What are the partner visa Australia English requirements?

What are the partner visa Australia English requirements?
Posted by admin
on March 12, 2024

You can apply for a visa to live with an Australian partner if you’re from India and you are in a committed relationship. With this visa, you and your partner can remain in Australia, possibly eventually becoming permanent residents. It’s a means of cohabitation for couples in Australia. You first obtain a temporary visa to stay there while your permanent visa is being processed. If your relationship is still strong, you can seek to become a permanent resident of Australia. For more clarification, read this blog and apply for a partner visa now.

What Are The Requirements Of A Partner Visa?

Applicants need to prove that they speak English functionally or have made reasonable efforts to learn the language for the Australia partner visa English requirement. As a result, candidates must provide documentation proving they have passed 500 hours of free English language instruction or one of the recognized English proficiency tests, including the TOEFL, OET, or IELTS.

Enhanced English Language Requirement for Partner Visa Applicants in Australia

The Morrison Government has implemented new guidelines requiring sponsors and Australia to make reasonable steps to ensure their partners learn English to get a companion visa. Comparatively speaking, 62% of residents who speak English well are employed, whereas just 13% of those who lack English proficiency are. 

According to the Morrison Government, immigrants who speak little or no English are more susceptible to abuse and exploitation by their families. They are also less likely to know where to look for information and assistance. Over the past ten years, the number of people in Australia who speak little or no English has skyrocketed to about a million, with almost half of them being of working age.

Starting in late 2021, candidates for new partner visas and sponsors of permanent residents must show that they have attempted to acquire English by attending 500 hours of English language instruction or by speaking the language fluently. People who have already filed their 309 or 820 applications may be impacted if their visa is denied before these changes take effect. This English requirement must be fulfilled at the permanent visa approval stage. The Morrison administration plans to release further information about these initiatives in the upcoming months.

What is Functional English?

If you have Functional English, you can prove it by providing either of the following evidence:

English TestAverage Score
PTE Academic30
Cambridge (CAE)147
  • You are a citizen of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland, and you possess a valid passport issued by one of these countries.
  • That a service provider for the Australian Adult Migrant English Programme has determined that your English is functional.
  • You finished a two-year full-time programme at an Australian or international institution that offered a degree, higher degree, diploma, or trade certificate with all teaching in English.
  • When you completed your elementary, secondary, or university studies in Australia (time restrictions apply).
  • You received the necessary score on an English language proficiency exam, such as the IELTS General Training, within the year prior to submitting your visa application. 


  • Finish your primary and three years of higher education in English, wherever you are in the globe.
  • No matter where you are on the globe, finish your five years of high school in English.
  • Enrol for a minimum of one year in full-time English-only studies at an Australian university or institution.
  • Acquire a degree, diploma, or trade qualification that requires at least two years of study done entirely in English, anywhere in the world.


Furthermore, you must take the test for partner visa English requirement Australia within 12 months of submitting your visa application. Partner Visa candidates may feel stressed as a result of the latest Australian government update on English language standards. A best migration agent Adelaide agent or lawyer can help you with your Partner Visa application process. Getting information on Partner Visa pathways and language requirements can be helpful to you if you contact the best immigration agent today!

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