Support Your Children In Australia With Student Guardian Visa 590

Support Your Children In Australia With Student Guardian Visa 590
Posted by Migration Agent Adelaide
on April 8, 2021

Is your child studying in Australia? Do you feel concerned about his/her well-being? Well, you actually do not need to worry about this anymore. The Australian government will allow coming and staying with your kid to support him/her so that he/she can completely focus on the study. Indeed, it will be a very wise decision if you choose to come and stay with your kid because research shows that students who live with parents are expected to do better in their studies. And the prerequisite for that is to obtain a Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590. Here are some details of the visa that will definitely help you in your application.

What Is Student Guardian Visa 590?

First of all, you should know what actually subclass 590 visa is. This is a temporary guardian visa that will allow you to stay in Australia in accordance with the length of the student’s course. While this visa is more likely applicable if the student’s age is less than 18 years, it is also applicable if your child needs special care, despite being above 18 years of age. You may have more than one child studying in Australia. Then also you will be eligible to care for both of them. While staying, you can do an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) for 20 hours per week with the help of this visa.

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Requirements For Applying To 590 Visa Australia?

There are certain eligibility requirements which will be needed to apply for 590 student guardian visa which are given as follows:

  1. You must be the parent or legal guardian to the student. However, if you are a relative and want to come to support the student, then your age must be more than 21 years.
  2. You must have the financial ability enough to support yourself and the student during the whole period of stay.
  3. You must have the ability to cover all the expenses that will include accommodation expenses and other support also.
  4. For any application, you need proper health documents, legal documents as well as character documents. You must meet all these requirements at the time of your application.
  5. You must make sure that you have own insurance for an emergency.
  6. While applying, you need to sign all the Australian value statements.
  7. Most importantly, you should have no debt to the Australian government. Please make sure that all your debts get paid within proper time.
  8. Last but not the least, you should not have any visa canceled or refused previously. If such a case is in the record, your application will not get accepted, unfortunately.

Obligations As A Guardian For International Student In Australia

Remember, the subclass 590 visa is a special visa, and the DHA or, Department of Home Affairs will always look to ensure that the interests of both the parents and the students are matched. Here are the conditions that you, as a guardian of the student, should maintain after your visa is granted.

  1. Maintain all the conditions: There will be certain conditions to abide by your granted visa. You have to comprehend and obey all these conditions on your guardian visa.
  2. Provide support to the student: After your visa is granted, you will have full right to stay with the student. So, very naturally, you must provide the necessary support like bearing accommodation expenses, welfare costs, and obviously, giving mental support to the student so that he/she can fully concentrate on the curriculum.
  3. Ensure insurance: An insurance policy has been very beneficial for individuals to get monetary support while not being in an ideal condition. As a guardian, you must ensure that you and the student both hold adequate insurance like health insurance.
  4. You cannot leave: Thinking to leave Australia? Well, you can’t. According to this visa, you cannot leave Australia without the student and you will need approval from the Australian government.
  5. You cannot work: This visa will not allow you to work. You may get enrolled in ELICOS or any other training, but you will not have the right to do a job.

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Documents Needed For The Visa 590 Application

The documents you will need at the time of application are:

  1. HAP ID: You will have to go through several health examinations and provide the health assessment portal ID or HAP ID.
  2. Curriculum Vitae: You will need a CV certified by a local authority.
  3. Identity Documents: The identity documents that you will need will include a birth certificate and pages from the passport as well as the pages with visa labels and immigration stamps of other countries if any. Apart from these two, you will need to submit copies of your national identity card and all pages of the household registration logbook as proof of your residency.
  4. Student Guardianship Documents: If you’re the parents of the student, you need to produce proof of it. The birth certificate of the student with both the parents’ names written on it will be enough.
  5. Health insurance Documents: You will need a valid OVHC or overseas visitor’s health cover for you and other members of your family.
  6. Character Documents: You will need to produce the necessary character certifications and legal documents.
  7. Documents to prove your temporary stay in Australia: As this is a temporary visa, you will need to show documents as proof of it. The documents will include a return air ticket, proof of your living property, assets, and immediate family members in your home country, and a detailed living plan in Australia.

Cost And Processing Time

The application will cost you several hundred Australian dollars. The processing time varies. For 75% of the applications, the process generally completes within 6 months, but for 90%, the process may take 7 months.

Ending Note

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