A Guide to Knowing Crucial Updates to Australian Student Visas From 1 July 2023

A Guide to Knowing Crucial Updates to Australian Student Visas From 1 July 2023
Posted by admin
on June 14, 2023

With effect from July 1, 2023, post-study work privileges will be extended by an additional two years for international graduates of higher education who complete the requirements. The maximum number of hours international students may work per fortnight will rise from 40 to 48.”

Australia is a popular study-abroad location for students from other countries. After earning their degree, many students opt to remain in the nation on temporary post-graduate visas or even petition for permanent residency.

The workforce in Australia is currently experiencing gaps in several industries due to a skills deficit, which could result in a relaxation of visa requirements. 

After the crisis of covid 19, Australia’s international education sector recovered thanks in part to its liberal policies surrounding in-study and post-study work opportunities for international students. As per the Australian student visa new rules 2023, students can work for 48 hours per two weeks instead of 40 hours. Australia intends to extend post-study work visas by two years beginning in July 2023. 

Highlights on New Rules for Australia Student Visa 2023

1- Beginning in July 2023, students from overseas enrolled in programmes in Australia can work up to 48 hours every two weeks.

2- International graduates with degrees in areas with labour skill shortages in the Australian industry will have the option of prolonged post-study work privileges beginning in July.

3- The qualifications list has already been made public.

Extension to Student Visa Working Hours for International Student Studying in Australia on A Student Visa 500

Many students’ viewpoints highlight how challenging it is for them in host countries to balance paying for tuition, rent, and food with studying satisfactorily. In addition to paying more tuition than domestic students, overseas students must also contend with higher rent and consumer expenses in their host nation. Others feel pressure from the fluctuating value of their currency.

Australia has announced revisions to its new rules for Australia student visa 2023 for Indian students, including a cap on the number of hours international students can work per week from 40 to 48. An announcement from the Australian Home Ministry states that the new rules will go into effect on July 1st. In addition, the administration declared that it may extend the time that holders of student visas may remain in the country after finishing their studies. The current arrangement will remain in place until June 30 to provide students time to focus on their degrees and the ability to sustain themselves financially.

The majority of students are currently working an endless amount of hours to pay for their education and keep up with Australia’s soaring living costs. They must understand the new rules for Australia student visa 2023 covid 19 and work accordingly. Many students who depend on onshore labour to pay their tuition for the remaining years of their degrees but only have enough money for the first semester would struggle to make ends meet if a limit of 24 hours per week for student visa working hours is implemented.

Extension of Post-Study Work Rights for Graduates for Two Years

For international graduates with specific degrees in fields having a confirmed skill shortage, a two-year extension of post-study employment privileges is offered.

This extension will extend the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for qualified graduates of overseas higher education by an additional two years. The extension is accessible to eligible students who study, live, and work in regional areas, in addition to the current additional one to two years of work rights.

The Australian government has already declared that starting on July 1, 2023, some international students who earn certain degrees will be eligible for extended post-study employment privileges. They have now stated which degrees will provide the following in response to skill shortfalls in the Australian market:

  • For graduates with a bachelor’s degree, the time requirement has increased from two to four years.
  • Graduates with a master’s degree now have five years instead of only three.
  • For PhD degrees, the time frame has increased from four to six years.

Students will be relieved that the list of appropriate degrees for the 4-5-year work privileges is extensive. They may have been concerned that it would only include a few topics. Health, education, engineering, and agriculture are the highest priorities.

Post-study work periods are two years for bachelor’s degrees and three years for master’s degrees if the student graduates with a degree not listed here. Regardless of their field of study, all PhD graduates will now be eligible for a 6-year extension, up from the previous 2-year limit.


New Rules for Australia Student Visa 2023 from India for Indian

Clare O’Neil, minister of home affairs, said:

“The ability of students to stay longer and contribute to our economy is in the best interests of everyone involved. We are searching for methods to deploy skilled migrants through improved training and more focused, less exploitative programmes for temporary visa workers and students after a lost decade on immigration and skills. This effort is being done as we try to finish the migration review and keep fixing our faulty immigration and skills systems.”

New rules for Australia student visa 2023 from India latest news states that Indian Pupils can contribute to the Australian economy by working there with their education. Working while studying abroad in Australia is a fantastic method for international students to increase their income. All other holders of student visas will once again be subject to work restrictions beginning on July 1, 2023, with a cap of 48 hours per fortnight. It helps to ensure that those on student visas may focus on completing their studies and earning a credential while still being able to support themselves financially, obtain valuable work experience, and meet Australia’s labour demands.

Eligibility Applicants of The Australian Student Visa New Rules

  • The two-year extension will be available to any qualified graduates holding a valid Temporary Graduate Visa on July 1, 2023, or who applied for one after that date.
  • Additionally, if a graduate meets the requirements and his Temporary Graduate visa (Post-Study Work stream) expires before July 1, 2023, he may apply for this extension. As a result, he won’t be granted a second Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485).Instead, a COVID-19 Pandemic Event Temporary Activity Australian Government Endorsed Events (subclass 408) visa valid for two years.

International graduates in fields of actual skill shortages are eligible for the extension. Although the qualifying courses have yet to be made available to the public, they will close the industry’s current skill shortages. Accounting, engineering, nursing, and information technology are relevant subjects of study that are also popular with international students.


Australian policy favoring in-study and post-study work privileges for international students has helped the country’s cross-border education sector rebound from the pandemic. A new 48-hour limit every two weeks (24 hours per week) is being imposed starting on July 1, 2023, ending the temporary provision permitting international students to work with a student visa 500 as much as they want.

Students will also be eligible for extended post-study work rights with certain degrees. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees will have four years, master’s degree holders will have five years, and doctoral degree holders will have six years. Several degrees qualify, including medicine, education, engineering, and agriculture. A Registered Migration agent Adelaide will explain all these updates thoroughly and inform you about Australia student visa news today.

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