What Are The Benefits Of Australian Skilled Visas 189 & 190?

What Are The Benefits Of Australian Skilled Visas 189 & 190?
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on January 12, 2023

Young, skilled, and experienced people can come to Australia under the Skilled Independent Visa 189 and the Skilled Nominated Visa 190. Skilled Independent Visa holders (189) do not need sponsors, whereas Skilled Nominated Visa holders (189) must be sponsored by their state or territory.
Australia is a place that attracts non-Australians because of its business growth and development. The immigration rate in Australia is higher than in other countries due to the facilities or benefits provided by the Australian government to the migrants from foreign. 

When there is a skill shortage in Australia, the Australian community calls for skilled workers overseas for an occupation. The occupation for which the skilled worker receives an invitation or nomination must be on the list of the skills occupation of Australia. General skilled migration visas are subject to a point system and can be sponsored by a family, a qualifying employer, a state or territory government, or they can be independent. The position for which the skilled migrant has resided in Australia must be on the skills occupation list.

A foreign national must possess an eligible visa to reside in Australia. For skilled workers, visa subclass 189 and visa subclass 190 are available. 

Both these visas allow talented and experienced candidates who wish to work in Australia to stay, live and work in Australia. 

Both visa subclass 189 and 190 are permanent residency visas. 

Differences Between Visa 189 And Visa 190

The followings are the factors that differentiate the two visa subclasses from each other –

  • Sponsorship By State/ Territorial Government 

Skilled independent visa 189 does not require an Australian state/territory sponsorship. A candidate with visa number 189 is permitted to reside and work permanently anywhere in Australia.

Applicants who apply for 190-skilled nominated visa must have an Australian state/territory government. It includes a requirement to live and work in a particular state/territory from which the applicant seeks sponsorship.  

  • Skills List Of Occupation

Since state or territorial sponsorship is not necessary for visa subclass 189, the candidate must be nominated for a position on the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

In contrast with visa 189, 190 visa application depends on the Australian state/territory sponsorship. The applied occupation must be on the specific state/territory occupation list.

  • Point-Test Requirements

A 189 visa application requires 65 points to clear a point test to meet the eligibility requirement. A 190 visa provides an applicant with an additional 5 points towards your point test when the applicant is short in meeting the point requirement.

Benefits Of Skilled Visa 189 And 190

Skilled independent visa 189 and visa 190 provide visa holders and their family members the benefits of being permanent residents in Australia. Visa subclass 189 and visa subclass 190 are entitled to:

  • Reside and work in Australia permanently
  • Study in Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare/healthcare program of Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor family members/relatives or friends to come and stay in Australia
  • Within five years of the visa’s issuance, you may travel to or from Australia.

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How To Apply For Skilled Visa 189 And 190

To apply for a skilled visa, the applicant must satisfy 189 visa requirements similar to 190 visa requirements. These prerequisites are as follows –

  • The applicant must be between the ages of 18 years to 45 years.
  • He must be able to exhibit proficiency in communication in the English language.
  • He must satisfy the public interest.
  • The aspirant applying for a skilled visa must satisfy the health and character standards. 
  • He must pass the point test by scoring at least 65 points.
  • He must have an expression of interest.
  • He must have done a skill assessment under an authorised assessing authority.

After satisfying the above requirement, the applicant must follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Clear the point test to fulfil the requirement of a skilled visa. The applicant will receive the points based on criteria of age, work experience, and other related basis.
  2. Submit the expression of interest.
  3. Open an ImmiAccount and login into the account.
  4. Fill in the particulars of the application form and attach all the documents.
  5. Pay the applicable skilled visa fees.
  6. Wait for the processing time for the application to be processed.

Wrapping Up

When a talented aspirant wishes to move to Australia to work for an occupation specified on the skilled occupation list, there are various pathways for him. Visa subclass 189 and visa subclass 190 are among them to let skilled workers reside in Australia. One of the essential requirements is to possess good skills to get a score on a point test.

Skilled independent visa 189 allows one to stay and work in Australia indefinitely without sponsorship from an Australian state/ territory or an employer. But according to 190 visa requirements, the applicant must hold patronage from the state/territory or an employer, and the occupation must be on the specific occupation list of the state/ territory of Australia.

Our migration agent Adelaide can briefly explain all the benefits and facilities an applicant can receive from these skilled migration visas. He will help the applicant to turn his dream of working in Australia into reality.

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