How to Extended Visitor Visa Australia – Migration Agent Adelaide

How to Extended Visitor Visa Australia – Migration Agent Adelaide
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on February 7, 2022

Australia is a captivating country that attracts legions of tourists every year. They do so either to visit friends or family, for a business trip, or simply as a tourist. These people conventionally need to apply for the visitor visa 600 unless they are citizens of New Zealand. However, when their visitor visa nears its expiration, travelers start to feel worried. Until recently, the travel ban due to Covid-19 made it even more difficult for travelers to go back to their homes. How do Extended Visitor Visa Australia explain in 8 easy steps.

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8 Easy Steps To Extended Visitor Visa Australia 600 Effectively

Similarly, travelers have to leave Australia abruptly on some visitor visa after every three months. This kind of visa usually remains valid for a duration of twelve months. This visa option is surely implausible and costly. Irrespective of the reason, there are certain ways to extend your 600 Visa in Australia.

Step 1: Determine the period you want to stay in Australia!

As the rule of thumb goes, you cannot stay in Australia with a tourist visa 600 for more than three months. So, you need to ponder over the fact the how long you wish to stay in Australia. The visa options which you will become eligible for can only be decided after that. Say, for instance, you wish to study in Australia as a student. Then, rather than extending your 600 Visa, you need to apply for the student visa 500.

Step 2: Ascertain your tourist visa’s remaining time!

Your subsequent step would become aware of the remaining time available for your tourist visa 600 to expire. The earlier you prepare the better it is. Make sure that it is not less than six weeks for your 600 Visa to expire. In the worst scenario if it is less than three weeks, then don’t waste time at all. Instead, make all the necessary arrangements to extend your Australian Visa Subclass 600 impeccably.

Step 3: Select a suitable visa from the available options!

You can migrate to another visa from your tourist visa depending upon your unique circumstances. There can be many reasons for which extending your visitor visa might not be an option for you. Say, for instance, you want to study or want a prolonged stay in the nation. It may happen that you stayed in Australia for more than twelve months within the last eighteen months. If circumstances are convenient, then you can apply for a partner or working holiday visa. However, your reason to extend your visitor visa or stay longer in Australia should be genuine.

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Step 4: Discuss your requirements with a pro!

As a layperson, it might be difficult for you to understand the legalities and formalities encompassing your Visitor Subclass 600 extension. That’s why it’s always advisable to discuss your unique circumstances with a pro. A registered Migration Agent Adelaide can provide you with the best assistance in this matter. Your migration agent is well-informed about the different immigration laws of Australia. Depending on your circumstances, your migration agent will suggest whether the extension of your visitor visa 600 Australia is at all an option for you.

Step 5: Collect all the necessary documents!

So, it might be the case that the Department of Home Affairs has approved the extension of your visitor visa Adelaide. Subsequently, what you need to do is to collect all the necessary credentials pertaining to your visitor visa extension. Remember, that you will need to submit the same documents as before. Aside, you might need to answer a few simple questions as an additional criterion.

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Step 6: Ascertain a ‘no further stay’ condition before applying!

Make sure that whether your existent visa has a ‘no further stay’ condition or not! If the former is then, rest assured that you will have to leave Australia after your current visa expires. The inclusion of a ‘no further stay’ condition can due to various reasons. Say, for instance, non-adherence to visa conditions or the pertinent nation the applicant belongs to, etc. Did you know that you can request a waiver of your ‘no further stay’ condition to the Immigration Department of Australia? It is all due to the border restrictions which resulted from the plight of Covid-19.

Another Reason!

There is one more substantial reason for which your visitor visa might be incurred by a ‘no further stay condition. It is if you have been sponsored by a family member while applying for the visitor visa 600.

Step 7: Time to apply for your new Australian visa!

If the Department of Home Affairs permits you to apply for a new visa after verifying your documents, you must reapply immediately. Make sure you also undergo a health check-up according to the Visitor Visa 600 Eligibility criteria. You need to do so within the next twenty-eight days. You can complete the application form for your new visa online on the official site of the Department of Home Affairs. Make sure you reapply three weeks to the minimum prior to your current visa expiring.

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Step 8: Await the approval of your new visa!

So, you have applied for your new Visitor Visa Subclass 600 right? Congratulations! As you will be able to stay for a longer period in Australia as per your choice. However, you need to patiently wait till the time your new visa gets approved. The conventional visitor visa 600 processing time for your fresh visitor visa usually varies between a time-frame of ten to thirty days. It might happen that your current visa expires in the meantime. If that happens nothing to worry about at all!

Bridging Visa A 010!

This is because the Australian Immigration Department will approve you a Bridging Visa A 010. This visa will allow you to stay in Australia lawfully unless your new visa gets approved.

The General Information

If your subclass 600 visa in Australia is nearing expiration, the Australian Visitor Visa Extension is a suitable option. Depending on your individual circumstances, it allows an extension of three, six, or 12 months, tailored to your needs.

  • This extension is exclusively available for individuals seeking to stay in Australia for tourist purposes.
  • It is advisable to submit your application for this extension approximately three weeks before your Australian Visitor Visa expires.

The Eligibility Criteria

  • You possess a valid passport from a qualifying country.
  • You are in good health.
  • Your existing visa has not expired.
  • There are no conditions on your visa that might hinder your continued stay.
  • Your cumulative stay in Australia has not surpassed 12 months within the last 18 months.

The Requirements

To apply for an extension of your Visitor Visa, you must furnish several documents. These might encompass:

  • Valid passport (with blank pages) – must remain valid for a minimum of 3 months from the e-visa expiry date.
  • Completed application form.
  • Proof of adequate funds to support your stay in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to extension of visitor visa 600

How can i extend my visitor visa 600 in Australia?

To extend your stay in Australia, applying for a new visa is imperative. However, if your current visa has a condition restricting further stay, you cannot submit a new visa application within Australia. The appropriate visa options and the necessary steps to maintain legal status while awaiting a new visa approval will vary based on your individual circumstances. It’s crucial to assess your situation to determine the suitable course of action for a seamless and lawful transition to an extended stay in Australia.

Can i extend my parents tourist visa in Australia?

To prolong your stay in Australia, obtaining a new visa is essential. However, if your current visa has a condition restricting further stay, applying for a new visa within Australia is not permissible. The available visa options and the necessary steps to ensure legal compliance during the new visa application process will vary based on your unique circumstances. It is crucial to assess your situation to determine the appropriate course of action for a lawful and smooth transition to an extended stay in Australia.

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So, these were the eight simple steps that will help you to Extended Visitor Visa Australia 600 successfully. Additionally, if you need top-notch immigration assistance, then, hire an Immigration Agent Adelaide to get the choicest assistance!

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