List Of All Skilled Visas Which Lead To Australian PR

List Of All Skilled Visas Which Lead To Australian PR
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on September 2, 2021

Australia always tops the list when people plan to migrate to a foreign land. The country has favorable aspects, like a thriving economy, indicating more employment opportunities. As a result, you will have a better quality of life, where there are harmony and peace. Alongside that, the Australian visa allows you to become a permanent resident. To apply for the PR visa card, you can choose an appropriate alternative based on the requirements and eligibility criteria.

Checkout The Various Visa Categories For PR in Australia

1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Australia

The 189 visa Australia allows workers to come to Australia and live and work for an indefinite time. To apply for this visa, you need to be below 45 years, and you don’t need a sponsor or nominator. When you apply for the visa, you need to be a holder of Subclass 444 or a New Zealand Special Category visa. 

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2. Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

It allows nominated individuals i.e skilled workers to come and stay as permanent residents in Australia Ensure that you have an occupation and must be invited to apply for the visa. Satisfy the points if you wish to get a Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 or else without fulfilling the points test, you cannot get the visa sanctioned. 

3. Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 491

The Australian Subclass 491 is meant for skilled people who are nominated by territory or state government to stay and work in regional Australia. For that, you must have an occupation and skills assessment for the occupation.

Requirements To Be Qualified For Skilled Visas

Some requirements are there that you need to qualify; otherwise, your visa will not get sanctioned. The points that you earn will depend if you will get the visa, and to get it, you need to earn at least 65 points. A short description of the requirements and the maximum point distribution is here. Take a look!

• Be in the age group of 25 to 32 years if you wish to earn 30 points, while English proficiency can give you 20 points. 
• The work experience outside Australia for eight to ten years can give 15 points, while work experience in Australia for the same time gives 20 points. 
• The niche skills such as master’s degree or Doctorate by research in Australia can give 15 points, and study in a regional area gives 5 points. 
• In Australia, if you get enrolled as a skilled programmer for a professional year, you get 5 points. 
• The state sponsorship gives 5 points, and the de facto partner or skilled spouse gives 10 points. 

Attaining every requirement is important if you wish to get a visa first.

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An Immigration Agent Adelaide can guide you about the documents that you need to submit to get a skilled visa. If you do not submit the documents, of course, you will not get the visa. The documents are a birth certificate, application form, character certificate, Educational Credential Assessment report, 2 passport size photos, proof of nomination, Police Clearance Certification (PCC), Spouse Skill documents, and business reference letters.

Benefits Of Having A PR Visa

Many benefits are there that you can enjoy after owning a Skilled Independent visa subclass 189. They are: 

  1. After your visa gets sanctioned and you have received a confirmation, you can travel in and around Australia. With that, you can go to New Zealand and apply for a visa there.
  2. With the visa, you can go ahead and enroll in higher studies in an Australian institution and apply for an educational loan as well.
  3. Depending on a visa, you can apply for government jobs and sponsor your relatives. They can come and reside with you in Australia after qualifying the stated requirements.
  4. After two years of earning a skilled visa, you qualify for Social Security perks. Therefore, it’s better to get in touch with a reputed immigration lawyer through whom you can apply for an Australian visa.

How Can A Migration Agent Guide You?

So, now that you have planned to go ahead and reside in Australia, make sure that you apply for the right skilled visa. For doing that, the Migration Agent Adelaide can guide you in the right direction. The experts are aware of the entire process and can get you an Australian visa at the earliest. 

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