Get Your Student Visa 500 Approved Quickly: A Comprehensive Guide

Get Your Student Visa 500 Approved Quickly: A Comprehensive Guide
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on March 28, 2023

The most visited country for international students to study in is Australia. It now has 38 universities ranked on the World University Rankings 2022. The majority of these universities are consistently moving up the list’s rankings. Australia’s accommodating immigration policies, which offer post-study employment and permanent residency, appeal to international students.

Know about Student Visa Subclass 500

The pathway to get access to Australia’s educational prospects is the Student Visa Subclass 500. The 48-hours-per-fortnight (24-hour-per-week) cap of student visas 500 working hours will apply to both present international students and new ones in July according to Australian student visa new rules

This visa enables you to:

  • Stay for five years in Australia (the length of your visa is 500, depending on your course)
  • Enrol in an academic course. 
  • Work for no more than 48 hours every two weeks while you study (you can work for extra hours than student visa subclass 500 working hours for specific job sectors)
  • Both within and outside of Australia may apply.
  • Bring your partner and any dependents who are single and under 18 who are considered family members with you to Australia.

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Conditions for Australian Student Visa Eligibility

To get eligible for the Subclass 500 visa, you must:

  • Be at least six years old to meet the student visa Australia age limit
  • Have a Confirmation of Enrollment and have accepted an offer to enrol full-time in a CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) programme. (CoE) 
  • Make preparations for welfare if you are still a minor.
  • Attain proficiency in English
  • Having health insurance
  • Be able to afford your studies, stay in Australia, and travels in and outside of the country.
  • Demonstrate that you are a True Temporary Entrant.
  • Assemble the “Character Requirements” of Australia. 
  • Satisfy the health criteria of Australia.
  • You must provide a signed copy of the Australia Values Statement pledging adherence to Australian law and respect for the culture.
  • In Australia, demonstrate that you have never had a visa application denied or cancelled.

List of an Australian Student Visa 500 Checklist

Within six weeks of beginning your study, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection advises starting your visa application. Consult the best migration agent in Adelaide as soon as you can to begin the visa application process because there are many details to gather, and you might not want to take the chance of being rejected. Check out the checklist in your Australian student visa instructions for what you’ll need.

  1. Identification Cards

    It primarily consists of a scan of your passport. Do check to see if your passport is about to expire! Additionally, immigration officers may ask to see your driver’s license, birth certificate, and national identification card.

  2. Documentation Supporting Your Request for a Student Visa of 500

    Immigration officials require a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for each course you want to enrol in to ensure that only legitimate students receive visa 500. It is a crucial prerequisite for obtaining a student visa. You must enter each course’s CoE codes if you enrol in more than one course or packaged courses.

  3. Health Insurance

    When you arrive in Australia, you and any family members travelling with you on a 500 visa must have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Additionally, you must guarantee that you keep this health insurance throughout your stay.

  4. Evidence of Finances

    One of the requirements for a successful visa application is proving that you have the resources to pay for your studies, lodging, and transportation expenditures while in Australia. One of the causes of visa refusal is the frequent failure to satisfy this condition. You must ensure that you have the necessary documents to demonstrate the capability of financing your time spent studying abroad in Australia.

  5. Proof of English Language Competence

    Australian immigration may request proof of your English language proficiency after you submit your application. If you seek an Australian student visa under the Covid-19 limits, you must give an extension to take the English proficiency test.

  6. Genuine Temporary Entrant

    Australian immigration asks you to attach a written statement to your application stating that you only intend to stay in Australia for the duration of your degree as one of the requirements to verify this. You discuss returning home once your studies are finished.

  7. Additional Paperwork and Conditions

  • If you are younger than 18, you must show proof of your welfare arrangements.
  • If you are a minor parental or legal guardians’ approval via Form 1229
  • Form 956, stamped “Migration Agent Signature” (your application form will let you know if this item is necessary)
  • Form 956A: Authorized recipient appointment or withdrawal (your application form will let you know if this item is needed)
  • Evidence that your dependents must be between the ages of 5 and 18 and enrolled in an Australian school
  • A copy of your resume and the subject of your research thesis or project, if you are a postgraduate research student

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Australia Student Visa 500 Processing Time

The processing time for an Australian student visa 500 in 2023 may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Whether you submitted an application that is complete?
  • How quickly do you answer inquiries for more details? 
  • How long does it take to perform the required checks on the provided supplemental data?
  • How long it takes for information to arrive from outside sources? It is especially relevant for national security, character, and health.
  • Volume changes for applications.
  • Modifications to ministerial policy and objectives

Numerous recently granted student visa subclass 500 applications came in earlier this year when the border was closed due to COVID. As soon as the borders reopen, the following processing times apply for student visas to Australia:

Subclass 500 Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

  • 25% of applications within 3 Days
  • 50% of applications within 11 Days
  • 75% of applications within 21 Days
  • 90% of applications within 39 Days

Subclass 500 Postgraduate Research Sector

  • 25% of applications within 22 Days
  • 50% of applications within 38 Days
  • 75% of applications within 3 Months
  • 90% of applications within 9 Months

Subclass 500 Independent ELICOS Sector

  • 25% of applications within 32 Days
  • 50% of applications within 59 Days
  • 75% of applications within 3 Months
  • 90% of applications within 5 Months

Subclass 500 Schools Sector

  • 25% of applications within 22 Days
  • 50% of applications within 56 Days
  • 75% of applications within 84 Days
  • 90% of applications within 4 Months

Subclass 500 Vocational Education and Training Sector

  • 25% of applications within 33 Days
  • 50% of applications within 54 Days
  • 75% of applications within 7 Months
  • 90% of applications within 12 Months

Higher Education Sector, Subclass 500

  • 25% of applications in less than 14 days.
  • 50% of applications in 35 days or less.
  • 75% of applications in 72 days.
  • 90% of applications in less than five months.

500 Subclass Regulatory Sector

  • 25% of applications in 8 days or less.
  • Applications in 21 days for 50% of applicants.
  • 75% of applications in just 42 days.
  • 90% of applications in 79 days or less.

Onshore Processing Time for Student Visas

Student visa extensions submitted onshore in Australia while the applicant is on a student visa are not subject to the processing times above.

The student visa in Australia cost is the same regardless of which Subclass 500 Student Visa you choose. You must spend AUD 650 for a student visa to study in Australia if you are an overseas student. The payment of application fees, however, is a separate expense.

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You may make the most of the material from here while you submit your application for an Australian subclass 500 student visa. Make sure to submit your complete application as soon as possible if you want to adhere to the timetable for visa processing. The first step is to decide on the course and institution you attend. Contact a migration agents in adelaide if you need assistance choosing the best program and Australian university. 

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