General FAQs Related To Skilled Independent Visa 189

General FAQs Related To Skilled Independent Visa 189
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on August 24, 2021

Have you ever not thought of going to Australia for the purposes of work and experiencing the Australian way of life? Australia is one of the most demanded countries in terms of skilled workers and technological advancements. If you think, you are skilled enough to be working in Australia, skilled independent visa subclass 189 has got it sorted for you. There are two different streams available for the subclass 189 skilled visa which is named Points-tested Stream and New Zealand Stream.

What Is A Skilled Independent Visa 189?

The skilled independent visa 189 is a permanent category visa that allows a skilled worker to come to Australia for work and stay in Australia permanently on the invitation. This is an independent visa that does not require any kind of nomination and sponsorship. Any individual interested to work in a skilled area in Australia may apply for an invitation through submission of an Expression of Interest to let the department know of your intention to apply.

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What Are The Eligibility Criteria For 189 Skilled Visa?

  1. The visa subclass 189 being an independent visa requires the applicant to be able to satisfy certain points for being eligible for the approval of a visa and get going to Australia for an indefinite time. These criteria are mentioned below:
  2. Every individual desiring to get to Australia with a Skilled Independent visa must be invited to apply. He or she is required to submit an Expression of Interest to be able to get an invitation to apply.
  3. The Skills Assessment Test must have been completed by the individual at the time of getting an invitation to apply and must have positive scores in the assessment as required. An application cannot be made without having attained the required scores in the Skills Assessment Test. The skills assessment test must not have been carried out before 3 years from the date of the invitation.
  4. The applicant must be aged below 45 years old when he or she receives an invitation to apply. Although he or she may be older than 45 years when applying for the visa after receiving the invitation to apply.
  5. Being the points tested visa, 189 visa Australia requires the individual to attain a score of at least 65 points to be able to gain an invitation to apply.
  6. The individual willing to apply for this 189 visa subclass must have at least a competent level of English language knowledge.
  7. The applicant’s applied skill work must be relevant to one of those as mentioned in the Skill Occupation List of the skilled independent visa subclass 189 points tested stream.
  8. You must be able to satisfy the health requirements according to that specified in the Australian visa policy.
  9. You along with all your family members must satisfy all the character requirements as needed by the Australian laws and visa policies.
  10. You or any member of the family unit must not be a debtor to the Australian Government. If you or any member of your family owed any money from the Australian Government, you must have either paid it back or have made arrangements for the payback.
  11. You are necessarily required to sign the statement of Australian values.
  12. You must not have any previous records of having a visa application or visa refused or canceled.

What Are The Entitlements Available With A Visa Subclass 189?

The visa 189 Australia brings plenty of entitlements to the applicant having a successful visa grant. Following are the benefits of having a skilled independent visa subclass 189 Australia- points tested stream:

  • The visa 189 will let you stay in Australia permanently.
  • With the visa subclass 189, you will be allowed to work or study anywhere in Australia.
  • This visa will enable you to enroll in any of Australia’s public health care scheme.
  • With this visa, you can also sponsor an eligible relative for coming to Australia.
  • An individual would also get travel entitlement for the first 5 years to and from Australia as many times as they want.
  • This visa has certain attached conditions on completion of which an individual may find himself eligible to apply for Australian citizenship too.

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What Is The Cost Of Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189?

The cost of a visa application for the 189 visa Australia is AUD4,1155 for the main applicant. On approval, this visa subclass would let the individual stay in Australia permanently.

What Is 189 Visa Processing Time

Generally, the department of visa authority will take the following time to process a visa application if everything has been correctly followed and all responses are provided to the department on time.

The 189 visa processing time is mentioned as below:

  1. 75% of applications are processed in 17 months, and
  2. 90% of applications are processed in 28 months.

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