Read Out This Checklist Of Issues Before You Apply For Student Visa 500

Read Out This Checklist Of Issues Before You Apply For Student Visa 500
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on September 22, 2020

To study in Australia with the subclass 500 student visa is a really fun experience. Similarly, there are several factors worth considering when applying for your student visa subclass 500. The most important factor is effective compliance with the various immigration criteria. It also includes the submission of your Genuine Temporary Entrant statement. Make sure that you attach as many documents as possible. Besides, there are a number of issues worth considering when applying for your student visa 500. These issues can be considered below.

  1. Get Immigration Assistance:
    Applying for the student visa 500 needs you to complete the task impeccably which is only possible through premium immigration services. A team of well-versed immigration consultants has the knowledge and acumen to ensure a stress-free visa application for you. These professionals even have the expertise and understanding to clarify all your doubts and queries concerning your student visa.

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  1. Advantages For Offshore Students:
    The immigration protocol in Australia is absolutely stringent. As a result, overseas learners get high-quality education from the country. Some unauthorized academic institutions fail to provide this kind of quality education. This is because their academic services aren’t qualitatively favorable.
  2. Your Stay Duration:
    The student visa 500 lets you stay in Australia for a duration of five years. The fact is you can leave the country the moment your course finishes. You can stay for a short duration of two to four months as well. This offer is especially applicable to candidates who have applied for a short-term course.
  3. Work Permission:
    Whoopee! The student visa subclass 500 allows you to work in Australia. With this visa, you can work in Australia for 20 hours a week. Again, you cannot work unless your course commences. Candidates with dependent family members specifically need to adhere to this rule.

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  1. English Language Competency:
    There are various factors encompassing the English language test. Firstly, it depends on the score you have secured in the IELTS or PTE exam. Make sure you secure a score of 6 or 6.5 in IELTS with a total score of 50-64. This again varies according to factors like your respective country, citizenship, academic program, and college/university.
  2. Compelling Financial Documents:
    While applying for the student visa 500, you must provide substantial financial documents. The DoHA wants each applicant of the visa 500 to submit these documents imperatively. These documents should include the details of your travel, living, and academic costs. It is only after that when your student visa 500 will get approved.
  3. Different Types Of Student Visas:
    At present, there are chiefly two types of student visas. These include the student guardian visa subclass 590 and the student visa 500. The former lets you stay in the country if you are less than 18 years old. The latter is a more feasible option if you want to pursue your academic career in Australia.
  4. Inclusion Of Family Members:
    The student visa 500 lets you bring your family members to Australia. Before that, you need to take one worthwhile issue into consideration. According to this, you must prove the possession of adequate funds to the DoHA. The DoHA will get sure that you can afford the necessary living expenses of your family members in the country.
  5. Place Of Application:
    To get detailed pieces of information regarding your place of application visit the nearest application center of your city. After that, you should submit the necessary documents to the authorities of your application center. The fact is these documents comprise a crucial part of your visa application procedure. These documents must indispensably include your essential biometrics as well. If you don’t comply with this criterion, your student visa Adelaide application will become more prone to an abrupt rejection/cancellation.
  6. The Way To Continue:
    This is undoubtedly the most noteworthy issue which should be considered unfailingly. According to this, you should opt for your preferred course and get enrolled for that subsequently. Not only this, but you should also choose a college/university which you find the most feasible. Followed by this make sure you have submitted all the necessary documents asked by the Department of Home Affairs. Make sure that you submit these documents as fast as possible. This will let you obtain the subclass 500 student visa successfully.

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Common Mistakes Leading To The Rejection Of Subclass 500 Student Visa!

There are several mistakes for which your student visa 500 gets rejected. Getting familiar with these pitfalls is really beneficial for you as an applicant. A student visa 500 checklist of seven such reasons has been given below in a nutshell.

• Absence of welfare arrangements and Overseas Student Health Cover.
• Possession of inadequate funds.
• Records of former misconduct.
• Inability to comply with the English language requirement.
• Inability to meet the relevant academic requirements.
• Inability to meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant condition and
• Possession of wrong or insufficient documents.

You can easily avoid such silly mistakes stated above concerning your visa subclass 500. A competent visa consultant Adelaide will provide you the best assistance in this regard. Your visa agent in Adelaide will help you in every possible way to ensure an error-free visa application for you.

Hire A Team Of Migration Agent Adelaide!

So, confused and entangled with certain issues of your student visa 500? Then, a team of immigration agents and consultants from Migration Agent Adelaide can help you in this regard. These professionals have years of experience in dealing with different types of Australian visas. Through his/her competency and knowledge your immigration agent will ensure a fast and hassle-free visa application for you.

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