Australia Subclass 482 Visa Requirements – Migration Agent Adelaide

Australia Subclass 482 Visa Requirements – Migration Agent Adelaide
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on October 3, 2023

To replace the 457 Visa, the Australian Department of Home Affairs introduced this new visa. The Temporary Skill Scarcity Visa Subclass 482, which permits hiring from talent pools abroad, intends to solve the scarcity of skilled workers for firms that can’t find capable candidates among Australians. It ensures that Australian workers are given preference throughout the process. The 482 visa to permanent residency is a way to go for various immigration ways to Australia permanently. 

Visa Streams 482

The TSS 482 applies to three streams:

The Short-Term Stream

Candidates whose jobs are on the Short-Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) may qualify for visas of up to two years, renewable once onshore for another two years and maybe renewable once more if applying from abroad for a second two-year period. You must continue to satisfy the conditions for Genuine Temporary Entrants;

The Regional Stream and Medium & Long-Term Stream

Candidates on the Regional Occupation List (ROL) or the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) may apply for up to four years (after three years, candidates may be eligible for permanent residency if they meet the age, English, health, and character standards);

The Stream of the Labour Agreement

Labour agreements are made by employers and the Australian Government as represented by the Department. Depending on the conditions of the labour agreement, the 482 visa holder may remain in Australia and continue to work for up to 4 years under the labour agreement stream.

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Australia 482 Visa Requirements

Norms for Basic Eligibility

  • Having two years or more of professional experience in your chosen field
  • A bona fide nomination submitted by an established sponsor
  • Completed any assessments of skills or qualifications needed for the position.
  • Possess certified proof of your English language skills and meet the language criteria.
  • You must hold a subclass 010 (Bridging A), subclass 020 (Bridging B), or subclass 030 (Bridging C) visa that is now valid. The applicant must be in Australia at the time of application submission.
  • Any additional specifications or conditions related to the visa application
  • Satisfy the character and health requirements.
  • Meet the unique demands of the individual stream. The applicant must meet the genuine temporary entrant requirement for the short-term stream.

The 482 Visa Requirements for Employer

 It’s crucial to know the standards for nominating employers when addressing the 482 visa Australia requirements. Employers nominated must:

  • Being able to do business in Australia legally
  • Obtain a typical business sponsorship.
  • Pay the $420 (AUD) sponsorship costs.

The sponsorship is valid for five years after being approved. Employers can advise their employees for a specialised occupation On the certified employment list. It encompasses the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (TSOL) or Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills (MLTSSL). To meet 482 visa to pr requirements 2023, they must:

  • Grant a legitimate work contract.
  • Pay a wage equivalent to or more than the TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold) for the profession chosen.
  • Include the job’s location and duration in the nomination.
  • Whenever necessary, provide documentation of labour market testing. If an organisation wants to post a specific employment opening online for possible international applicants, it must first analyse the labour market.
  • Pay the fees of AUD 330.

482 English Requirement

The applicant must fulfil the Australia 482 visa IELTS requirements. The applicant’s English language proficiency must meet Australian government requirements.

The level of English proficiency required varies according to the applicant’s field of employment and the stream they are applying for. It is possible to demonstrate an individual’s English language proficiency by taking a standardised English language test like the:

  • IELTS means International English Language Testing System.
  • Internet-based Foreign Language English Test (TOEFL iBT)
  • The Academic Pearson Test of English (PTE);
  • Advanced Cambridge English (CAE).

482 Visa English Requirements Exemption

The following applicants are exempt from the requirement to demonstrate English language proficiency before being granted registration, licensure, or membership:

  • Holders of a passport from one of the following countries: Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or the United States of America
  • Applicants who have finished at least five years of full-time study in an English-taught secondary or higher education institution
  • You’ve been chosen to work for the Australian Office of the Authorities of Taiwan or a diplomatic or consular office of another country.

If the overseas worker receives an annual wage that exceeds the English language requirement exempt amount, they may qualify for an exemption from the requirement to speak English. 

Visa 482 Requirements: Required Documents

These documents include some, but not all, of the following:

  • Certificate of English language proficiency, such as a diploma
  • True passport information
  • Details of a name change (if any)
  • Birth registration
  • Results of a skill evaluation. Candidates must present qualification certificates, registrations or licences, past employer references, and their CV if no skills testing is necessary.
  • Medical clearance
  • Certification of health insurance for the applicant’s whole stay in Australia
  • Clearance from the law enforcement of any nation where the applicant has lived for a year or more. Forms 80 or 1221 may be requested from the applicant.
  • Documents from each spouse, such as identification cards, criminal history checks, and current marriage certificates or other proof of a de facto relationship
  • Birth certificates, details from the applicant’s existing passport, and potential character documents for any dependent going with the applicant

Duties of a TSS Holder

While visiting Australia, you must have a sufficient level of health insurance. Mutually beneficial health agreements are insufficient. The primary visa holder is required to work as well. In general, this means:

  • Work only in the field for which you obtained your visa. You must apply for and receive a new TSS visa if you want to work in a different line of work.
  • Work only for the company that nominated you for the position you are filling (certain exceptions may apply).
  • Without taking a vacation for more than 60 days in a row
  • Have the appropriate permits, memberships, or registrations to perform the duties assigned to you.
  • Abide by all terms and 482 visa requirements that apply to the membership, registration, or licencing.

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There are some jobs in Australia where there aren’t enough competent Australians. Employers can address this issue by bringing in trained, foreign-skilled personnel using the temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482. These jobs are in the category of temporary skilled jobs.

You must meet 482 visa to pr requirements to secure permanent residency through a TSS visa.

Australian migration agents in Adelaide certified by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) are subject to professional practice rules. They are required to abide by the Code of Conduct for the profession. They are experts in immigration laws to guide you with your visa application procedures.

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