How To Change Your Course Or Institution As An International Student?

How To Change Your Course Or Institution As An International Student?
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on May 19, 2022

Sometimes, international students arrive in this country and suddenly realise that the chosen course and the institution are not suitable for them. Changing the study area and the institute in Australia can be very hard and time-consuming. Without proper professional guidance, you may miss valuable opportunities and face financial shortcomings associated with your Student Visa 500 issues. Here we discuss a few points that may help make the process smoother.

You should not get confused with the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, a visa granted to someone who has already graduated from an Australian institute.

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1. Prepare A List Of CRICOS-Registered Education Provider

If you have already decided and want to go with your plans, you can now start with your own research. But first, you should visit the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) website to see the list of accredited Australian education providers and Australian university courses offered to international students.

You can make a list of the registered education providers and choose your institute from that list. Once the institute is selected, you can consider visiting it to check essential things like student support services, student facilities, and other matters related to student welfare.

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2. Do Research Transfer Policy Of Your Current Institute

Whenever you take admission to an institute, signing an agreement with the institute will be mandatory. It will confirm that you have accepted their transfer policy. As a student of the institute, you will have to comply with the institute rules and regulations. So, before you enrol, always have a look at their transfer policy, as you may get a partial or full refund of your admission fee.

3. Review You Present Visa Requirements And Eligibility

When you receive your Student Visa Subclass 500, you can study, stay, and work in Australia. Thus, when changing your course or institute, you should make sure you know and understand all the Student Visa 500 eligibility requirements and conditions. These conditions are as follows.

  • This visa will let you work for a maximum of 40 hours every two weeks.
  • You should satisfy the specific course requirements.
  • Throughout your study course duration, you should maintain proper health insurance. Generally, international students in Australia need to have the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover).
  • If dependent children of school-age are included in your visa application, you have to maintain sufficient education arrangements for their education.
  • You should give your Australian address to the education provider.
  • And you should continue satisfying the visa grant criteria.

Apart from the subclass 500 student visa, international students are also granted other student visa like a visa for a course of English language or a VET (Vocational Education and Training) study. One can also be granted a streamlined student visa. If you have the streamlined type, you will be required to continue with your studies at an institute that is eligible for processing a streamlined visa. To see the complete list of institutions where you can study with a streamlined student visa, you should visit the Government website of Australia.

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But, if you want to move to an educational institute, which does not support streamlined visa processing, cancellation of the current visa and application for a new non-streamlined visa will be necessary. This visa is an offshore visa, and the application can be lodged in your home country.

And, if you want to study an educational course at a different level of qualification, you will also need a new student visa. For example, if you’re going to move from a Bachelor Degree to a Certificate IV qualification, it will be a shift from higher education to the VET sector. And in that case, you will require a new visa.

4. Check Your Financial Status Before Leaving The Course

One of the best things about the Australian institute system is that in each institute, a date is set in each semester, which is the final day to make essential enrolment changes without any financial penalty. Financial penalty refers to paying a fee for an incomplete course or subject. This date is typically called the ‘census date’ and generally occurs over two weeks each semester.

Making changes within this date can help you receive a full or partial refund. But, if any changes to the course are made after this deadline, you will have to pay the entire expense of each subject chosen in that particular semester. Any student visa services in Adelaide can help you understand this rule.

5. Select A New Institute And Prepare A Document Checklist

While selecting a new institution, you should check whether it meets your requirements. If you find your current course much difficult to handle, you should see how suitable the next course will be for you. If you change the institute, you should analyze why you think your current institution is not appropriate for you. You should ask yourself whether you want a more lively university campus, study on another side of Australia, or access a broader range of fields. For specific guidance, you may consult course coordinators, student counsellors, and current students. Once you decide about your next institute or course, it is time to apply for it.

In the first step of the application, you should check the requirements of the university. Then, it is necessary to prepare the Student Visa 500 checklist and see whether you meet all the requirements.

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6. Get Your Release Letter From Current Institute

Once you have selected the new institute, you have to check whether you will have to provide a release letter or not. In general, you will have to ask your current education provider to give the release letter.

How Can A Migration Agent Assist You?

For the application, it is always recommended to consult an agency providing migration services in Adelaide over a long period. This type of agency will always assign you with their best immigration agent in Adelaide. A Registered Migration agent Adelaide Migration Agent Adelaide will always show you the right direction and give the best guidance on planning smoothly.

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