What is a Student Visa? How can I get student Visa for Australia?

A student visa is required for a study stay of three months or more. Courses lasting less than three months for e.g. English courses require only a tourist visa.  After the university has examined the application documents, it sends an offer letter or a letter of conditional offer (if proof is still required).

By transferring the study fees, the student takes the place of study. After the study fee has been paid, the student receives the confirmation of enrollment from the university. Only then can the student visa be applied for. This visa can only be applied online.

What All You Need?

  • Passport number.
  • Confirmation of Enrollment number, which you receive from a successful application from the Australian University
  • Credit card (visa fee of 540, – A $)

It is possible that the embassy requires medical examination. However, this can only be done by a contract physician of the Australian Embassy. Whether this is necessary, the student learns when applying for a visa. The result of this medical examination can then be submitted. Normally, however, such an investigation is only required if the student has previously spent more than three months in a “high-risk country”.

The processing of the student visa usually lasts no longer than 48 hours. The student receives the visa by e-mail, which can then be printed out at home. The exhibition of student visa also includes a limited work permit. Students can work 20 hours a week during their studies and full-time during the semester breaks.

Take Advantage of studying in Australia

All foreign students who wish to study in Australia need a visa. In the application process, the visa application is one of the last steps. Under this point, you will get all the information you need about the visa application. However, since visa regulations can always be subject to change, so it is suggested to every student in any case before submitting the visa on the Immigration Office website at www.immi.gov.au.

Student Visa  is usually issued for the following period. If your study program lasts at most 10 months (e.g  for the semester abroad), your visa is valid for one month after the end of your studies. If your study lasting more than 10 months, your visa is valid two months after the end of your studies (ends in November or December, you will receive a visa by 15 March of the following year).

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