7 Most Common Mistakes Which Can Lead To Rejection Of Your 189 And 190 Visas

7 Most Common Mistakes Which Can Lead To Rejection Of Your 189 And 190 Visas
Posted by on August 27, 2020

The country of Australia has several permanent residency visas to allow the selected applicant a chance of staying and working inside Australia. However, the conditions of these visas are different and the rules of applying also differ. The main visas that fall under the permanent or PR visa under the Ministry of Immigration, Australia, can be listed as the following;

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
• Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 
Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491
Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass 494 

The last two in this list are not a permanent visa per se, they are actually long-term visas that allow staying, work and to-and-fro journey from Australia, and are eligible to be converted to a PR visa upon the fulfillment of several conditions after a minimum period of three years. To know more about them and understand their difference for the application purpose, a conversation with a Migration consultant Adelaide would be very helpful.

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Visa subclass 189 vs. Visa subclass 190: A Comparison

The permanent visas awarded by the ministry of Australia are of two types; the conditions of awarding them differ in the application and the candidate. Differing slightly in the regulations that govern their awarding, both the visas, namely, the visa subclass 189 and the skilled migration visa 190 allow the holder to stay and work permanently within Australia and also to sponsor their family members. A comparative list of their regulations and benefits are given in the table below;

In general comparison, the 189 visa Australia does not require a nomination from the Australian government, whereas the visa subclass 190 does.

The Mistakes That can Occur

It is very disappointing to arrange for everything; pay the dues, make provisions, and other things and then getting the news of the visa being declined. There are some specific reasons that may cause the visa application to be pushed back in the queue again. The general seven of them are explained in details below;

1. Filling the wrong visa type

As mentioned earlier, there are several categories of permanence and separate rules and regulations for the specific visas. Some offer outright permanent status and others have a required waiting period. The visa is likely to get canceled if you have filled up a particular visa but do not fulfill the necessary conditions. To know the differences between the visas, or even to just know about them, you can contact the Registered Migration agent Adelaide and get the necessary information.

2. Misuse of the previous visa

The visa officer will be particular about the past happenings and will check for any discrepancies. The applied visa is liable to be rejected if there is any untoward report exists about you in the system. So, it would be best to sort out the problems if you have any, otherwise, that will be a bad report on the visa application.

3. Less than required bank balance

The rules of the Australian ministry dealing with migration mandate that the applicant has a stable financial situation, which is to be proven by a bank account statement. There is a specific amount of money that must be present in the account at all times, otherwise, the ministry can reject the visa on the grounds of insufficient balance.

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4. Failing the proficiency test for the English Language

The applicant must pass or show proof of qualifying in a test of English language proficiency. Although the qualifying mark will not be it is for a student visa, the applicant must pass a bare minimum of the marks. There is no exemption for the primary candidates and the dependents visa may also be canceled due to the poor performance. Therefore, it is best to practice and pass the test.

5. Health requirement fails

Any hopeful candidate for an Australian PR visa should follow the health code of Australia. The settlement rules do not permit aspirants with a cardiac problem, psychological or mental health problems, cancer, and symptoms of HIV to settle down in Australia. It is imperative to go for a complete health check-up before applying.

6. Incomplete info on application

The Australian PR visa is likely to get canceled if there is any discrepancy in the visa application. The associated information, like the proper support documents of your dependents, must be deposited in full. Failure to meet the character requirement, like past criminal records, a history of causing trouble can be a cause of rejection of the visa.

7. Unguided submission

The course of an application for PR visas contains an array of requirements which, if understood incorrectly may cause repeated denials. Also, Australian migration guidelines are not fixed and needed to be stayed updated. It is best to seek the professional help of the best Migration Agent Adelaide so that the application has an increased chance of clearing.

Therefore, a candidate has to keep in mind the points mentioned above to make an informed application for PR Visa.

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