Bridging visa b Processing Time in 2024

Bridging visa b Processing Time in 2024
Posted by admin
on May 7, 2024

A Bridging visa enables you to remain in Australia until matters are resolved, be it an appeal, a legal matter, or a standard visa application. A Bridging Visa B Australia allows you to leave as well as re-enter the country while you are waiting for a decision to take place. In this blog, we will understand the processing time for a Bridging Visa. 

You can apply for a fresh Bridging Visa B if you’re in Australia when that travel window ends, but doing so will require you to leave the nation once again.

Consider it as a pass for the waiting area. It allows you to stay in Australia while you wait for the news regarding your primary visa; but, if it takes too long, you may have to go outside for a little period.

Eligibility Criteria

  • If you hold a Bridging Visa A or B already, or if you were previously in possession of a substantive visa (such as a work or student visa), you are eligible to apply for a Bridging Visa B.
  • You must apply on time for both your primary visa (judicial review or substantive visa) and your Bridging B visa.
  • While you wait for your primary visa decision, you must have a valid cause for leaving Australia and returning.
  • Anybody, regardless of age, is eligible to apply for this visa.
  • You need to be in good standing with Australia, which essentially means you can’t have a criminal record in bridge b visa eligibility.

Apply for a B Bridging Visa

Forms 1005 or 1005 (Internet) and 1006 or 1006 (Internet) must be completed by the applicant to apply for bridging visa b. All of these forms are necessary to submit a valid BVB application according to Australian immigration law. Nonetheless, per policy, decision-makers should advise BVB applicants to complete form 1006 or 1006 (Internet), if available, since it may expedite the processing time and collect extra information relevant to assessing a BVB application. It includes facts about how to travel and how to pay the BVB Visa Application Charge.

People may combine their BVB applications with the applicant’s if they assert to be members of the applicant’s family unit. This implies that the family will only have to pay one application fee for a visa; yet, for a BVB to be awarded, each applicant has to fulfill the prerequisites.

If a family group’s BVB applications are connected to judicial review procedures, family member units will only be awarded BVBs if they also apply to judicial review of the substantive visa’s refusal.

Processing Time For Bridging Visa B

Your application bridging visa b processing time by the Department of Home Affairs is within one or two weeks. Important advice: Don’t schedule your travel until after they make their decision!

Bridging Visa B Cost

The bridging b visa cost of the application fee for this visa is A$165.


For those in need of a temporary fix while they wait for a final visa decision in Australia, the Bridging Visa B provides it. It gives you the freedom to leave the nation and return within the allotted period. Contact Adelaide Migration Services, the top migration agency in Adelaide, and don’t allow complicated visa procedures to stop you. The best migration agent in Adelaide can help you navigate the Bridging Visa B procedure and make sure your immigration process to Australia goes successfully. Allow us to assist you in making your dream of migrating a reality.

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