Explore Different Ways To Enter Australia Through Student Visa

Explore Different Ways To Enter Australia Through Student Visa
Posted by admin
on November 20, 2019

Do you have dreams to study abroad in Australia too? Do you think Australia provides world-class education with the latest technologies and globally recognized education system? What are you waiting for? Get yourself the best of what you deserve.

The most basic and the most essential requirement to go to Australia for your studies is a student visa. To obtain a Student Visa, you must prove to the Department of Home Affairs that you satisfy the following basic key requirements for an Australian Student visa:

  • You should be a Genuine Temporary Entrant in Australia and follow all the requirements
  • You must provide evidence of your financial status and satisfy the required formalities
  • You must have proficiency in English language and provide evidence for the same.
  • The health and character requirements should be fulfilled in accordance with the Australian framework
  • You must be having a Confirmation of Enrolment of the institute you have enrolled into

The different ways through which you can explore Australia as a student are stated below:
If you want to explore Australia and live as a student in Australia for a longer time, you need to apply for a student visa. The following steps will let you know the different procedures to be followed to get to Australia with a student visa:

  • The very first step to get a student visa Australia is that you need to apply in a school or institution in Australia in order to get a Confirmation of Enrolment. You cannot apply for a student visa subclass 500 in Australia if you have not attained a Confirmation of Enrolment.

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  • Get your account created with the Australian Immigration Authorities before making an online visa application. You will have to agree to their conditions of applying for a visa along with detailing your personal information.
  • Make sure that you hold the digital format of all the required documents that are required to register with the authorities while creating an Immigration account and while applying for a visa online. Some of the commonly required documents contain CoE, a valid passport, a proof of your temporary stay, a proof of previous employment (if any), etc.
  • If you have these documents in a digital format with you, you must apply for a student visa subclass 500 at least before 124 days from the commencement of your applied course as mentioned in the CoE. You will be required to fill the various details of your enrolled course in the visa application which includes your selected education sector, your nationality, and others. Your personal and family details also include in the part of your online application filling process. The application can also be filled in parts by saving the half-filled details.
  • As soon as the application filing is completed, you have to submit the application and the application fee as well which amounts to AUD575 for the student visa. After you make an online payment, you get a receipt and TRN no. which is useful to check the status of your application.
  • You will have to appear for a health checkup and an interview if you qualify the appropriate visa application filing and the health checkup and interview is applicable to you. Your TRN no. instructs you about the health checkups you need to go through.
  • Once you receive your student visa grant letter, you can enter Australia in 90 days before the commencement of your course as printed on the CoE. Your education provider should be informed about your accommodation address within the 7 days of your arrival in Australia. You can also enjoy an extended stay of 30 days in Australia after the end of your enrolled course. However, the instructions on your student visa may restrict you from these conditions, you must follow the conditions as mentioned on your student visa.

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