Eight Simple Steps to Obtain Your Australian Student Visa

Eight Simple Steps to Obtain Your Australian Student Visa
Posted by admin
on January 30, 2024

You have made many life decisions, but going to Australia and studying abroad is one major decision that you will make! For students who wish to study further at prestigious foreign universities, Australia is a dream destination. Getting an International student visa is crucial for studying in Australia. 

Obtaining an Australian visa, however, can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t receive the right advice. Here is a visa guide that will help you while applying. In this post, we’ll walk you through the entire process of getting an Australian student visa, from picking your school to getting health insurance to submitting your application. Now, let’s get this blog started.

Explore 8 Steps To Apply for a Study Visa For Australia

Let’s explore the eight simple steps that will help you to successfully apply for a study visa in Australia, making the process smoother and more accessible for you.

Step 1 – Select your program and organization.

Applying to study in Australia by selecting your course and university of choice is the first step. Australia is home to many universities offering a wide range of courses in all subject areas. Therefore, depending on your areas of interest or past academic experiences, you can choose the course and the school.

Make use of the Commonwealth Register of Schools and Programs for International Students. The next phase is when you search for additional course requirements after choosing the university and course.

Step 2- Fulfill the language proficiency standards in English

After deciding on the course and the organization, you must now verify the English language proficiency requirements to apply for an Australian student visa. To enrol in a course, several universities need English language proficiency.

IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are a few popular English certifications that colleges accept. To be admitted to the university of your choice, you have to pass one of these exams and receive the necessary grades. Assume that you have passed the English certification exam, let’s go to the next step.

Step 3 – Show that you have the financial means.

Demonstrating to Australian authorities that you have the funds to sustain yourself while pursuing your studies in Australia is the third step. Your living expenses, tuition, and the cost of your return airfare must all be shown. You can use this to determine how much you need to provide the authorities.

You can get an estimate from the Australian Government’s Financial Capacity Calculator. However, each person’s costs may differ. It’s time to move forward and get health insurance now that you have money to provide to Australian authorities.

Step 4- Obtain insurance for health.

International students studying in Australia must have overseas student health coverage. What is this? Hence, while you are studying in Australia, your hospital and medical costs will be covered by health insurance to apply for an Australia study visa. 

Step 5- Fulfill the prerequisites for character and health

You now need to obtain a health certificate and character reference from your nation. The purpose of the character certificate is to verify that you have a clean record and have not engaged in any criminal activity. The health certificate verifies that you are free of any illnesses that could endanger the public’s health in Australia. You can earn your Australian student visa in just two steps after obtaining these two credentials.

Step 6- Get your application materials ready.

Once you’ve satisfied all the conditions, you need to go to work on your application materials. While the paperwork needed for each application may differ, most universities require a few standard documents to process your application for a visa. These typical documents are:

  • Your identity document
  • Your CoE
  • Evidence of your fluency in English
  • Proof of your ability to pay
  • Evidence of OSHC Character and Medical Certifications

Step 7- Submit your visa application. 

This step requires you to submit your visa application to apply for student visa Australia. There are two ways that you can submit your application via mail or online, both require the creation of an ImmiAccount. You must download the visa application form, fill it out completely, and then mail it.

-: To obtain a TRN number, complete the visa fee payment process.

Paying a fee is necessary to obtain an Australian visa. This fee may not be refundable in the event of visa rejection, making it essential to seek advice before submitting your application. Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll pay the current application fee, which is approximately $575. Upon submission, you’ll receive a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). It’s important to save this number as it allows you to track your application status online.

Step 8- Await hearing back on your visa application.

After submitting your application, you may now kick back and wait for the Australian Department of Home Affairs to respond. They will respond to you within four to six weeks, depending on the volume of work.


Securing your Australian Student Visa (Subclass 500) is a vital and difficult process, pivotal to realizing your educational aspirations in Australia. Following the detailed eight-step guide, from program selection to visa submission, is crucial for a successful application. 

To enhance the efficiency of this journey, considering the assistance of a Migration Agent, particularly well-versed in the intricacies of the Subclass Student Visa 500, can significantly streamline the process. With the right knowledge and support, you can embark on your educational adventure Down Under.

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