The eight essential steps to extending your visitor visa to Australia for 2023

The eight essential steps to extending your visitor visa to Australia for 2023
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on August 31, 2023

Australia is a magnificent travel destination and the ideal place to spend quality time with your family. One may apply for a visiting visa if one desires to visit Australia for a short term. Many tourists can stay in Australia for a prolonged period with a visiting or working vacation visa. They search for ways to extend a visitor visa.

When someone visits a family member, whether it be a grandparent seeing their first grandchild, a girlfriend visiting her boyfriend, or parents visiting their children, it is one of the most frequent scenarios. These individuals often receive a three-month tourist visa. But it is insufficient.

Some visitors to Australia may leave the country every three months due to their 12-month tourist visa. It may be both expensive and inconvenient. An immigration expert will help you to know how to extend a visa to Australia.

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Meaning of Visitor Visa Australia Subclass 600

Visitors who intend to stay in Australia for a while can apply for a subclass 600 visiting visa. It enables travellers visiting Australia to reunite with loved ones and take a cruise. A transitory visa is a 600 visa. On a visit visa, you can stay for one year of residence in Australia. A visa subclass 600 doesn’t allow one to do business or receive medical treatment in Australia.

To apply for an Australian tourist visa, you must live elsewhere. Australia is off-limits until the Department of Home Affairs considers your application.

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Extension of Subclass 600 Visitor Visa

The Visitor Visa 600 is a transitory document. You can stay in Australia for a year with a visa subclass 600. You couldn’t extend your tourist visa in Australia. You must apply for a different substantive visa if you intend to stay in Australia for an extended period.

If the conditions of your present visa do not preclude you from remaining in Australia for a prolonged time, you can apply for a new one. Condition 8505 – No Further Stay prevents you from living in Australia once your visa has expired.

The Department of Home Affairs reserves the right to waive the no-more-stay condition in certain situations. You might look into different visa choices, if you intend to reside permanently in Australia. You must be eligible to apply for the visitor visa (extension australia) if you meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a valid passport from one of the competent nations
  • You must be in good physical health
  • You must possess a current visa
  • You must not be subject to any visa restrictions that might limit a lengthy stay in Australia.
  • You must not have spent a maximum of 12 months in Australia in the previous 18 months.

To request the Visitor Visa extension, you will also require the following paperwork:

  • The passport duly updated (with blank pages) will be valid for at least three months after the electronic visa’s expiration date.
  • New visa application form completed.
  • Proof that you have the money to cover your stay in Australia

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The Steps To Extend Your 600 Tourist Visa For Australia

You must move quickly to extend your visitor visa 600 in Australia if you anticipate remaining in Australia after the visitor visa’s expiration date. Typically, you should be ready to submit your application for a visa extension three weeks before your existing tourist visa expires. However, to understand if you qualify for an extension, you must first examine the kind of your visa.

The steps to extend a tourist visa in Australia are listed below:

  • Choose the length of your stay in Australia.
  • Check the expiration date of your current tourist visa.
  • Consider the visa choices that are best for you.
  • Select the Visa subclass 600 that best fits your needs.
  • See if there is a “no further stay” restriction on your existing tourist visa.
  • Assemble the supporting evidence.
  • Make a new visa application and get your health tested.
  • Wait for the approval of your new tourist visa.

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Step-1 Choose your length of stay in Australia.

Most visitors visiting Australia have tourist visas that allow them to stay up to three months, so this is probably the case for you as well. It’s crucial to consider how long you plan to stay in Australia because it will influence the visa types available to you.

An extension of a tourist visa to Australia might not be the ideal choice for you if, for instance, you anticipate needing to stay in Australia for some time greater than 12 months. You can stay there on a visitor visa for one year.

Step- 2 Check the expiry date of your visitor visa 

Once you’ve determined how long you’ll be staying in Australia, you should establish how much time is yet on your visiting visa. I advise my clients that if their tourist visa is about to expire in less than six weeks, now is the time to start preparing to apply for a tourist visa extension. If you have less than three weeks left on your visitor’s visa, you must leave immediately. You must explain the reason for extending a visitor visa in Australia.

