An Ultimate Guide Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist

An Ultimate Guide Sponsored Family Visitor Visa 600 Checklist
Posted by admin
on July 2, 2024

Family-Sponsored Visa

The Family sponsored Visa helps skilled and learned workers to live while working in regional areas in Australia for those whose family member is already an Australian citizen or permanent resident in Australia. It is one of the most commonly found visas for family-sponsored visas. The person acquiring this visa after three years of residency can be eligible for permanent residency in Australia. But some of the issues with this visa are that it is issued in very low numbers every year and they are not easily obtained. The family relative must be from a regional area only not by the city side. And a person should pass the skill assessment test.

Eligibility of the Sponsor-

  1. Your limit for age should be 18 years or not older than 45
  2. Resident in a designated area
  3. Be your or your partner’s eligible relative
  4. You should achieve 65 or more points in the skilled migration points tests

Family Sponsored Visa 600 Checklist

All the requirements for a tourist visa in Australia with a sponsor are mentioned below-

Identity documents, such as:

  • Photocopy of your passport
  • National valid identity card
  • Birth certificate (for minor applicants under 18)
  • If any changes in name- Proof of change of name 
  • Photographs (Passport Size)
  • Proof of sufficient funds-
  • Bank statements
  • Salary slips
  • Credit card statements
  • Tax records
  • Other proofs which should be mentioned you’ll leave Australia-
  • Your home country’s education qualification certificates
  • Job details
  • Owned land or property documents
  • Medical insurance for the residency in Australia till the time you stay.
  • If required then medical exams.
  • Certificate from the police which mentioned that the resident stayed in their home country or any other country where they reside for twelve months or more in the last ten years after age 16 to get accepted in their application.

Letter of Invitation from your relative member (i.e. inviter), including their:

  • Citizenship or Visa status
  • Passport copies
  • Rent agreement
  • Salary slip
  • Education qualification
  • Sponsorship Form 1149
  • Purpose of visit
  • Itinerary and residency details

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for the subclass 600 sponsored family visa is mentioned below-

Getting sponsored by a permanent resident from the family or an Australian citizen, eligible relative are-

  • Partner
  • Parent or child
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents or grandchildren
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Niece or nephew
  • The step equivalent
  • Should have all the health requirements
  • Character requirements
  • No history of criminal conduct.
  • No debt should be taken from the Australian Government

How to Apply for a Sponsored Family Visitor Visa

Once you see you are eligible for the Sponsored family visitor visa then the creation of an ImmiAccount is the initial step- Sponsored family visitor visa 600 form

  • Submit all the required fields in the new application for a Visitor visa (600) in Australia
  • Submit all the documents
  • The Visa 600 Checklist is already mentioned above.
  • Then the application fee of AUD 190 needs to be paid.
  • At last, the wait for the response ranges between five to ten weeks. Our Adelaide migration agent will help you avoid any unnecessary delays and finish your application more accurately.

What You Can Do With a Visitor Visa 600 in Australia

You can do a lot of things with your 600 Visa Family-Sponsored-

  • Up to twelve months one can stay in Australia.
  • Spend some time with your family and friends in Australia.
  • Enjoy the cruises
  • Apply for the short-term courses which can be finished in under three months or less.
  • For more than 3 months courses you can apply for a student visa in Australia.

Other Types of Visitor Visa 600

Other than Sponsored family visa 600 there are many other visa options available under the 600 visa such as,

  • Visa for Tourist
  • Visa for Business visitor
  • Approved Destination Status visa
  • Visa for Frequent Travellers

Are there other fees to consider in the Visitor Visa 600 application?

Yes, there are other additional charges other than the basic application fee of AUD 190 such as for medical exams and police checks-

  • You are required to do a health examination 
  • Certification and translation charges
  • Postal charges if any document is required to be sent (Hardcopy)
  • Immigration lawyer charges

Who cannot sponsor a family-sponsored visitor visa 600?

List of relative family who cannot be eligible for getting sponsored family for visitor visa 600

  • fiancé or fiancée
  • In-laws of the partner
  • Cousins
  • Any friend
  • Citizen of New Zealand
  • For people who did not comply with their visa conditions earlier when they traveled in the past five years.

Is there a fee to become a sponsor for the Visa 600 in Australia?


To become a sponsor for a Visa 600 applicant there are no charges for the resident who wishes to apply.

But It might be possible they might be required to pay a security bond upfront (AUD 5000-15000 per person)

It is a refundable amount once the applicant follows all the required guidelines and conditions without any violations and leaves Australia before the expiration of the Visa.

What are the limitations?

Some of the limitations of Visitor Visa 600 in Australia are mentioned above-

  • On a Visa 600, you are not allowed to work.
  • It is not suitable for business or medical procedure reasons.
  • Every member should submit a separate form for applying for this Visa.
  • Sponsored family visitor visa 600 checklist pdf is mentioned above.

Does the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa allow for multiple entries to the traveler?

One cannot revisit several times in a Visitor Visa since it only allows you to enter only once and for visiting next time you are required to apply for another one. But in Certain Situations, one can be granted entry for several period visas.

Hence the permission will allow you.

Can anyone apply for another visa while already having a 600 Visitor Visa in Australia?

No, you cannot apply for a new visa in Australia while holding a 600 visitor visa since it has a ‘No further stay’ rule in it.


Acquiring the Sponsored Family Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) Sponsor family stream processing time ranges between 6-15 weeks which provides a great opportunity to visit family and friends in Australia. Just make sure to follow the compliance and adhere to the instructions mentioned on the official websites. Our Migration Agent in Adelaide is here to guide you in every step to filling out the form till getting accepted. But the process is straightforward. This will prepare you and your family to spend quality time without any hustle or bustle in the meantime of your residency. The visa allows you to spend quality time with your family in Australia, making the effort worthwhile.

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