How International Students Can Make A Successful Career With A Student Visa Australia?

How International Students Can Make A Successful Career With A Student Visa Australia?
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on June 21, 2021

Studying in Australia can be highly beneficial for any student because of its excellent educational environment and the post-study employment opportunities one can get. But, well, to taste this kind of lifetime experience, you have to get a student visa.

But, have you give any thoughts on what to do next after graduation in Australia? You may either choose to work in any industrial sector or take up further studies. Taking a postgraduate degree indeed needs a lot of investments. Still, a high number of students want to pursue higher studies in any Australian university. In that case, you cannot continue with your current Student Visa Subclass 500. Here we discuss several reasons why students choose to take further studies here.

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You Can Improve Your Skills and Knowledge

It is perhaps the greatest benefit of pursuing further study in an Australian institute. You can increase your range of knowledge and technical skills. It will give you an extra edge in the industry and open the path for more job opportunities, not only in Australia but worldwide.
Employers tend to give more importance to applicants who come up with a higher level of education, and they offer more-than-average starting salaries.

Will Help You Create New Connections

As you will go to a new university, you will contact the new environment, a new set of classmates, and a new group of professors. Thus, it will help you to establish new connections. Furthermore, regular interactions with them will broaden your career connections, and you will be in a much better position to get a relevant job in your desired field.

You Can Set Up Your Career Changes

Once your graduation ends, and your Student Visa 500 expires, you can now consider either joining a job or taking up further studies. But if you ever thought of switching your career, then the second option will be the most appropriate for you. Attending a Masters or a Ph. D. degree can provide you with more space to learn specialized knowledge and skills in a specific study area that will be beneficial for career transition.
For example, if someone studies nursing in Adelaide with a student visa and later enrol in a specialized program to improve skills, can become a registered nurse.

You Will Qualify For Post-Study Work Opportunities

Do you want to have practical industrial experience after your graduation? Then, you may go with additional studies. But then also, your Australian Visa Subclass 500 will not do, and you will need a Post-Study Work Visa 485. It is a stream under the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. And according to the Australian study requirements, if you have to qualify for post-study work opportunities, you should fulfil a few Australian qualifications that needed at least two years of full-time education.

General Eligibility Criteria For Student Visa 500

The most important step to apply for the Visa Subclass 500 is meeting all the eligibility criteria. There are several eligibility requirements, and you need to be very well-organized during the whole application process. All the Student Visa 500 eligibility requirements are as follows.

1. Age requirement: If you are still a school student, your age should be at least six years. If you are to start Year 9, your age must be less than 17. And accordingly, for Year 10, 11, and 12, your age should be less than 18, 19, and 20, respectively.

2. CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment): CoE or Confirmation of Enrolment is a document that the university issues to prove that they have accepted you.

3. Make Welfare Arrangements: Is your age under 18? If so, you have to arrange for certain welfare facilities that include:
(i) A student guardian nomination
(ii) CAAW (Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare)
(iii) AASES (Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student) form if you come to Australia as an exchange student.
(iv) Welfare arrangements’ approval from the relevant ministry, only if you come here as a Defence or Foreign Affairs student.

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4. Language Requirements: As English is the primary language, you have to provide your English language proficiency. Different courses require an extra level of English skills. In addition, individual academic institutions need different score levels for application for Subclass 500 Student Visa. So, before you proceed, make sure to check all the conditions.

5. Overseas Student Health Cover: According to Australian law, every international student needs to have the Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC. This health insurance will cover relevant hospital bills throughout your entire stay in Australia. And you have to get this health cover from the very day you have set your feet in Australia. You should get it from an authentic insurance provider, and your university may help you with this.

6. No Visa Held: If you currently hold any one of the visas mentioned here, you cannot apply for a student visa while in Australia.
(i) Domestic Worker (Temporary) Diplomatic and Consular Visa Subclass 426.
(ii) Diplomatic (Temporary) Visa Subclass 995 (if you’re the primary visa holder). A family member included in this visa may apply for the student visa.
(iii) Domestic Worker Stream (Diplomatic or Consular) under Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa Subclass 403.
(iv) Sponsored Family Stream or Approved Destination Status Stream under the Visitor Visa Subclass 600.
(v) Transit Visa Subclass 771.

7. Financial Requirements: You have to show proof of having sufficient funds to support all the relevant expenses like living costs, university tuition fees, and travel costs during the entire study period in Australia. Fortunately, some of the great Australian cities are among the most affordable cities for students. One example is Adelaide.

8. GTE Requirements: It is another very vital requirement for studying in Australia. You have to show evidence that you are entering the country to stay for a temporary period only to research and gain knowledge. The term ‘genuine’ is used as it needs proof that you are entering for an intended purpose, clearly stated in your visa application, and nothing else. Several factors are included in the GTE requirements, like, your home country circumstances that may consist of the economic and political situation prevailing there, future job prospects, expected salary, benefits it can offer to both you and Australian society, etc.

9. Health Requirements: Specific health requirements you have to satisfy to apply for the Student Visa 500. For example, you should not have any severe disease that may pose threats to public life in Australia. You also have to go through specific health examinations. These examinations will be conducted by doctors who have valid approvals from the Department.

10. Character Requirements: You also have to pass the relevant character test conducted by the authority. You may have to submit several documents like a police certificate (character check by the Australian Federal Police), military certificate (if you had been in the Defence sector), recommendation letter from an employer, and a filled-out character statutory declaration. You must take the character test seriously because the Australian Government is extremely strict about it, and if you fail to meet the character requirements, you may face visa refusal. On this note, you should also have no Australian visa refusal records in the past.

11. Debts To The Australian Government: You or your family members (even if they are not included in your application) should not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government. Before you apply, you should have made the repayment.
The Student Visa 500 processing time is generally 29 to 42 days, depending on the application volume.

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