Mistakes To Avoid To Get Your Temporary Visa Subclass 485 Successfully

Mistakes To Avoid To Get Your Temporary Visa Subclass 485 Successfully
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on July 13, 2021

What Is A Temporary Graduate Visa 485?

If you have completed your studies in Australia and intend to stay there and work, you should apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485. You can stay in Australia for one and a half years to four years and enjoy full working rights. You can also use this 485 Visa in Australia as a pathway for permanent residency.

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid

The visa application procedure is complex, and so in this section, we enlist various mistakes that people generally make while applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

  • Don’t Be Late Because Timing Is Important
    Time is the most crucial factor in the Temporary Graduate Visa application. You must lodge the visa application within six months of completion of your course. You should note that the completion date is the date on which the final results are published. Many of the students assume that the graduation date is considered the completion date. You should not make this mistake as the graduation ceremony generally occurs months after the final publication of results.
    You have to apply at a date that falls between the date of course completion and your previous student visa 500 expiry. Maybe a few weeks will be left once your course completes, and within that few weeks, you may have to apply. So, you should prepare well in advance and lodge a complete application.
  • University Relevant Documents
    For the application of Visa Subclass 485, you must have a letter of completion issued by your university. This letter should mention your course of study’s exact dates and confirm that you have completed the course. You have to make a formal request to your university as this document will not automatically be issued for you.
    It is better also to include a copy of the final transcript. Again, you also need to request this document formally.
    You should also check the number of weeks for which your course has been registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas or CRICOS. Remember, the course must have covered at least 92 weeks.

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  • Must Be Present In The Country
    You should have been present physically in Australia for a minimum of 16 months between the beginning of your course and its completion. It may appear as an issue if you have finished your course pretty early (maybe due to exceptions or attending summer semesters) or if you have spent more time abroad during the period of your graduation. Here also, you should check the number of days you had been in Australia before you apply.
  • Must Qualify Your English Test
    You have to sit in an English test before your lodge the Graduate Visa 485 application, except you are from an English-speaking country like the US, UK, Ireland, New Zealand or Canada.

    You should not leave this factor to the last hour as you may have to wait for a longer time to get a test date. You may not get the expected score on the first attempt. So, we recommend that you give yourself a lot of time to make sufficient preparations and then sit for the test before your student visa expires.
    If you could not pass in the first attempt and subsequently could not submit a pass mark at the time of application, it will be rejected even if you pass in the second attempt. You should be very careful about it as it will be even difficult for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or AAT to change the situation. The main reason is that English is the main requirement for any Australian visa.
  • AFP Check Prior To Lodging
    One has to submit the proof of Australian Federal Police check before lodging the application. Though the requirement is pretty simple, the application may get refused because of the following common mistakes.
    1. Have you already applied for an AFP check before the application? Then, you must also provide the receipt for the lodgment. Otherwise, your application may get refused because the application requires a documented evidence, and the receipt will be considered that document.
    2. Many applicants select the wrong type for police clearance, e.g., a check by the State Police.
    3. You have to provide the evidence for everyone whose age is more than 16 and is included in the 485 Graduate Visa application.
    4. You should have applied for the Federal Police to check a maximum of 12 months prior to your lodgment. Police clearance older than 12 months can lead to visa refusal.

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  • Proof Of Your Health Insurance
    You should have made sufficient arrangement to get the appropriate health insurance while in Australia. It is a requirement to fulfil at different stages of application.
    1. At the time of lodging the application, you have to provide evidence for Overseas Student Health Cover.
    2. When the application is getting processed, you should show that you have adequate health cover. This cover may be either OSHC or OVHC (Overseas Visitor Health Cover) following the expiry of the OSHC.
    3. When granted the visa, you should have the OVHC as OSHC will not do anymore.
    4. And while you will stay and work with the Graduate Visa, you have to maintain the health cover all along. OVHC or Medicare can be appropriate if you want to apply for permanent residency. If you fail to maintain health insurance, your Graduate Visa in Australia can get cancelled.
  • Obtain Your Positive Skills Assessment
    There are two streams under Subclass 485 Visa in Australia, and one of these streams is Graduate Work Stream or GWS. And for this GWS, you have to take the positive skills assessment for the nominated skilled occupation. Here we list some of the vital factors to note.
    1. You will not need the completed assessment to lodge your visa application. Providing the receipt to confirm that you have lodged your skills assessment will be enough.
    2. Your nominated occupation should be mentioned on the IFSOL or the Independent and Family Sponsored Occupations List.
    3. While your visa getting processed, you cannot change your occupation. Even if the skills assessment meets failure, occupation cannot be changed. So, you should be very careful to choose the correct work.
    4. Well, you can still appeal a refusal decision for the skills assessment and lodge another one, only if you do it for the same occupation.
    5. At the time of the visa decision, the skills assessment should be positive. This date will usually be the decision date for the first visa application by the Department of Home Affairs. But, if you face an application refusal, you can appeal the decision to the AAT, in which you may have more time for providing a positive skills assessment.

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