Guide About The Student Visa 500 Process

Guide About The Student Visa 500 Process
Posted by on March 31, 2020

Studying in Australia as an overseas student can be the most pleasurable experience one can ever get. If you are also one of them, then the only way to do this is to apply for the student visa subclass 500 in the proper and expected way. But, it may be the case that you are not aware of the proper application procedure of your student visa 500. So, given below is detailed information about a comprehensive application process of the visa subclass 500 to make your dream come true to study in Australia.

What Is The Length Of Student Visa Subclass 500?

The student visa 500 is basically a temporary visa. This particular visa allows you to stay in Australia for the next 5 years. However, the duration may vary to a reasonable extent depending on the type, of course, you have chosen. Students who are primary school children and are between 1-4 years can stay in Australia maximum for 2 years with their student visas.

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How To Apply for Student Visa 500?

Some of the steps included in the application process of Visa 500 can be considered as follows:

• When applying for this visa, you can both inside and outside Australia and must be at least 6 years old or more than that.

• The next step includes collecting all the documents. For this, you need to check out the ‘Document Checklist Tool’ and have a look at the types of documents needed to apply for your student visa.

• After this, apply for this visa online either while staying inside or outside Australia.

• The final step includes obtaining your visa grant number, the date of your visa expiry, what are the various conditions of your student visa etc. from your immigration authority etc.

• It’s better that you keep a copy of these visa details along with you while you are staying in Australia.

In case, the Department of Home Affairs refuses your visa in Australia, they will inform you about it and will also clarify to you the reason that why did they do so.

How Much Does The Visa Subclass 500 Cost?

When it comes to the cost of the Australian Student Visa 500, it does not cost more than AUD$620 for the applicant who is chiefly applying. Apart from this, if some of your family members are also accompanying you, then a separate charge would be applicable to each of them. Besides, you will also have to pay a few other amounts for purposes like health checks, biometrics as well as police certificates etc.

Who Can You Bring As Your Family Members?

As already told above, that this particular visa allows you to bring some of your other family members along with you, but, you should also know that specifically who can accompany you all the way to Australia with your student visa 500. Some of these family members include:

• Your Spouse
• Either yours or your spouse’s child and he/she must be unmarried and must not have turned 18 years old in any way.

Remember, that even if your family members are not traveling along with you, but, you will have to include their names in your visa application without a failure.

Can You Stay More Than 5 Years in Australia?

No, you cannot stay in Australia for more than 5 years with your student visa 500. However, if your academic program demands you to stay for more than 5 years in Australia, then you will have to apply for a new student once again. Besides, if your student visa expires before the completion of your graduation, you can also apply for a visitor visa 600 and continue your stay in Australia until the successful completion of your course. Apart from this, there is another visa option as well called the visa subclass 485 which is a temporary graduate visa, but, you can become eligible for this particular visa only if you have met certain skills and qualifications while staying in Australia for the past six months. Besides, if you have recently graduated as an engineering student and want to continue your stay in Australia, then you can also apply for the visa subclass 500 to continue your stay in Australia.

What Is The Student Visa 500 Processing Time?

Well, when it comes to the processing time of the student visa 500, it varies optimally, depending on which sector of your student visa you are applying for.

• For the Vocational Education and Training Sector, 75% of the applications get processed in 43 days and 90% of the applications get processed in 77 days.

• For the Higher Education Sector, 75% of the applications get processed in 29 days and 90% of the applications get processed in 42 days respectively.

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What Are Your Obligations With Your Subclass 500 Student Visa?

If you want to stay in Australia effectively with your Student Visa Subclass 500, then you and your family members must follow all the obligations laid down by the Australian government in the proper and expected way. You also need to remember that this particular visa does not allow you to stay in Australia for more than 5 years. So, before your visa expires, you need to apply for another student visa to continue staying in Australia as a legally valid candidate.

Why Choose The Best Migration Agent Adelaide?

So, now that you have heard about the various processes involved in the application of the Australian student visa 500, executing each of these processes effectively is not as easy as it may seem. But, with the assistance of the best Immigration Agent Adelaide, the entire application process of your student visa becomes quite simple and hassle-free. Your migration agent will guide you in a step by step manner to ensure a quick and smooth visa application procedure for you. These migration professionals have extensive experience in dealing with a diverse range of visas. Hence, they are aware even of the tiniest details related to your student visa 500, and how to include them effectively to complete your student visa application procedure in a successful manner.

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