How to Enhance Your Chances of Getting an Australian Visa

How to Enhance Your Chances of Getting an Australian Visa
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on February 2, 2018

Australia is a wonderful country that has always attracted people from around the globe. Its scenic beauties and the amazing environment is something that almost everyone wants to see in person. That is why; Australia receives a large number of tourists as well as immigrants every year. An increasing number of people are migrating to Australia every year for a better future. With the help of Migration Agent Adelaide, you too can fulfill your dream of getting an Australian Visa.

Australia – Full of opportunities

Australia has a phenomenal economic growth. It has many job opportunities for the people of Australia as well as for the immigrants. There are many sectors where there is a shortage of skilled workers. That’s why the Australian Government offers several different types of visas to give an opportunity to the citizens of other countries to come here and live a fine life along with solving the problem of skill shortage. Part of the reason for Australia’s thriving economy is the great number of immigrants who come here and boost Australia’s development.

Types of Australian Visa

The immigration department of Australia provides visa in different categories. Some of them are:

  • Tourist and visitor visas
  • Skilled migration
  • Student visas
  • Family visas
  • Business category visas
  • Retirement visas

Australia gives skilled visas under many options (subclasses). These all subclasses come under the category of General Skilled Migration Scheme. Among these are some common visas like Visa 457 which allows a skilled person to work and live in Australia for a maximum period of 4 years.

There are some permanent visas also. One of them is the Visa 190 also called the Skilled Nominated Visa. This visa is given to a skilled individual who has been nominated for a job by any state or territory government of Australia. Some other visas in the same category are the Visa 186 and Visa 187. Both of these visas are given to a person to work and live permanently in Australia who has a nomination for a job from a valid Australian employer. Again, both of them are almost same with the difference that visa 187 is for only Regional Australia while Visa 186 allows to work and live in the whole of Australia.

Moreover, there are family and partner visas also. The partner visa (provisional and permanent) allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to live in Australia.

Why Should You Hire an Agent for Australian Visa?

Of course, it is always wise to assess your visa options before picking one. There are certain rules associated with each visa that may be difficult to comprehend sometimes. That is why, you must go for a migration agent.

You must make sure that your agent is registered when you are hiring an immigration agent for help in getting your visa. Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) is the only body that licenses and supervises migration agents and migration lawyers or migration or immigration agents in Australia. Migration Agent Adelaide can connect you with a registered immigration agent who can help you during the immigration process.

With a proper procedure and help from determined agents, you can maximize your chances of getting a visa. Contact us to know how immigration agent Adelaide can help you obtain an Australian visa.

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