General Guide About 494 Visa Australia

General Guide About 494 Visa Australia
Posted by admin
on January 28, 2020

Have you until recently attained a special skill into a particular realm? If that is the case, then, you can undertake a suitable job compatible with the skill that you have learned about until recently. With the 494 Visa, you can now work in any regional area of Australia under a specific employer. Until recently, Australia is encountering a dearth of professional skilled workers in the various areas of its employment sector. Hence, the government of Australia has launched the 494 visas to recruit employees for various businesses facing a dearth of skilled workers to a great extent.

Processes Involved in the Procurement of the 494 Visa

If you want to obtain the visa subclass 494 in a successful manner, then you need to undergo three consecutive processes. The three of them are Sponsorship, Nomination as well as your visa application process. Detailed information about each of these processes can be considered as follows:

Sponsorship: To get the approval as a Standard Business Sponsor, the concerned business needs to show substantial credentials that will help in proving that this particular business is running legally and substantially by conforming to the various Australian rules and regulations. Besides, it also needs to show an adequate monetary capacity to meet its concerned sponsorship obligations.

This process includes the nomination for a substantial post by the employer in a regional area of Australia. Besides, they also need to specify the kind of person they are looking for in order to fill in their nominated post. The employer must conform to the following criteria in order to meet the various nomination requirements.

1. The nominated occupation which the employer has chosen must be comprising the Medium Long-Term Skills Shortage List (MLTSSL) or that of the Regional Occupation List.

2. The post offered to an employee must be available to him/her for the next 5 years and not less than that.

3. The employer must take the Labor Marketing Testing into consideration without any exemptions apply to it.

4. The employer will have to pay a market rate salary to his/her employee and the amount must not be less than the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) of $53,900 and not a single penny less than that.

5. The market rate salary which is being paid to the employee must be assented by the Regional Certifying Body in the particular regional area wherein the business is established.

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Types of 494 Visa

Based on the different needs of different employers, the 494 Visa Australia has been divided into three individual streams. The three of these streams can be considered as follows:

  1. Employer-Sponsored Stream: This particular visa stream allows regional employers to recognize the dearth of skilled workers in their region and sponsor skilled workers for their businesses accordingly. This visa stream allows you to live, work and study in Australia for the specific designation you have been nominated for. Besides, it also allows you to apply for permanent citizenship in Australia after 3 years from the date your visa has been granted.
  2. Labor Agreement Stream: This particular visa stream is meant particularly for those skilled workers who are possessing a substantial labor agreement. When it comes to the formulation of the labor agreement, it’s formed between the Australian Government and employers which is usually represented by the concerned employment department. This visa stream allows your employer to recruit candidates from various parts of the globe through a substantial labor agreement stream.
  3. Subsequent Entrant: This particular visa stream is meant for those members of a family who are a part of a Skilled Employer Sponsor Regional (SESR) (Provisional) visa 494 holder who is applying for their SESR visa separately and is willing to join the primary SESR visa holder in Australia. This visa stream is particularly meant for the members of the family unit of the SESR visa holders.

Eligibility Criteria Applicable to all the Three Streams

Based upon the needs of all sorts of applicants who are applying for all the three visa streams differently at different times, a set of common eligibility criteria applicable to all the three streams can be considered as follows:

  • The nomination opted by your employer must be approved in the proper and expected way.
  • The employer you will be working under must be an approved work sponsor
  • You must show substantial evidence that proves that you are genuinely wanting to preside over the particular occupation that you have been nominated for.
  • The designation which is comprising the nomination must be genuine in every respect.
  • You must meet the specific health criteria in the proper and expected way.
  • You must meet the specific character requirements in the proper and expected way
  • You must comply with the certain Special Return Criteria as well as Public Interest Criteria
  • Most of all, you must also meet the specific Nomination Criteria that includes certain criteria applicable to the post your applying. Some of these criteria include possessing a substantial designation for a particular regional Australia, successful qualification in the skilled assessment test conducted by a Regional Certifying Body in Australia.
  • That apart, there are some other criteria as well in terms of meeting the age factor, qualifying in the English language test, etc. which you need to comply within a successful manner.

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How Long Can You Stay?

When it comes to the duration of 494 visa, it allows you to study, works as well reside in Australia for 5 years. Besides, the visa holder can get himself/herself enrolled for Medicare which is a comprehensive health insurance policy in Australia. Not only this, but you can also apply for a permanent residency with the Visa Subclass 494 after 3 years from the date of your visa approval.

The cost for these three streams under Visa subclass 494 happens to be AUD 4045, whereas the exact processing times aren’t available as of now.

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