Important Immigration Changes in 2020 That You Must Know

Important Immigration Changes in 2020 That You Must Know
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on April 24, 2020

The Department of Home Affairs of Australia chose to bring about a lot of significant changes in its immigration protocol at the end of last year, and, some of them have already been implemented with the beginning of 2020. Whether it’s the upsurge in the investment amounts for business and investment visa applicants or that of a couple of amendments in the points systems of some of the points-based visas, the Australian immigration department has indeed made a lot of changes in various of its immigration rules and regulations.

Some Changes In The Points System of Australian Immigration

To begin with, the Department of Home Affairs of Australia has proclaimed a number of changes in its immigration points system this year, pertaining to the General Migration Skilled or GSM category. These changes in the points system are applicable to only a few visas which include visa subclass 491, visa subclass 190 as well as visa subclass 189. Some of the most compelling changes which have taken place in the points system of the Australian immigration department can be considered below.

  1. In case you are having a marital or de facto partner, then he or she needs to obtain a minimum score of 5 points in his or her Engli language test.
  2. In case you don’t have a marital or de facto partner, then you will have to secure a score of 10 points in total.
  3. You also need to obtain a minimum score of 10 points in case you possess a STEM qualification i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  4. If you have been nominated by an eligible Australian state or territory or have been sponsored by any of your family members, then, you will have to obtain a minimum score of 15 points in total.
  5. You have to make sure to obtain 10 points as well in case you have a skilled marital or de facto partner.

Although these changes have been executed from November 2019 onwards, the benefits, which relevant visa applicants will be getting from them are probably from the middle of 2020.

Immigration Changes In The Visa Subclass 494

People who are familiar with the various Australian visas know quite well know that the 494 visa Australia is basically a permanent residency visa, which allows the applicants to stay and work in Australia for the next 5 years. This particular has been a positive alternative to the visa subclass 187, with effect from 16th of November, 2019, and, hopefully, applicants will be able to make the best use of it probably from the initial phase of 2020. So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at some of its eligibility criteria.

  1. You should be at least 45 years old
  2. Minimal proficiency in the English language is also one of its criteria
  3. As an applicant, you will also have to serve a minimum employment period of 3 years, particularly for the occupation for which you have been selected and
  4. You must be nominated for an occupation comprising the relevant occupation list of the visa subclass 494.

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Every year, ample offshore candidates are allowed to apply for this particular visa, close to a number of at least 10,000. Now, it’s time to wait and watch whether these changes in the 494 visa increase or decrease the number of international applicants from this year onwards.

An Introduction Of A New Graduate Visa

The Australian immigration department has also announced a new temporary graduate visa. This will allow eligible applicants to enjoy the privilege of their post-study work rights, for one to two years more only if they have complied with any of the conditions given below.

  1. If the applicant has graduated with post-graduation or a Ph.D. level degree from a substantial Australian region, that too from a recognized college or university or
  2. If the applicant possesses a valid stay in the country with their existing visa subclass 485.

Some of the areas which demand a substantial stay in Australia with the said Temporary Graduate visa include Perth and Gold Coast as of now and also allows eligible applicants to get them enrolled for Medicare.

Make The Best Of A New Parent Visa

Keeping in mind the changing needs of the various parent visa applicants, the Department of Home Affairs has framed an entirely new type of parent visa accompanied by a few changes as well. Some of these changes can be considered below.

  1. This particular parent visa allows applicants to stay in Australia for up to 5 years.
  2. It allows both the parents of the applicant to apply for a 3 or 5-year time-frame, whichever is applicable according to their current profile.
  3. It requires the eligible parents to meet all the health insurance criteria as well.

This particular visa was introduced by the Australian immigration department during the middle of 2019, but, the actual advantages await all its eligible applicants from this year i.e. 2020.

Introduction Of GTIS And GTES

Apart from all these, the Department of Home Affairs has also proclaimed the Global Talent Employer-Sponsored Program as well as the Global Talent Independent Program, giving people a lucrative platform with exceptional talents and skills. However, the latter is a more beneficial visa stream, allowing skilled and talented workers to stay and work in Australia permanently. On the contrary, the Global Talent Employer Sponsored Scheme has been framed to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers for various positions in Australia, belonging to a wide range of sectors of the country.

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