirements to apply for a student visa to Australia. It can be the reason for the refusal of permits by the department of immigration and border protection. The DIBP sets this criterion because they want the student to have the ability to finance their course. The test requires documentation which proves you can pay for your course. The student-dependent visa in Australia cannot get cancelled.

  • Failure to have acceptable health

Approval of a visa also checks your health condition. For example, Australia doesn’t find TB desirable. You must check the Department of Home Affairs before sending a student visa application. Students must have Overseas Student Health Cover, which will help with medical and hospital insurance in Australia. Your OSHC is provided by your education provider or by yourself. 

If insurance is by the education provider, you will need 

  • the name of the insurance provider. 
  • Date of the policy.
  • Terms and conditions of the police if you are arranging the insurance policy
  • Policy number.
  • Under 18 students, there are some extra precautions. 
  • Misshapen in the records may affect international student visas in Australia-

You have entered the country before the motive of study. Your misdeeds will be on the document. Visa authorities may check that the form might cancel the visa if any misconduct is in the record. Every student who wants to study in Australia must have a good record. They might ask for the police record if there is any criminal history.

  • Failure to complete all the documents

When your visa fails, the main reason is the failure of documents in order. Make sure you complete all the permit provisions and provide all the documents to support your claims. For example, if you require compliance with the health or English record. Your visa may get rejected for failing to complete all documents. 

The checklist of the department of immigration and border protection:

  • Your birth certificate.
  • Passport.
  • Each page consists of the visa and immigration labels.
  • Your country’s identity card.
  • Household registration books.
  • A CV is certified by the local authority.
  • COE for the course undertaken.
  • If under 18 years, consent of parents.

Summing up

We know that studying in a foreign country is a big deal. You need to apply for your visa like that only. Make sure you make a list of requirements. Give a response to every DIBP request. Keep these points in mind to avoid failure. To get approved for an international student visa in Australia, you must take the assistance of the migration agent in Adelaide. They are professional in handling visa applications. They will take care of your visa and will not reject it.

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