List Of Document Checklist Needed For Student Visa Extension!

List Of Document Checklist Needed For Student Visa Extension!
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on February 2, 2021

Students whose visa is about to expire before the completion of their course need to extend their student visa subclass 500 effectively. A lot of reasons play a crucial role in this incident. Common examples include an extended period of research application, enrolment for a new course, decreased study load or deferment in course duration, etc. So, is your student visa 500 also on the brink of expiring but you haven’t completed your course yet? In that case, you must submit another student visa application to the Australian Immigration Department.

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Basic Eligibility Criteria of Your Student Visa 500!

To apply for the student visa 500 there are certain basic eligibility criteria that you need to meet unfailingly through substantial documents. These include the following:

• You should meet all the financial criteria
• You must pass the Medical Test in the proper and expected way
• You should be the holder of an authentic Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) until your student visa remains valid.
• Make sure that you have met the important English language criteria effectively and
• You should substantiate your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) through substantial documents.

The documents required might again differ somewhat according to your education provider and the nation of passport. As you will navigate through the application procedure, you will understand that student visa applications and student visa extensions are somewhat different.

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Essential Documents Required For Student Visa

Before your existing student visa subclass 500 expires, you must apply for a new visa without a miss. It will help you extend your student visa 500 effectively followed by the successful completion of your course. However, your new visa application should be supported by substantial documents. The Department of Home Affairs will approve your student visa Adelaide extension application only after ascertaining these documents as authentic. A complete checklist of these documents has been outlined below for overseas students like you.

  1. Your authentic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) codes
  2. Documents that prove that you possess sufficient funds to afford your entire stay in Australia
  3. A substantial HAP identification number
  4. Documents that contain the authentic policy number of your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  5. An authentic Curriculum Vitae certified and approved by the local authorities
  6. A valid National Identity Card
  7. The authentic identity page of your passport. Each of these pages should contain an immigration stamp as well as a visa sample.
  8. Last but not the least, your valid Birth Certificate.

Remember, that you should attach your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for your new or existing academic program or programs. These also include courses which you plan to study in the future. It will help the visa authority and government to evaluate the duration of your visa in an effective manner. It will help you to complete your existing or prospective courses successfully. To attain optimal results, visit the official site of the Department of Home Affairs. Subsequently, verify their document checklist tool to understand what all you need to attach along with your visa application.

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1. Documents of Financial Capacity!

You need to show adequate documents to prove that you possess sufficient funds while applying for another visa. The documents you need to submit will vary reasonably depending on your country of passport and category of visa. These include the following options:

Evidence of Yearly Income

Evidence of yearly income is needed if you are planning to study a long-term or short-term course. You need to prove that it pertains to the income of your spouse, parent or sponsor or that of your personal income. This amounts to a sum of AU$60,000 to the minimum or even more.

Annual Monthly Funds

Are you planning to study a little more for one year extra? In this case, you should provide adequate documents pertaining to your living costs, tuition fees or stay expenses etc. This stay duration is generally comprised of a time-frame of twelve months. These include the following expenses:

• The tuition fees required constantly for one year regardless of the type, of course, you’ve chosen.
• All your residing expenses according to the living standard of Australia which is AU$20,000-AU$21,000 on average.
• Return airfare costs which differ between an amount of $1000-$12,000.

2. OSHC and Health Exam!

This is one of the most crucial documentation related criteria pertaining to the application for your new student visa. According to this criterion, you need to provide substantial documents to prove that you are the holder of an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This is because the Department of Home Affairs wants all the holders of student visa to meet this requirement. They want each of their visitors to remain fully insured during their entire stay in Australia.

How to appear for the health examination?

There are different types of health examinations that apply to different applicants of the Australian visa subclass 500 in Australia. To know about your eligible health examination, you should optimize the ‘Health Declaration’ tool in a proper way. Make sure you go to the ‘Health Assessment ‘section to serve this purpose effectively. Subsequently, provide your Australian referral letter and HAP ID to the clinic or panel of doctors where the medical examination will be conducted.

By doing so you can prove that this health examination is absolutely a mandatory criterion. Hence, they will carry out the health examination on the day you visit them.

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When To Apply For A New Student Visa Subclass 500?

The Best migration agent Adelaide always suggests applying for a new student visa at least three to four months before your current visa expires. This is because there is no such phenomenon which is called ‘Student Visa Extension’. You need to apply for a new student visa with the assistance of an Immigration Agent Adelaide to continue staying in Australia. When applying offshore, you need to wait until your student visa gets approved. When applying onshore with the help of a Migration Agent Adelaide you will be granted a Bridging Visa A to stay in Australia lawfully.


Which documents are required for student visa?

Required Documents
  • Requirements for your visa application include a passport with a minimum of two blank pages
  • An expiry date beyond 180 days,
  • Two passport-sized photographs,
  • A photocopy of your passport,
  • A printed copy of your online application,
  • A formal admission letter from your university.

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