Difference between Working Holiday Visa 417 and Work and Holiday Visa 462

Difference between Working Holiday Visa 417 and Work and Holiday Visa 462
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on August 24, 2020

Working Holiday Visa is provided to all individuals temporarily, who wish to work and tour around Australia for a year. On the other end, the Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 is provided to all the young adults if they want an extended holiday and wish to work in Australia and get funded. Both the visas will enable the Australians along with the Non-Australians, to live, travel, and work across the entire nation without any issues. But there is a slight difference between these two Working Holiday Visas, even though their names sound somewhat similar.

What Are The Things One Needs To Know About The Two Working Visa?

The working holiday visa 417 is provided to individuals from countries like Belgium, Hong Kong, Cyprus, France, Estonia, and Germany. Apart from that, countries like Canada, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland, South Korea, Malta, Norway, Malta, Taiwan, UK and Northern Ireland are also eligible to receive the Working Holiday Visa.

The Work and Holiday Visa Subclass 462 is provided to countries like Greece, Hungary, China, USA, Ecuador, Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Singapore, Israel, San Marino, Thailand, Malaysia, Luxemburg and many more. Researches show that there are about 150,000 individuals in Australia who are on a working visa, but the numbers have decreased over the past 5-years. Both these two visas are currently popular among the young generation and they provide numerous benefits and opportunities as well. To know the difference between these two visas, take a look at the information, which is provided below.

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Working Holiday Visa (417) And Work And Holiday Visa (462): The Difference

There are several differences between these two visas, which all the applicants must be aware of before they think of applying for any one of them. Check below!

  1. For the work and holiday subclass 462, carry the educational requirements that you need to fulfill. Individuals must provide evidence that they have completed 2- years of undergraduate studies. Apart from that, applicants from Thailand can provide evidence that they have completed their military services, and individuals from the US must provide their senior secondary certification, which will enable them to be eligible for this visa. But with the working holiday visa 417– it does not have any educational requirements.
  2. The Work and Holiday Visa 462 will need a letter from the government of an applicant’s home government. If the applicant is from Israel, USA, or China and wants to apply for the Working and Holiday Visa Subclass 462, then they do not need to provide the letter from their country’s government. But under the Working Holiday Visa 417, this particular condition is not required.
  3. When you apply for the Work and Holiday Visa 462, you need to provide evidence that you know functional English. But for the Working Holiday 417, there is no need to provide proof of functional English.
  4. To provide proof for the functional English, applicants can provide their IELTS score and the score should be 4.5. Apart from this, applicants must carry a valid passport from USA, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand.

What Is The Time Limit Of Working In Australia With The Working Holiday Visas?

Both the Work and Holiday Visa 462 and Working Holiday Subclass 417 visa must be applied outside of Australia and it carries a validation of 1-year.
• The 1-year validation can be extended easily to another additional year if the applicant is said to work at a regional part of the country for a time of 3-months or 88 days.
• Originally, the extension period was solely meant for the Working Holiday Visa 417. But recently, it is made available for the Work and Holiday Visa 462 holders who have worked in Northern Australia for 3-months after 16th November 2016, so that they can apply for the 2-year visa extension.
• The extension period for the Subclass Visa 462 was made available by the Department of Immigration and Protection.

How Will The Best Migration Agent Help In Obtaining The Working Holiday Visas?

To increase the chances of receiving a working holiday visa, one must consult with a professional and the Best Migration Agent Adelaide to get the job done. This is because the agents carry a good understanding of all the complexities and entanglement of the visa application process.

They will help in crafting out a proper visa application, which will carry low chances of refusal and professional Immigration Agent Adelaide will provide with all the important insights. Apart from that, individuals will also receive an actionable migration plan, which will be created based on the applicant’s needs and wants.

No matter what type of working holiday visa the applicant wants, the migration agent from Adelaide will guide and provide all the help, which an individual needs to obtain the visa of their choice.

What Are The Visa Requirements For Both The Working Holiday Visas?

Although both Working Holiday Visa 417 and Work and Holiday Visa 462 have some similarities, the visa requirements for both of them are completely different. Given below are the requirements provided for both the visas.

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Working Holiday Visa 417 Requirements:

• The applicant needs to be between 18 to 30 years of age and 31-year-olds can also apply for this visa.
• A passport from an eligible country that has a validation of 6-months is compulsory for all applicants.
• Individuals who wish to obtain this particular visa cannot be accompanied by children.
• To apply for this visa, applicants must be located outside of Australia.
• Applicants must provide evidence that they carry sufficient funds to sustain themselves and funds for returning to their home country.
• All applicants need to meet the Australian health requirements before applying for the visa. It is also recommended by the Australian government to carry health insurance to cover their stay in the country.

Work and Holiday Visa 462 Requirements:

• Individuals need to be between 18 to 30-years of age.
• Applicants from Non-English-speaking nations must provide evidence for their English proficiency.
• They need to meet all the health requirements.
• Carry enough funds that will allow them to support themselves (about AUD$5000).
• Must carry a valid passport of their respective country.
• Applicants need to show proof that they have sufficient funds for a return ticket.

Both the Working Holiday Visa 417 and Working and Holiday Visa 462 are pretty popular and provided to many individuals who wish to work and live in Australia. You can always associate with the leading Migration Agent Adelaide for the best assistance.

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