New Flexibility in Student Visa Working Hours for Australia in 2023

New Flexibility in Student Visa Working Hours for Australia in 2023
Posted by admin
on June 8, 2023

Australia is a preferred destination for international students for various factors. Early in 2022, the Australian government lowered the number of international student working hours in Australia with student visas that might work. International students can work as much as they choose while enrolled in classes. 

These unlimited labour privileges will be in effect until June 30, 2023, the federal government just declared. At that moment, the maximum number of student visa working hours in Australia will again be 40 per fortnight (two weeks). As of 9 May 2023, holders of student visas employed in the aged care industry can continue to do so without restriction until 31 December 2023, according to a statement from the Australian government.​

Work limitations for all other holders of subclass 500 student visas will be reinstated as of 1 July 2023 and capped at an enhanced rate of 48 hours per week. For more recent updates, you can contact an Immigration Agent in Adelaide.

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The Advantages of Unlimited Work Hours

The extension offers existing international students studying in Australia plenty of time to complete the necessary student visa for 500 working hours. It also applies to anyone with a student visa who is in Australia, including current students and new arrivals can work before starting their studies.

Australia wants to address persistent labour shortages by eliminating the standard limit of 40 working hours for students in Australia per fortnight and replacing it with an unbounded hours policy for students. 

In 2023, such an approach will still be helpful to overseas students. Individuals can manage their finances and choose their student visa working hours during holidays with efficiency if there is more flexibility. Students are responsible for balancing their career and educational commitments, and they must continue to succeed in their studies to keep their student visa subclass 500 status. 

More Reasons to Give Preference to Australia

The data is being made public when Australia is attempting to attract and keep international students in its nation. Both at the federal and state levels, the government has made it clear that it supports international students.

Up until 2023, Australian students can also benefit from working an unlimited amount of hours and:

  • Recent post-study work rights extensions have facilitated allowing graduates of highly sought-after programmes to remain and work in Australia for an additional two years.
  • The raising of the skilled migration ceiling for this fiscal year to 195,000
  • International students have greater access to jobs in Australia than ever before.
  • Flying to Australia from abroad is now simple and more comfortable because masks are no longer required. 
  • State governments, particularly the state of Western Australia, give incentives and bursaries.

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Reintroducing Caps on Working While Studying

Firstly, on July 1, 2023, the interim policy lifting restrictions on the number of hours that students from overseas can work while studying in Australia would expire. The new hourly cap, which will now be 48 hours per two weeks, is higher than the old cap of 40 subclass 500 working hours.

The goal is to achieve a compromise between allowing international students to fully pursue their significant objective—studying in Australia—and giving them the means to sustain themselves financially, if necessary, and to get experience working there.

The 48-hours-per-fortnight (24-hour-per-week) student visa working hours in Australia cap will start to apply to both present international students and new ones in July.

Certain Degrees Will Grant Post-Study Work Rights for An Additional Two Years

Beginning on July 1, 2023, some international students who achieve specific degrees will be entitled to longer post-study employment privileges, according to a declaration made by the Australian government. They have now disclosed which degrees will provide the following in response to talent shortfalls in the Australian market:

  • With four years of post-study work rights, bachelor’s graduates
  • five years of post-study work rights for master’s graduates

Students who may have worried that the list of suitable degrees for the 4-5-year work privileges would only include a few subjects would be relieved to see that it is lengthy. A student’s post-study work period is two years for a bachelor’s degree and three years for a master’s degree if they graduate with a degree, not on that list.

All PhD graduates will now receive a 6-year extension, up from the previous 2-year cap, regardless of their subject of study.

Information Regarding Students

Even while there is flexibility in the visa 500 working hours you can work, you must still balance your obligations to your studies and your job.

Still, students must:

  • maintain their enrollment in the course
  • make sure that students are attending classes and making satisfactory progress.

Holders of student visas who discontinue attending classes, cancel their enrollment, or do not make adequate academic progress may violate their visa terms. 

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For Employers

Employers must keep up with Australian workplace regulations. Australian employment law accords all employees with the same rights, including foreign workers and international students.

During the implementation of these measures, the Australian Border Force and the Department of Home Affairs will:

  • Use their discretion not to revoke the visas of students who put in more than 40 working hours for international students in Australia per week to support your organisation.
  • Not refer those with student visas for any sort of criminal inquiry.  This could be about a student visa holder having more Australian working hours for students than allowed by the terms of their 500 visa.
  • Not sent to you, as an employer, or pertinent outside labour-hire firms, but for investigation of any potential crime under section 245AC of the Migration Act 1958. 


Beginning from July 1, 2023, working more than 20 student working hours in Australia a week while enrolled in school may jeopardise your student visa 500 conditions. Maintaining a course enrolment and proving adequate attendance and academic advancement are requirements for those with student visas. The new regulation will take effect on July 1 and increase the number of Australian students with 500 visa working hours that students from overseas can work from 40 to 48 per fortnight.  The best migration agent in Adelaide will help you comprehend the announcement and other updates by the Australian government.

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