Step- 3 Consider the visa choices that are best for you

Many travellers who enter Australia on a visitor visa later switch to another substantive visa because of a change in circumstance. It can also be what you need to do for your case.

Because you cannot work in Australia while on a visiting visa, if you need help making ends meet throughout your stay, it is not a good idea to your visa extension.

Do you want to start the process for a long-term stay if you are the partner or child of an Australian citizen or permanent resident? Or Maybe you’ve decided to pursue your studies or job in Australia.

You must consider your prior experience with Australian visas. You can stay in Australia on a visiting visa for 12 months within any 18-month term. If any of these situations seek you, applying for a tourist visa extension isn’t the best move.

Step- 4  Select the Visa subclass 600 that best fits your needs

Depending on your objectives, more than one visa extension option is available. Since the conditions for the employment and travel visa are less stringent than those for the partner visa in this circumstance, you might decide to apply for it. Alternatively, Extending the visitor visa to Australia may be the most cost-effective option if you don’t need to work.

Another item you should consider is your true motivation for remaining in Australia, as you will need to persuade the Department of Home Affairs of this when you apply for an extension of your tourist visa.

It may be risky to apply for a visitor visa extension in Australia if your intent is not to travel. If it is denied, it will impair your ability to apply for any future visas. 

Step- 5 See if there is a “no further stay” restriction on your existing tourist visa

If your visiting visa in Australia contains a ‘no further stay’ condition, that could be an issue. It typically means you must depart Australia when your recent visitor visa expires.

For reasons such as the nation the applicant is from or any prior instances of non-compliance with Australian visa requirements, the Department of Home Affairs frequently requires “no further stay” as a condition of a tourist visa. An essential requirement is always in place if a family member sponsors the visitor visa.

The Australian government is allowing travellers with a “no further stay” condition to make a written request to cancel after the coronavirus COVID-19 caused Australia’s border to close. You can then apply for a new visa in Australia if you do this and your application is approved.

Step- 6  Assemble the supporting evidence

You must have decided how to extend a tourist visa in Australia and do not have a “no further stay” constraint. The next step is to gather all of your paperwork so that you can apply for a visa extension.

You might wonder, “Why do you present the same documents again?” Since the Department of Home Affairs awards an extended visitor visa as a new visa application, you must show that you have sources to manage your extended stay in Australia.

You can be handed a questionnaire outlining what you did in Australia and why your stay lasted longer. 

Step- 7  Construct a new visa application for extending the tourist visa and get your health tested.

Now that you have prepared your supporting documents, you must complete the online visa application form at the Department of Home Affairs. At least three weeks before the expiration of your existing visa, you should finish this.

You have 28 days to get a health checkup; if you can’t, contact the Department of Home Affairs and ask how to extend a visa in Australia.

Step- 8  Waiting for the approval of your new tourist visa

On average, it takes 20 days or so from the date of application for a new visa to receive it. If, however, your present visa subclass 600 is about to expire, don’t worry.

While your new visa application is being examined, the Department of Home Affairs will often issue you a Bridging visa A, allowing you to remain legally in Australia.

You must depart Australia within 28 days after the date of cancellation (unless your prior visa is still in effect) if you begin a new visitor visa Australia application while you are there and decide to cancel it before you hear back. You are not eligible for a refund of your application fees. Even so, if that is all the Sydney extended stay you require, it is to add a few extra days or weeks to your Australian vacation visas.

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Visitors can stay in Australia temporarily with a visiting visa. Australia might demand that tourists remain longer. The visitor visa 600 falls under a provisional category. Therefore, once your 600 visa expires, you can’t stay in Australia. A frequent query is how to extend visitor visa 600 in Australia. Extension of this visa is not an option. If you want to stay in Australia longer, you must apply for a new visa classification, either temporary or permanent.

Depending on your circumstances, the department may extend your stay for three, six, or twelve months. Only those who want to stay in Australia for tourist reasons can obtain this extension.

A migration agent, Adelaide, can tell you about the restrictions placed on the visiting visa 600 and what to do when your current visa expires. They will inform you of other visa possibilities based on your requirements and eligibility.

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